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Kundalini Yoga – MA – the Loving Embrace of the Mother

In Kundalini Yoga and other disciplines, MA is a multifaceted archetypal sound and vibration that evokes Sacred Mother energy, which nurtures all without exclusion or discrimination. Chanting MA helps both men and women relate to the primal essence of the universal creative power and develop an attitude of deep respect and gratitude toward the Feminine Creative Principle. When women relate to themselves as the embodiment of the Creative Mother Principle and men honor every woman on this planet in this way, together we can build a peaceful, equitable, and sustainable world.

The Creative Divine Mother

The Divine Mother is the feminine creative force of the universe. The Universal Mother is the primal power that initiates, sustains, and delivers creation. She is the embodiment of creativity, transformation, and completion — the evolutionary cycle that begins and then ends the old to make room for a new beginning.

Women embody the Divine Motherthe universal creative principle. Using this creative power, women bring new life into the physical world. Much pain and suffering results from forgetting and demeaning this special role that women play on Mother Earth. When men relate to the basic force of creativity with distain and fear and try to control what cannot be controlled, they subvert this creative power with their egos and end up producing many forms of destruction,
which kill instead of give life.

Reclaiming the Mother Principle

It is very timely to practice the Mother Power Meditation (see below) while the Sun shines in Capricorn. At a minimum call out to the Mother

(1) during the Capricorn New Moon December 28 and

(2) at the Cancer Full Moon January 12.

(3) Chanting MA between the New Moon and Full Moon is also recommended.

(4) Forty days starting at the Capricorn New Moon (if you can) takes advantage of this inner sacred time of the year.

Eleven minutes a day is best, but even if you can do only 5 minutes, include MA in your daily practice.

Any practice you choose will contribute to reclaiming the Mother Principle and establish Her powerful creative presence on Planet Earth. As explained in the Capricorn 2016-2017 Blog, the patriarchy has attempted to rob the Capricorn archetype of its feminine Mother essence and turn it into a power-over-the-Planet symbol.

MA Power

The MA Mother Power Meditation magically evokes many deep experiences with the Mother. One has to practice it to comprehend what it can do. At first, we often think about our mother and our relationship with her during different times of our lives. I use this meditation ‘To Heal Mother Wounds’ in my courses. It is impressive how it shifts our perspective of our mother and our relationship with her. Negative scripts are erased and deep love and connection prevail. Both men and women also awaken to the living presence of the Earth Mother and the Divine Mother.

Every woman can awaken to and be empowered by her nurturing Mother essence. Every man can feel embraced and loved by the Divine Mother.

Here is a touching MA story. At the Inner Awareness Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course that I taught in September 2016 in Serbia (attended by students and teachers from Russian, Ukraine, America, Bulgaria, and Iran) we practiced the MA Meditation. The mother of a little girl (almost 1 year old) attended the course. Her husband stayed in the hotel and took care of their child. This sweet little Virgo was quiet and enjoyed the vibration of the course. Everyone feel in love with her. After we chanted MA, she reached out to every woman and called them MAA. Everyone woman in the course became her Mother.


In Easy Pose and Gyan Mudra, (you can also place your hands on your heart) with a straight spine, chant


8 times per breath for 5-11 minutes.

As you chant, call upon and become one with the Divine Mother. Fill your body, aura, and inner space with the Love of the Mother. In our oneness, our mother wounds and our mothers are healed.

When you are done chanting sit quietly and feel the nurturing MA energy in and around your body. Let MA be present in and warm your heart. However the power and presence of the Mother comes to you, allow yourself to be absorbed by it and enjoy being nurtured and cared for. If childhood traumas or other memories come up, let the Divine Mother bless your inner child in each situation.

The Gift of Womanhood by Guru Rattana PhD

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing about MA Meditation. If many of us chant MAA for several minutes a day, we can make a difference in elevating the world vibration to the heart. When the nurturing and caring element of the Mother is more present and accepted as a guiding principle for our collective systems, we can make it our priority to help and support people everywhere instead of kill and destroy people and the Earth. If you agree and want to help, chant MAAA for a few minutes everyday. Thank you all and blessings to all beings! Guru Rattana :+)

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