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Inner Peace Is Our Priority – Libra Full Moon – 2019

Astrology with Guru Rattana

Our Libra goal is to find harmony and balance within ourselves, with our environments, and with others. This full moon brings to our attention whatever is getting in the way of finding inner peace. Whether relationships, our mindset, emotional conditioning, or circumstances, we must address the cause of our dis-ease.

April 19 – Libra Full Moon

4:12 AM PDT (11:12 GMT) at 29 degrees

It is rare to have two full moons in a row in the same sign. This is possible only when the first happens in the first degrees and the second at the last degrees. The first Libra full moon (4 weeks ago) was at zero degrees Libra. This one is at 29 degrees Libra.

The light of the full moon helps us clearly see where we are going and why. Full moons expose (bring light to) what has been hiding in the shadows of neglect and denial. This one illuminates the degree of balance and harmony present in our relationship with others and ourselves.

We need to take a deeper look at what Libra has to teach us. When a planet or planetary alignment happens at the last degree of a zodiac sign, there is a sense of urgency to learn what we need to learn from that zodiac sign. It is also important to evaluate the progress we have made and to identify what we need to do next.

Our Foundation Is Self-Honesty

This full moon at the last degree strongly urges us to be honest about what is no longer working for us. Immature Libra has a tendency to pretend that things are ok, when they are not. But trying to keep peace in relationships is not possible when we aren’t experiencing peace within ourselves. We reach a breaking point when we realize that what we are tolerating is disturbing our emotional and physical health. What we have been dealing with has now clearly surpassed the acceptable level of tolerance.

The most important thing is for us to realize is how we have been in denial and tell ourselves our own truth. When we can stand peacefully in our own truth, it is easier, and more believable, to communicate our truth to others. And equally important, we focus on ourselves and don’t blame or find fault with others.

Authenticity, self-honesty, and self-compassion are key.

Aries-Libra Polarity Dynamic

Aries and Libra may appear as the odd couple, but actually they help each other find what they are each looking for. Aries is searching for authenticity and to express and confirm its uniqueness. Libra is searching for inner peace while in relationship to others and the world.

Aries reminds us that everyone one is unique. When we don’t compare ourselves with others and focus on expressing our own gifts and talents, we find peace within and with others. Each individual has his or her own value, and therein lies the formula for harmony. When we affirm our own special merit, we don’t need to search for validation from others, and we often find it.

Aries is usually fairly (at least externally) self-assured. As Aries matures, it overcomes tendencies toward narcissism and moves into deeper levels of authenticity and inner self-confidence.

Libra likes agreement, but not at any cost. When superficial niceness sabotages our inner composure, our inner Aries reminds us that our personal peace depends on setting boundaries and figuring out when we are being useful and when we are being used.

Inner Harmony

In ego consciousness, fiery Aries likes and even invites conflict. I today’s world, it is scary how angry many people are. The conflict in the world is a reflection of the anger based collective psyche.

Libra teaches to walk away and not engage in power struggles and childish games. Libra represents the exalted game – peaceful neutrality with a loving smile.

Everyone knows what feels harmonious and what feels conflictual. The important thing is to cultivate detached peace within and compassion for ourselves and others.

Action Required by T-Square

The Libra full moon and Sun form a t-square with Pluto, South Node, and Saturn — all within 3 degrees in Capricorn. Pluto speaks up around the issue of power — too much, the wrong kind, the lack of it, where we feel disempowered, and where we need to take action.

The South Node exposes patterns rooted in the past. What have we suppressed? Hidden abuse of all kinds must be acknowledged. Our honesty helps us gain insight into family patterns, soul contracts, and social imprints that can now be released.

Good Fortune and Hope

Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus conjunct the Sun offer us a good feeling and hope for the future. Good fortune and blessings await us when we pay attention to the vital life-giving energy that abounds. We can see opportunities more clearly and doors can open. We can not only escape from limiting situations, we can find freedom within to build a heart-directed future for ourselves and our loved ones.

We have to know where to find inner peace – in our neutral mind.

In Taurus we bring peace into our whole body.

April 20 – the Sun Relaxes in Taurus

1:55 AM PDT (8:55 GMT)

Only ten hours after the full moon, the Sun moves into Taurus. We can relax, slow down, and find peace as we commune with nature and Mother Earth.

Meditative Set to Relieve Stress and Cultivate Inner Harmony

To find inner harmony, we have to rewire our body and brain out of stress and defense mode into energy and inner peace mode. The following short set is a great pick me up when you feel stressed, anxious, depressed, or tired. Follow with a 5-10 minutes deep relaxation or meditate on your breath and inner peace channel for a few minutes.

You will be ready for your next activity. Or do when you get home after a busy day, before dinner so that you are relaxed and not eating to work off the stress of the day. You will be delighted to have a nice evening alone or with your family and friends.

To Remove Negativity

January 19, 1973

  1. Interlace fingers in Venus Lock, but curl Mercury (little) and sun (ring) fingers into the palms instead of crossing them. Then hook left Saturn (middle) finger over right sun (ring) finger and pull hard. Thumbs touch. Focus at the third eye as you continuously pull hard on the finger lock for 1-3 minutes. Removes anger and enthrones the neutral mind.

  2. Place the bases of the palms under the cheekbones and push as hard as you can for 1-3 minutes. It doesn’t have to hurt, but if it does, you have the right spot. Makes you feel happy afterwards!

  3. Grasp left wrist with the right hand and pull the left arm as far to the right as possible — and then some more! 1-3 minutes. Removes tension across the shoulder blades. Then repeat on the other side. Keep head straight.

  4. Lock wrists behind the back with the hands touching the spine and try to bring elbows and shoulder blades together. Pull! Arch the spine forward and apply neck lock for 1-3 minutes. Raises energy up the spine and elevates you!

COMMENTS: This short set leaves you feeling great! Perfect for depression, anger, fatigue, or stress.


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