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Meditation for Telepathic Communication – Gemini

Meditation for Telepathic Communication – Gemini

Gemini’s master challenge is to become conscious of HOW and WHAT we communicate? (BTW, the American President is a Gemini.) The Gemini archetype is personified by a pair of Twins, who represent the dualistic mind – the positive and negative minds. Unless the Twins can swing together in unison on the same swing and point their minds in one focused direction, they endlessly create conflict.

May 20 – June 20 – The Sun Dances in Gemini

1:31 PM PDT (21:31 GMT)

Mercury, the planet associated with Gemini, represents the mind. What comes out of our mouth reflects what is in our mind. Our mental powers are going to be very active while the Sun shines in Gemini. We have an opportunity to observe, listen to, and elevate our mind to our neutral meditative mind. To do so, a most valuable exercise during the month of Gemini is to listen more and talk less. The following Kundalini Yoga meditation makes this possible. It gives us a game to play while we are training our mind to be more present, observe more, and think less.

The meditation below will clear your language even if you mumble words. If you practice this for a long time (minimum 31 minutes for 40 days), you will be clearly heard by another person. First you have to clearly hear yourself! So while doing the meditation, listen deeply to the sounds of the manta. It is deep listening that awakens us to the truth.

This meditation is called GUPT GIAN SHAKTI, the secret power of knowledge. The truth is always there, but we have to be able to access it. This meditation gives us the power to tune into the truth, if we train ourselves to deeply listen to the silence within.

Perfect this meditation and you need not speak – you can just send a thought, mentally to another person. Gemini likes to have fun. So have fun this month with this meditation and practice communicating telepathically with your family and friends. You won’t need Twitter! Practice sending telepathic messages instead to texting or email and see who responds.


April 23, 24, 1978

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Interlock fingers with right index finger on top and join the thumbs stretching them back so they point straight up.Hold the hands in front of the chest between the solar plexus and the heart. Heels of hands are joined, and arms are relaxed. Allow the eyes to close. Focus on the breath and on the sounds of the mantra as you chant.

Inhale deeply, and completely exhale as the entire mantra is chanted once.





(The April 24 version gave “Sat” on the same pitch as “Sa”.)

Begin with 11 minutes and increase time to 31 minutes a day. (Or you can start with 31 minutes.) When finished sit quietly or lie down on your back. Listen to and surrender to the silence within. It may speak to you, now or later. Make yourself available with no expectations

COMMENTS: This Nad or language/sound technique of codes existed with a very powerful sect of yogis, called Al Panthis. Very few still exist today. RA means Sun. MA refers to the Mother. SA and SAT invoke the Truth and pure knowledge. HARI HAR pulls the Truth into the physical dimension. The complete mantra elevates our frequency so we are energetically capable of embodying the Truth and our mind is available to receive it.

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This meditation is from Sexuality and Spirituality where you can find other secret meditations to acquire psychic powers given by Yogi Bhajan.


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