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Taurus New Moon with Meditation for Abundance and Prosperity

Taurus is about building our life from the ground up and enjoying what we build.

May 4 – Taurus New Moon

3:45 PM PDT (22:45 GMT) at 14 degrees Taurus.

At the Taurus new moon we evaluate what we have created and use our past success, lessons, and accomplishments to move into our next phase. We may choose a new direction or revise our plans to be more in accord with our desires, talents, energy, and resources.

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus adds a wildcard element. Uranus can appear to undermine our plans or to send us unexpected gifts. Uranus is always available to jolt us out of our complacency, entitlement, victimhood, neediness, or fantasy scripts. Whatever we need to wake up is what Uranus will deliver. Sometimes we just need clarity and insights to help us make better choices. Sometimes we need more dramatic events to get our attention and force us to change course.

Neptune in Pisces

The Taurus moon and Sun are in a favorable alignment (sextile) with Neptune in Pisces. This is an ‘easy,’ but tricky alignment. We can be inspired by a soul vision of what we came here to contribute this life time. But we must be careful not to ‘float on the good vibes.’ Neptune has a tendency to pull us into fantasies and then to allow everything to dissipate in a nebulous cloud of illusion. We need to be able to recognize opportunities when they present themselves and to take practical action to make them a reality.

If we can open up to the inspiration and creativity offered by Neptune and stay grounded by keeping our plans and actions practical and doable, we can move forward with a certain amount of ease at this new moon.

Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius

Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius is a powerful ally supporting us to have faith in ourselves. Jupiter’s optimism cuts through doubt, fear, and negativity. Jupiter in Sagittarius also gives us the energy to stay physically active. We need to move to combat depression, stuckness, low energy, negative moods, and stagnation that can be the challenging aspects of the Earth signs. At the same time Taurus urges us to give ourselves the space to enjoy some down time and the good things in life.

Self-Worth and Loving Ourselves from a Five Year Old

In Taurus we move into the self-worth aspect of our personal development. Here is a story to illustrate one of the dynamics concerning how we view ourselves in relationship to others.

Recently I was talking on the phone to my grand-niece (granddaughter of my brother) who has 5 planets in Taurus. I asked 5 year-old Ruth if she loved herself. She enthusiastically responded,

‘Yes, I love myself.’ Pause. ‘But sometimes I don’t love myself.’

I asked, ‘When don’t you love yourself?’

She responded, “I don’t love myself when someone does something better than me.’

I asked, “How do you get back to loving yourself?”

Ruth, ‘I realize that everyone is good at different things. Then I love myself again.’

Let’s take this 5 year-old wisdom into our time with Taurus. Loving ourselves and acknowledging our self-worth is a critical component and determining factor in how we create prosperity and abundance in the world.

No one’s opinion of ourselves is more important than our own. Because our ‘opinion’ of ourselves is the message that we project to the universe. There is no hiding and no camouflage that separates us from the cosmic currents.

Nurturing and Protecting What We Value

Taurus reminds us how important it is to be in nurturing environments. We find peace and harmony when our living environment and our daily routine brings us closer to nature.

Taurus carefully protects what is valuable. Around the Taurus new moon make a list of what you value most and nurture it with time, energy, appreciation, and love.

I Noticed Interest

I noticed that my Live Facebook post on #9 Abundance and Prosperity
– A New Perspective had over 1.2 views and still climbing.

I am very happy that so many people are watching and re-watching my Live post on Abundance and Prosperity. The interest indicates (what we already know) that many people are trying to figure out how upgrade their financial status.

One viewer shared the following.

“Live in the question, not in the problem.” WOW!!! This was the master switch for me. Thank you, Thank you!

Beyond the wisdom, I think the very essence of this insight is how “Aquarian” it is. What I mean to say is your willingness to openly share such a secret to prosperity and self-value that would normally be “hidden” in the Piscean Age.¬† Now, we all get the opportunity to discover and experience our value and what we have to offer. This got me thinking and I asked myself, “How can I participate, and what are my values?”

Creating Your Foundation for Abundance and Prosperity

I also noticed that my blog the following day on What Is Your Relationship with Your Past? — Prepare for 2020 was less popular. This could indicate a reluctance to do the inner work necessary to be able to shift our outer reality. But we also have to know what to do. We can’t just think our way through our subconscious self-sabotaging programming.

I suggest doing the following ‘Rebirthing Meditation’ (from Relax and Renew, 2nd Edition p.164)¬†every day while the Sun is in Taurus (through May 20). (or at least 15 days). Or do it for 40 days for deeper results. This is an intense meditation to clear the subconscious mind, which contains the hidden programs that determine what and how we create in the world.

This meditation will move you through the process of emotional healing and release. If you are willing to do the inner work of clearing your subconscious mind, you can reap great benefits in all aspects of your life. Shifting our inner reality so that we can enjoy our lives is what Kundalini Yoga is all about. Yogi Bhajan knew we were weighted down and derailed by our past programming. He gave us serious technology to help us do what it takes to wake up and live in abundance.

Please share your experiences with me on Guru Rattana Facebook. And share the link to this Blog with your Facebook friends.

Rebirthing Meditation – Your Foundation for Abundance and Prosperity

March 9, 1982

It is a good idea to do some warm ups or a Kundalini Yoga kriya before doing this meditation. You will need to rest after the meditation.

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Bring the hands up until they meet at diaphragm level and interlace the fingers, pressing the palms into the body over the heart. Forearms are parallel to the ground, sticking out like wings.

Part 1: Purse the lips and breathe through the mouth. Inhale powerfully and fast with such a force that the cheeks are sucked in to the teeth. Put all the power into the inhale, but keep the exhale short too, allowing for about 20 breaths a minute. Continue for 2 minutes, then inhale and hold the breath briefly.

Part 2: Concentrate on the third eye and imagine yourself as a candle flame, burning away your limited ego, all dirt, the past, and all negative subconscious programming. Just be positive and imagine the positive thought of yourself burning away all fear, anger, and sadness in the candlelight. Continue for 3 minutes. On the final inhale, hold the breath and bring in a very pure, positive thought. Then sit quietly in a totally neutral space that expands into Infinity. Enjoy feeling clear, light, and pure.

The notes on this meditation differ for Part 2. In one version, the same fast breathing through the mouth in Part 1 is also used in Part 2.

COMMENTS: The panting breathing through the mouth works on the upper chest and lungs and clears emotional blocks. Rebirthing uses this breath to get in touch with emotional issues so they can come to light and be released.

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