Go For It! All Planets Direct – Jan 8- Feb 5, 2017

A portal of opportunity and good fortune opens up from January 8th through February 5th when all of the major planets will be moving in direct motion. With this fortuitous forward moving planetary synchronization, there is a flowing harmony and order that transforms potential into real possibility and infuses us with a sense of hope and optimism. We are well advised to take advantage of this cosmic alignment that can energize our endeavors and vitalize our own being. This is an auspicious and encouraging time to launch new projects and birth new ways of being and serving.

This All Planets Direct 27 day period begins when Mercury goes direct January 8 and ends when Jupiter goes retrograde on February 6th. Mercury has been the only planet in retrograde since December 29, 2016 when Uranus went direct.

January 8 – Mercury Goes Direct

at 1:43 AM PST (9:43 GMT) at 29 degrees Sagittarius.

Mercury retrograde (since December 19) has supported reflection, heart-felt honesty, and strategic planning before launching new projects and moving on to the next phase of our lives. Mercury Retrograde is generally an introverted time. When Mercury goes direct, we feel the urge to take action and move forward.

February 5-6 – Jupiter goes retrograde in Libra

at 10:52 PM PST (6:52 GMT) until June 9 at 7:04 AM PDT (15:04 GMT)

Jupiter retrograde offers the space for inner expansion and awakening, which can serve to create clarity and positive projections that support our outer goals.

Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries

Jupiter and Uranus oppose each other through the entire 27 days. Uranus is the unpredictable factor that loves to spark sudden and totally unexpected events. Jupiter expands the magnitude of the shake up. Without a doubt, we live in volatile and unpredictable times, with much hyperbole and exaggeration attached to both what could be real and what is false.

Jupiter and Uranus have been opposing each other (within 2 degrees) since December 3, 2016 and will remain within 2 degrees of their opposition through March 18. They were in exact opposition December 22-30, 2016 and will again (because of the retrograde action) be in exact opposition February 27 through March 4. Expect or get used to surprises, many of which will be blow out of proportion.

All Planets Direct 2000-2022

The table below gives the dates and number of days all planets are direct from the years 2000 to 2022. Note that since 2000 there have been 12 years with no occurrence of All Planets Direct (between 2002 and 2010 and in 2014-2016), which is why this event feels so powerful now. Plus 2017 is the first of a series of many years with longer periods of All Planets Direct.

With many more days of All Planets Direct in the next couple of years, we will feel time speed up and a sense of urgency to make our contribution to creating a new world and a new life. It is time to focus, define our intentions, and put our heart into our projects that serve the collective and can benefit and uplift all. If not now, when?

2000         7 days        January-February

2001         3 days         February

2002 – 2010     0 days

2011         26 days     Dec 31-Jan 25

2012         28 days     Dec 25-Jan 23

2014        0 days

2015         0 days

2016         0 days

2017         27 days        Jan 8-Feb 5

2018        67 days        Jan 2-March 10

2019         57 days        Jan 6-March 4

2020        38 days +    Jan 11-Feb 18

34 days        March 11-April 24

2021         15 days        Jan 14-29

33 days        Feb 21-April 26

2022        92 days        Feb 5-April 28

2023        57 days        Jan 22-April 20

2024        63 days        Jan 27-March 31

Meditate on MAAA

All Planets Direct opens up many opportunities for transcending the past and creating anew from clarity and heart-centered consciousness. We can all contribute and be supported in shifting the current/past global power and financial structure from one of greed and inequity to one of generosity and equality.

During this time the impact of our meditation is expanded. Let’s join together to chant the mantra MAAA as explained in the last Guru Rattana Blog. You can make your voice heard by chanting any time during the day for several minutes. Our collective effort can make a difference in elevating the world vibration to the heart.

When the nurturing and caring element of the Mother is more present and accepted as a guiding principle for our collective systems, we can make it our priority to help and support people everywhere instead of kill and destroy people and the Earth. Join together and chant MAAA for a few minutes every day. You, Mother Earth, and all beings will be blessed.

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