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Taurus – Give Earth Mother a Voice

When the Sun enters Taurus, the Earth Mother Bull reminds us of the physicality of our human experience. (This is the second blog in a new series – Know Myself, Love Myself.)

April 19 -The Sun Enters Taurus

2:27 PM PDT (21:27 GMT)

The fiery Aries Ram is excited simply to be alive and to be present with the energy that animates its being. Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac wakes us up to the fact that our aliveness is in a physical body and we are living in physical reality on Planet Earth. It is a whole new dimension of existence to be in a body, to realize that we have needs and must take care of our bodies.

When the Sun shines in Taurus we start to ask — What do we do with our energy? How do we best take care of ourselves in the physical world? How do we move from wants and needs to satisfaction and contentment? How can we support ourselves and graduate from surviving to thriving?

The Taurus Bull has two distinct moods. We generally see drawings of a happy Bull relaxing in nature with plenty of flowers around and decorating its horns. This contented Bull is enjoying the beauty and bounties of the Earth and the pleasures of resting on the warm belly of Mother Earth. We don’t see the raging Bull that inhabits its inner world when it does not get its needs met. Whether it is raging or contented depends upon its relationship with its Mother the Earth. *(2)

In this blog we explore how our inner Bull finds deep contentment by connecting with its Mother the Earth. But first we take a look at the current astrological configurations available to awaken us to this deep state of pleasure and peace.

April 26, Taurus New Moon and Mercury and Uranus Conjunct in Aries

5:16 AM PDT (12:16 GMT) at 6 degrees Taurus

At the Taurus New Moon, Mercury and Uranus are within one degree of being conjunct in Aries (26 degrees and 25 degrees respectfully.) They will be in exact conjunction the 9th and 10th of May when they are both at 26 degrees Aries. Due to Mercury's slow retrograde motion this year, this alignment will be active through May 10. Usually Mercury and Uranus meet once a year, which due to Mercury's fast motion passes quickly. But when Mercury is in a retrograde period, the impact is longer and more intense. Happening, just before the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10, this powerful alignment intensifies both the New and Full Moons.

The term conjunction refers to the moment when two planets ‘meet’ at the same degree in the same sign. Their rendezvous initiates a new relationship that will be played out until they meet again. Conjunctions signal the end of one cycle and beginning of a new one — with opportunities to plant new seeds that can grow into new ways of being and doing. Conjunctions confront us with leaving the past behind and empower us to embrace new possibilities. It is time to shift gears.

This time the alignment of the two planets that represent the higher neutral mind (Uranus) and the lower thinking mind (Mercury) can affect how we think/perceive and feel about the very nature of what we consider reality.

When the higher expansive mind and the lower practical mind work together, we become aware of innovative solutions that weren’t available to us before.

We gain new understandings that can shift our approach and awareness in profound ways. We can free ourselves from traditional interpretations, beliefs, and bonds that prevented us from opening our hearts.

The expansion of consciousness that opens our hearts to love becomes available. We can forgive the past and move beyond victimization, blame, and shame into acceptance, empowerment, and compassion.

Our intuition will be very active during this time. Be available for new revelations that open the door for an expanded and upgraded quality of being. Accept what is revealed. Let go of the past and obsolete patterns that fueled pain and suffering. It is time to set out on a new adventure based on a renewed belief and trust of Self (Aries).

Happening while the Sun is in Taurus, the Mercury/Uranus conjunction will be a major influence on how we relate to Mother Earth and our perception of what is sacred. (discussed below)

May 10 – Scorpio Full Moon

2:42 PM PDT (21:42 GMT) at 20 degrees Scorpio

In an unconscious state, ruled by the subconscious, Taurus and Scorpio can’t help but indulge in emotional drama. The Bull may appear calm on the surface, but torment and rage fester inside. Scorpio suffers from unidentified emotional anxiety until it teams up with Taurus. Together Taurus and Scorpio learn that the most wonderful way to find light and deep satisfaction in the physical world is to LOVE the Mother and all her gifts including our bodies, our feelings, and all life.

Integrating the Scorpio/Taurus polarities is intensified at the Scorpio Full Moon. Our Taurus Bull will either be able to honor its deepest truth as revealed by its feelings and emotions or it will be moody and confrontational because it can’t figure out what is going on and what is bothering it. It will project its frustration outside itself because it can’t figure out what is going on inside.

As stated above, the Scorpio Full Moon falls at the end to the Mercury/Uranus conjunction. There is a sense of urgency to listen to and obey our own conscience. We must resist being pushed around by both external and internal authoritarian and aggressive bullying. The alchemical change that we have been working toward for a very long time is available if we can muster the courage to reclaim our inner power and truth. We can move from a thinking head to our feeling heart if we feel our own truth and follow it.

