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Meditation for Spring Equinox and Aries New Moon

Meditation for Spring Equinox and Aries New Moon

Identity Rebirth – I Am Energy

This is the first blog in a new series – Know Myself, Love Myself.*(1)
This 12 month series is being launched at the beginning of a new solar year — at the spring equinox when the Sun is reborn in Aries. One zodiac archetype at a time, we will focus on a particular aspect of self-knowing. Our goal is to cultivate self-love through the exploration and development of our soul self. I invite everyone to engage in this beautiful and uplifting process to illumine and enjoy the light of your soul. *(2)

March 20 – The Sun Springs into Aries at the Spring Equinox

3:28 AM PDT (12:28 GMT)

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus are now all in Aries. They will be joined by the Moon at the Aries New Moon March 27.

Pay attention on March 20. Do you feel more energetic, more enthusiastic, ready for something new and special to happen? When the Sun leaves relaxed, introverted, and emotional Pisces, and springs into ready-for-action Aries, we notice a change in mood. Something motivates us that wasn’t there a few days before. We are ready to enjoy life more fully and to engage in a whole new way.

The first sign of the zodiac is a fire sign, full of energy and always on the go. The determined Ram is confident, direct, fast-acting, and enthusiastic. However, its impulsiveness, impatience, and tendency to overextend itself can get it into trouble. Therefore, the primary task of the Aries archetype is to work with its vital energy. We are each urged to become more conscious of how we express the fire of our soul.

Aries – Who Am I? The Light of My Soul

As we discussed in the last blog, Venus retrograde in Aries (from March 4 through April 15) slows us down a bit so that we can dive into our hearts and identify what we really want in life. Now that the Sun is also in Aries, we have the remaining (almost 4 weeks) of Venus retrograde to investigate Who am I?

Identifying our identity is our most important Aries spiritual quest. Undeveloped ego driven Aries is initially so self-absorbed with its insatiable need for new experiences that it never takes time to go deep inside and identify itself as a spiritual being, as a soul in a human body. This year let’s all take advantage of the time while the Sun shines in Aries to recognize and explore our spiritual essence.

Fire is the elemental nature of the first sign of the zodiac. Fire is both illuminating and destructive. Fire burns. Fire expressed as anger, resentment, and revenge can consume our energy and destroy us at our core.

Fire gives light and takes away darkness. Fire is the light of our soul that defines our path. Fire is also the instinctual fire in the belly that burns away the past, and gives us the stamina and energy to live a full, productive, and active life. Together, the intuitive light in the mind and the instinctual feelings in the solar plexus are designed to consciously guide our journey.

March 27-28 – Aries New Moon – The Aries Challenge

7:57 PM PST (March 28 4:57 GMT)

Aries always seeks out new challenges. So how about dedicating the month of Aries and the Aries New Moon to the challenge of identifying our soul identity? Our spiritual quest requires that we know and experience that we exist both in and beyond our body. If we do not connect with our soul identity, we cannot live our truth. We live a lie. We tell lies. We cheat ourselves and waste our precious human life. However, when we acknowledge our soul identity, we can begin to understand and experience what our soul can do for us. We can call upon our soul and find guidance and support within. We are never alone!

Our soul connects us with the Divine. If we want to know God, we have to know ourself. Religion has taught us to deny ourselves, with the unfortunate consequence of separating our consciousness from an experience of the Infinite. God is a living univeral energy that lives in each of us. We are never disconnected. The human vessel is created to be sustained by a continuous connection with the Infinite. We can forget, but we can never be separated. Our primary goal is to remember. The ONG SOHUNG mediation below cultivates remembrance of our soul identity.

I Am ONG Meditation


The mantra for this empowering meditation is



ONG – the creative consciousness of the Universe

SOHUNG – I am that.

Sit in easy pose, with hands on the knees thumbs and forefingers touching. (You can choose another mudra if you wish.) Sit with a straight spine and feel it as the center of your body. Keep a light neck lock to maintain the elongation of the spine.

As you inhale deeply, feel the breath enter your nostrils and go up into the third eye. Chant the complete mantra one time for the duration of the breath. This will give you time to powerfully vibrate ONG four times. Feel the vibration resonate at the third eye. Once you feel the third eye pulse, be aware of how the vibration of ONG also resonates in your navel and then your whole body. Become the vibration. Repeat SOHUNG as an affirmation – I am that (energy of ONG.) SOHUNG is chanted softer and less emphatically.

Chant for 5 to 11 minutes. Don’t think about the meaning. FEEL the vibration at your third eye, in your navel, and in your body. Water your soul with energy, light, and vibration of the sacred sounds. Let the mantra reprogram your psyche.

As you feel the truth that you are indeed one with, and a special part of, the creative universal consciousness/energy, you will experience your sense of self in a whole new way. Old negative self-definitions will be superseded by this truth and you will be able to operate in life from an expanded sense of soul self.

As you move into deeper states with this meditation, be conscious that as you awaken the instinctual fire at the 3rd chakra and the illuminated fire at the sixth chakra, they collaborate to open your heart chakra to yourself. Enjoy and love your energetic Self – your Soul.

April 10-11 – Libra Full Moon

11:08 PM PDT (April 11 8:08 GMT)

At the Libra Full Moon, we have a chance to test our progress. Monitor yourself and how you react and interact in all your relationships. Can you maintain your sense of self, stay present to your energy in your body, and resist being thrown of your own center? Keep going. We always have more to learn and pay attention to in relationships.


*(1) Know Myself, Love Myself is the theme of my seven-day workshop 5-13 October (and part of a Teacher Training for those interested) in the Polish mountains just over the border of the Czech Republic. Click Here for more information on this and other courses I will be teaching in Europe in September and October.

*(2) Guru Rattana Online streaming video course has 4 Aries lessons.

I AM Consciousness, I Love ME

Intuition and Instinct

Empowering Free Will

Self Trust

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