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New Series – Know Myself, Love Myself – Start Now!

Dear Friends, This is a reminder that I have begun a new 12 month blog series on the topic Know Myself, Love Myself. Each blog article will explain themes and lessons to be learned relevant to the current zodiac sign of the Sun. A Kundalini Yoga meditation will be included to cultivate an aspect of self- knowing, self-empowerment, and self-love.

Meditation for the Spring Equinox.

Every zodiac archetype is relevant to every one of us. So to fully profit from this year-long program, it is best to practice each meditation. The optimal times to begin are (1) when the Sun changes signs, or (2) at the New Moon. You can opt to practice for the duration of the solar month or for 40 days.

If you have not started the Meditation for Aries yet, the Aries New Moon March 27 is a great time to begin.

I will be practicing the meditations with you. I am really enjoying the I Am ONG Meditation to initiate Identity Rebirth and to cultivate the experience of I Am Energy. After 11 minutes light beams from your eyes. Perhaps after 31 minutes we will glow in the dark. :+) We will only know if we practice.

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You can also practice Kundalini Yoga with me in the privacy of your own home – check out Guru Rattana Online.

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