What Is Your Relationship with Your Past? — Preparing for 2020

Astrology with Guru Rattana

In 2020 three new planetary cycles initiate new beginnings on Planet Earth. Everyone is affected. There is no escape route. The first new cycle begins January 12, 2020 with the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn. There are many dynamics to the new cycles, which I will continue to discuss in my blogs and Guru Rattana Facebook Live Posts.

The transition between cycles is operative at this moment! In fact, we are currently in the midst of a new cycle involving the South Node and Saturn in Capricorn, which is bringing up our past.

Preparing for 2020 – 2019 Is a Transitional Year

2019 is about ending the Pluto-Saturn cycle that began in 1982. We are entering a new 33 year cycle. (Because of Pluto’s elliptical orbit, cycles involving Pluto differ in length.)

New beginnings obviously involve endings and times of transition. We are currently in a transitional year. Jupiter in Sagittarius is helping to uplift our spirits so that we can make this shift with a positive attitude. Combined with hope for the future is the necessity and often painful process of releasing the past.

We can’t predict exactly what will happen. We do know that we are moving into a future that will be very different from the world we know now. Setting the stage for the future involves (1) clearing space in our minds, (2) strengthening our emotional and physical bodies’ ability to process stress, (3) setting our physical reality in order, and (4) being alert to when we should move on.

Preparation for the future also includes (1) letting go of what no longer works for us, (2) identifying what is supportive and what isn’t, (3) finishing up old projects, (4) tidying up and cleaning out, (5) consolidating and organizing what we want to keep, and (6) evaluating what it will take to move forward.

April 20-May 3 – Saturn and South Node Conjunct New Relationship with Past

The Saturn – South Node conjunction is active from April through October 2019. Initiating a new cycle in our relationship to the past, this is part of our preparation for the shifts in 2020.

Saturn and the South Node are conjunct at 20 degrees Capricorn between April 20 and May 3. Due to the fact that the North and South Nodes shift between retrograde and direct spending more time (often more than a week) in retrograde and only a few days in direct motion, this conjunction will be active through last part of October. They will be within 3 degrees of each other for about 6 more months, after which they will gradually separate. So between now and the end of October, focus on putting your inner and outer realities in order.

Pluto, also within a few degrees of Saturn and the Lunar South Node in Capricorn, adds additional intensity to this confrontive ‘release and make peace what doesn’t work’ process.

We need to get real. How much can we actually handle? We need to know our limits and design our lives to live within appropriate boundaries. This requires eliminating distractions, excess, and unnecessary activities and expenditure of energy and resources. We have to focus on our life and ourselves. We need to cultivate an inner sense of security and trust in ourselves so we can deal maturely and constructively with unexpected and deep change.

Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn

The South Node highlights the past, which can be the gifts that we have developed that help us move into the higher manifestations of the North Node in Cancer. (The North Node represents where we are headed – the unknown future.) With the South Node so close to Pluto and Saturn, we are obliged to look at Capricorn’s shadow side, which misunderstands and misuses authority, power, position, and resources.

At the collective level, the abuse and misuse of collective institutions (government, economic, educational, social, and religious) is being exposed. Structural, not cosmetic, change is required.

At the personal level, every aspect of our lives is up for examination and redirection. Patterns, beliefs, and lifestyle choices relating to our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health are up for examination and revamping. Restructuring of our personal identity is being facilitated by our deep Pluto and realistic Saturn teachers. Release of the past is required.

Old patterns are surfacing in all areas of our lives, including relationships, money and finances, health, job, life path, contribution, success, etc. We have to acknowledge the old scripts that are controlling and sabotaging us and choose to release wounded and victim interpretations of our past.

Developing a functional relationship with our past is not just about healing our wounds. In their mature expressions, Capricorn and the other earth signs (Virgo and Taurus) offer us practical skills to navigate life. They are able to draw upon useful traditions, developed skills, and the experience of expert authorities who offer wise and reliable advise.

This intense process does not feel comfortable. But stick with it because there is no escape route and you will be happy you did. The presence of higher frequencies of love makes it easier to release blockages, let go of physical stress and emotional stuckness. And be sure to remember, this whole journey is about liberating ourselves from fear and opening our hearts to love.

Pluto and Saturn Retrograde

When planets go retrograde, their influence is more internalized, affecting our physical health, emotional moods, and mental state. We can be more realistic when we are inner directed. Saturn helps us figure out workable ways to deal with physical reality. Pluto unearths the mental thoughts and emotional conditioning that are getting in the way.

Pluto and Saturn are heavy weights. They work together to create serious change. We can feel disturbed and troubled when we are confronted to operate outside of our comfort zone. But that is how serious transformation happens.

April 24 — Pluto Goes Retrograde

at 23 degrees Capricorn

Pluto’s yearly retrograde period lasts through October 2, when it turns direct at 20 degrees Capricorn. While Pluto is retrograde we need to make ourselves available for psychological cleansing.

April 29 — Saturn goes Retrograde

at 21 degrees Capricorn

Saturn moves backwards until September 18, when it goes direct at 14 degrees Capricorn. While Saturn is retrograde we need to build a practical border of reality around our visions so they don’t get hijacked by illusion.

The Influence of Pluto and Saturn

Since the end of March through the first part of June, Saturn and Pluto are within 3 degrees of each other. Their close proximity is giving us a sneak preview of their upcoming conjunction on January 12, 2020 when they will join at 23 degrees Capricorn.

Because of their retrograde activity, they will gradually separate by 7 degrees in September, which might slightly lesson the oppressiveness of their heavy handed collaboration. But when Saturn turns direct at 14 degrees September 18, (and Pluto goes direct at 21 degrees October 3) they will inch closer until their exact conjunction January 12, 2020. In sum, we are already being subject to the transformation process. There is no escape. We need to seriously look at what we need to shift in both our personal and collective lives.

Take Good Care of Yourself

It is important to know that you are not alone and that there are cosmic forces that are both forcing and allowing us to transform. The acceleration and depth of the transformation taking place can be disorienting and take many forms, including spaciness, fatigue, emotional outbursts, depression, and confusion. These intense alignments are affecting our nervous system, our physical health, and our consciousness.

This is definitely time to engage in your daily spiritual practice. Our Kundalini Yoga practice is extremely important to align our body, balance our emotions, and awaken our consciousness. It is critical to cultivate a stable place within, to find inner harmony, and to rewire our body and brain out of stress and defense mode into energy and inner peace mode.

Make it a priority to take good care of yourself. Take daily walks in nature if possible, eat a clean natural diet, get enough sleep, and connect with yourself and others from the heart.