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Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon 2019 – Honestly Feel Your Honesty

Astrology with Guru Rattana

At the Scorpio full moon we get in touch with how we protect our vulnerable inner world that contains our emotional feelings.

May 18 – Scorpio Full Moon

2:11 PM PDT (21:11 GMT) at 27 degrees.

Scorpio is the territory of all kinds of secrets that reside deep within our psyche. Family secrets are often known, but not acknowledged or talked about. These include abuse, dysfunctional family and relationship patterns, and the general atmosphere of fear and repressed (and not repressed) anger. Emotions fester and are played out, but there is no conversation about what to do about the causes. Most people lack the skills and the willingness to engage in open attempts to be honest and deal with the damaging behaviors and their psychological impact on family members and partners.

At the Scorpio full moon unacknowledged and denied dynamics (personal, relationship, family, and collective) are exposed and brought into the light. The goal is healing, not retribution. Both the victims and the victimizers can benefit from honest and compassionate communication. But the sensitive information must be handled with care to avoid confrontations, additional denial, and further wounds.

Personal Secrets

Not all secrets are meant to be revealed. Much of our healing is very personal and involves our relationship with ourselves, our self-value, and most importantly our ability to be honest with ourselves. Self-healing involves not only dealing with identifiable events, but with the emotional trauma that has been imprinted in our subconscious. Our awakening is about freeing ourselves of the conditioned anguish that causes us to react and act in certain ways. We need to identify what we do and say to protect ourselves, feel safe, get attention, or to fight back.

This personal inner work can be facilitated by therapy, counseling, and group sharing, but ultimately we have to find resolution within ourselves. We have to connect with the emotional energy of anger, fear, and sadness, feel it deeply, and accept and love it until it is either released or integrated at a higher level as creative and alive energy that moves through our body. The Sun in Taurus keeps us connected to our body so we can be viscerally present to what we are feeling.

Self-Honest Communication

At the Scorpion full moon, the Sun and Mercury are conjunct. The Sun, Mercury, and the Moon are influenced by Pluto adding a hush-hush tone. We may wish to ignore, deny, or hide what we are feeling, but feelings are bubbling up from deep within.

It may be appropriate to keep our feelings to ourselves. But it is not appropriate to keep our feeling FROM ourselves. We must be honest with ourselves and feel what we are feeling. This energy is the life force of our soul. In our human experience this vital energy gets tangled up in fear, anger, and sadness. It is the job of Scorpio and Pluto to help us get untangled and set ourselves free from inner torment. As we do so, this resourceful creative energy becomes available to live fuller and more productive lives.

Communication with Others

Scorpio always requires us to dig deep to find our core values, uncover what we need to know, and to get in touch with what has eluded us. We need to listen to our inner voices. And we need to listen to what others are saying. What all of us are communicating is expressed in more than words. We are the ones who have to decipher what is valid, reliable, and true.

Don’t press others for information. Don’t build your own stories with information that isn’t significant or relevant to you. Let people have their own stories without getting involved, overly concerned, or intrusive. Resolution can happen with compassionate communication or with simple acceptance and non-judgment.

May 15 – June 30 – Mars in Cancer

For the six weeks that Mars is in the emotional water sign Cancer, our best approach may be more indirect, careful, and kind. We need to use our emotional sensitivity to navigate our interactions. Mars in Cancer can initially feel lacking of power and challenged in self-expression. But it is a question of shifting our approach. Subtly may prove more advantageous than the normal directness and impulsiveness usually associated with Mars. Our long-term goals and rewards require patience and diplomacy, which are always helpful to build trust in relationships and progress in our endeavors.

Honesty and Authenticity

Scorpio requires honesty and authenticity. But to be both honest and authentic, we have to stay present to what we are feeling in our body to know our own truth. Otherwise ‘being honest’ can be used as an excuse to externally play out subconscious fear and anger when it is triggered. Projecting our subconscious programming is not being authentically honest with ourselves or others. It is Scorpio’s job to help us tell the difference.

Our personal truth is communicated to us by our feelings. When we initially tune into what we feel, we usually feel some form of stress, frustration, or anxiety. This is alive energy that is currently blocked in some way. By being present to these feelings in our body, we can connect with this energy and gradually go deeper into the many layers of our human and soul reality.

Meditate on the Energy in Your Body

Contemplation helps us get to know ourselves as energy that is forever moving, changing, and transforming. We discover many different sensations in our body. We have to be with all levels and expressions to eventually get to and align with our authentic truth and to finally penetrate to the peace and purity of our soul. Our goal is our embodiment of this peace and the dynamic aliveness of our humanness.

If we can’t feel, we can’t connect, and we can’t make much progress. With feeling we can move into acceptance, love, healing, and deep transformation.

Practice Honestly Feeling Your Honesty

Developing our feeling sensitivity makes us aware of the extent to which we live in our minds. But our mind is controlled and directed by (1) our microbiome in our gut, (2) our subconscious, (3) our emotions, (4) addictions, and (5) all aspects of our physical health. The above are also reasons that we avoid being present to the sensations in our bodies.

There are two main parts to our Kundalini Yoga practice, (1) doing the exercises and meditations, and (2) training ourselves to pay attention, listen, and feel what is happening in our mind and body. The exercises shift our energy, stimulate the activation of our sensory system, and thus make it possible to pay attention at deeper and deeper levels. Training ourselves to pay attention to what is happening energetically is how we become conscious human beings.

The ‘Rebirthing Meditation – Your Foundation for Abundance and Prosperity’ explained in the Taurus New Moon Blog and also demonstrated in Guru Rattana Facebook Live #10 is a great meditation to do to prepare ourselves to pay attention.

Following this mediation and any other Kundalini Yoga warm ups and Kriyas

(1) focus on the dark space in your mind and remain conscious (not thinking!) in this space.

(2) After you have anchored your mind in this neutral space, train yourself to feel the sensations in your belly, neck, shoulders, heart, and face.

(3) Be totally honest with yourself. Whatever you feel, don’t want to feel, become aware of, simply be with that. Allow, accept, and love everything exactly the way it is.

I practice this way every day. This training is an integral part of the Inner Art of Kundalini Yoga.

To begin, practice for 2 or more minutes. Gradually increase the time and make this part of your Kundalini Yoga practice. Lovingly be with and get to know yourself and your truth!

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