Don’t be concerned that you feel intense emotions. Practice claiming your inner freedom and the right to feel what you feel and to be honest with yourself.

April 20 – Pluto Goes Retrograde

at 19 degrees Capricorn

Our self-sabotaging programs, our truth, and our freedom are all found in our inner basement called Pluto. During Pluto retrograde deep emotions become more accessible and cry louder to get our attention. Listen deeply and instead of running away, turn on your heart light.

May 3 – Mercury Goes Direct

9:33 AM PDT (16:33 GMT) at 24 degrees Aries

May 2 and 3 when Mercury is stationary (in the process of changing direction) are great days to meditate. Plan to take advantage of the stillness and silence that are available.

May 15 Mercury enters Taurus, where it stays through the 5th of June.

Heal Our Psyche with the Embrace of the Mother

Our deepest archetypical psychic wound is our separation from our mother. The patriarchy has perverted our psyche by defining the Divine as exclusively masculine. When the Feminine and the Mother were deleted from the definition of the Sacred, our bodies, feelings, emotions, the Earth, and women were devalued, and even judged as bad.

We all miss Mother Love — the comforting, nurturing tenderness of being held in the arms of our mother, close to her breasts. When Mother Love is missing in our lives, we feel alone and deprived of our most basic need of being unconditionally loved and taken care of.

MEN – Many men never resolve the painful inner schism that results from the inevitable separation from their physical mother. It is my opinion that the core source of abuse and disdain toward woman, the greedy exploitation of the Earth, and cause of war is man’s inability to evolve (mature emotionally) from needing a physical woman to serve as his mother to connecting with the Love of the Primal Mother. When men feel Her Love, they only want to server Her, which means to serve life. Until this inner connection happens, they will act out their frustrations in uncaring, destructive, and uncivilized ways and justify and support economic, social, and political systems that do so.

WOMEN – Woman are in fact the embodiment of the Divine Mother. Yet through negative training in a male-dominated world, many women reject and feel inadequate for who they are and subconsciously reject their womanhood and even wish they were men. The pain of unworthiness festers and attracts both internal and external abuse.

When a woman embraces and honors the experience of carrying the womb of creation within her own body, she can relax into her divine Feminine essence and enjoy the Earth as the womb in physical reality. Her inner expansion awakens her to the universe as the Cosmic Womb. *(3)

Taurus represents the Earth Mother and our connection with Mother Earth. Through our deep feelings in our body, we can connect with Her. All women need this connection, which has been suppressed by upper chakra spiritual systems. The more we open our hearts to our womanhood, the more we will enjoy embodying the Divine Feminine.

Meditation to Give Mother Earth a Voice

While the Sun shines in Taurus is an ideal time for both men and women to reconnect to the Divine Mother. Chant MAA everyday to reestablish Her presence in your psyche. All the beauty of the Mother Earth and the nurturing Divine Mother will awaken within. You will see and feel Her everywhere.

By chanting this mantra you can participate in giving Mother Earth a voice. The insidious assault on Mother Earth by the patriarchy and the ‘greed machine,’ is testing us to defend Her and all Her creations. Even one minute a day makes a significant contribution to Her (and our) survival.

Below is the MA meditation to practice. You can read more about Her in a recent blog entitled MA – the Loving Embrace of the Mother


MeditationIn Easy Pose and Gyan Mudra, (you can also place your hands on your heart) with a straight spine, chant


8 times per breath for 5-11 minutes.

As you chant, call upon and become one with the Divine Mother. Fill your body, aura, and inner space with the Love of the Mother. In our oneness, our mother wounds and our mothers are healed.

When you are done chanting sit quietly and feel the nurturing MA energy in and around your body. Let MA be present in and warm your heart. However the power and presence of the Mother comes to you, allow yourself to be absorbed by it and enjoy being nurtured and cared for. If childhood traumas or other memories come up, let the Divine Mother bless your inner child in each situation.


*(i)┬áThis 12 month series was launched at the beginning of a new solar year — at the spring equinox when the Sun is reborn in Aries. One zodiac archetype at a time, we will focus on a particular aspect of self-knowing. Our goal is to cultivate self-love through the exploration and development of our soul self. I invite everyone to engage in this beautiful and uplifting process to illumine and enjoy the light of your soul.

Know Myself, Love Myself is the theme of my seven-day workshop 5-13 October (and part of a Teacher Training for those interested) in the Polish mountains just over the border of the Czech Republic. Click Here for more information on this and other courses I will be teaching in Europe in September and October.

*(ii) Guru Rattana Online streaming video course has 3 Taurus lessons — (1) Prosperity, Creation and Magnetism, (2) Feeling Satisfied, and
(3) Enjoying Your Body.

*(iii) See The Gift of Womanhood – Inner Mastery, Outer Mystery by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

The Gift of Womanhood by Guru Rattana PhD

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