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Gemini New Moon 2019 – We Are Always Saying Something!

Astrology with Guru Rattana

The Gemini Twins remind us that we are always communicating. The Twins represent talking to each other and talking to ourselves. Gemini, the first air sign of Zodiac, represents the development and discovery of the many aspects of our mind, including (1) the power of our thoughts and words, (2) our ability to learn, (3) our capacity to connect with others, and (4) how we interact with the immediate world around us.

Gemini’s dualistic mind is very active, always engaged in some type of mental activity — thinking, coming up with ideas, evaluating, ruminating.

Gemini instructs us to ask ourselves — How do we use our mind to communicate, to connect, and to gather information? What do we notice and pay attention to? What do we screen out and ignore? What we pay attention to and the filters that monitor how we perceive what we focus on determine how we experience the world, others, and ourselves.

Thus very question we ask (and answer we are willing to receive) relates to what we are doing with our mind, or what our mind is doing with us.

June 3 — Gemini New Moon

3:01 AM PDT (10:01 GMT) at 12 degrees Gemini

New moons are about planting a seed and setting something new in motion. What we set in motion gradually comes to life. What new idea(s) are we planting now?

Gemini and Sagittarius Challenge Each Other

At this Gemini new moon, (and for the whole month of June) the Gemini/Sagittarius zodiac pair is active. Jupiter in Sagittarius opposes Mercury, the Sun, and Moon in Gemini. Jupiter represents plenty, abundance, and bounty, including excess of what we don’t want. In Sagittarius there is bountiful knowledge, wisdom, truth, and experience available (and sometimes there is too much going on).

The opposition reminds us to first check in with ourselves before we talk out loud. It is wise to feel comfortable about what we wish to communicate. Our truth may not be someone else’s truth. They may not wish to hear what we have to say, and we may not wish to hear what they have to say back. In other words, we check in with ourselves first to anticipate the effect of our words before we say them. (Or decide not to speak.)

Intuitive Knowing

Thinking is overrated and misunderstood. The human mind engages in multiple activities. And the mind is everywhere, operating through all our subtle and physical bodies.

Training our mind to become aware of, listen to, and feel our intuitive knowing transforms our mind into a mechanism that serves us, instead of uses us.

As our mind is able to bypass random thoughts produced by our dualistic mind (fed by our moods and subconscious), it can tune into our neutral channel where our intuition (our truth) speaks to us. With practice, our mind becomes a channel not only to give and receive, but a way to process, information. In our intuitive channel, our selection and evaluation process is directed by our soul, not our conditioning, programming, and belief systems.

Gemini Connects Multiple Realms

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the youthful instrument or conduit of the gods, who serves as an intermediary between realms. Our mind is like Mercury, directing and delivering information from many sources. Our mind also directs our attention from our thinking mind to our intuitive mind.

The key is not to get stuck in one channel or one realm. We can’t be mindful when our thinking mind is full, i.e. dominating all the bandwidths. One of the goals of Kundalini Yoga and meditation is to open the space in our mind and clear our subconscious so we can access our higher mind, where we connect with the quantum field or universal mind.

The Subtle Realms in Nature

The subtle realms include how universal energies play out through the elements in nature. By tuning into nature and natural forces, we witness the interconnectedness of all life and the complexities and elegance of the dance among all living things. Through refined sensory communication, we can collaborate and experience deep healing and awakening as we merge in oneness with the web of life.

To connect with the subtle realms, we have to be able to tune out the grosser signals from the media, mass consciousness, our computers, and our cell phones, which block out more refined information and distort and limit our view of reality. An overload of ‘junk’ information and EMF (electro magnetic frequencies) negatively impact our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Too Much Stimulation?

We often react to what others say because there is a limit to what we can handle. We can be overwhelmed by too much input, information, options, and chaotic frequencies. We need to wisely choose what we engage in, focus on, and commit to. Our mind is either controlled by the devilish subconscious or reaches for the divine. We have to train it to connect with the infinite.

Our brain is hard-wired to respond to threats and is impacted by disturbing information, even when we are not experiencing a direct threat. Because of our interconnectedness, at some level we do feel everything that is happening. Negative and upsetting information increases anxiety, raises our cortisol levels (stress response hormones), disturbs our digestion, and weakens our immune system. When our limbic, primitive brain is activated and operating from fear, our emotional responses supersede our rational mind.

We can calm our over-active and over-stimulated mind by keeping our body active. When our physical body gets appropriate exercise so does our emotional body. When both our physical and emotional bodies are taken care of, our mind is not overwhelmed from their demands. There is room for us to tune into our inner wisdom and own truth, independent from the chaos around us.

Gemini’s Deeper Place

Immature Gemini is superficial and engages in endless activities without discrimination of what is meaningful or purposeful. But remaining on the surface deprives us of the reality of depth. To acquire the ability to penetrate to the truth and find clarity that awakens insight and understanding, we have to go deep into the place where resolution and peace are possible.

Listen Under the Talk

We often think of communication in terms of verbal exchange. But these interchanges with others are just the tip of the iceberg. Our emotions express through our words. What we say carries meaning, expresses desires, and makes our needs known. Our story, our beliefs, and subconscious programming surface through our words and body language, whether we are aware of it or not.

Skilled listening and feeling sensitivity are critical parts of authentic communication. In fact without listening, we avoid and exclude heart to heart connection. We stay fixated on our own thoughts and emotional rumblings.

We can know others by listening underneath their words. We can sense their energy, attitude, and availability. Do we sense fear, anger, neediness? We can also know ourselves by listening to and feeling how we communicate and respond. Are we afraid, angry, or needing something?

Detached in Neutral Mind

A master key of conscious communication is our ability to stay present in our neutral mind. When we cultivate and maintain our neutral space, our detachment makes it possible to observe and feel what is happening energetically within ourselves and with others. Are we competing with each other? Are we even connecting? Or are we just absorbed in our own monologue in the presence of another human being?

In our neutral channel, we have access to our heart where we can share with compassion and empathy. There is no judgment or discussion in either our neutral mind and our heart.

Listening Sets Boundaries

Listening without interjecting our opinion or point of view can be a diplomatic way to avoid involvement in what are unnecessary distractions and minefields.

Our ability to stay present to our own energy is how we create boundaries. When we can contain our own energy, we can avoid being pulled away from our own center (and our own sanity!) Being able to hold our neutral space makes it possible to not be dependent upon others for validation, approval, and attention. It also makes it possible for us to stay connected to ourselves and not be co-dependent.

We always impact each other energetically. Either we uplift people and share positive energy or we take and drain energy in our interactions. Connected to our stable space inside, we can adapt, respond, and flow with life’s activities, and other’s and our own moods.

Excess interaction can be exhausting. When we stay present to our inner space through neutral listening, we can retain our energy. We are in physical reality, but not used by it.

Want to be real? Tell Yourself the Truth

Tell yourself the truth and you will find your authentic self. Telling the truth opens us up to an expanded reality and an elevated way of existing. There will be times when we feel uncomfortable, but dishonesty is insidious.

Total honesty resets the nervous system. We can relax and are free to be who we are. The nervous system is what signals pain in the body. When we are honest with ourselves emotional and physical pain subsides. This is a miracle. But the miracle will never happen if we are liars. It can’t because the universe doesn’t work that way. When we are totally honest, we can be who we are. When we are authentic, we can connect with our soul and a higher power.

Meditation to Know Your Truth

We need to access a deeper level of internal information to know what is true for us. All the cells, tissues, muscles, and organs of our body communicate with each other and send and receive information from our mind.

The vagus nerve (the longest nerve in the body) mediates between thinking and feeling and maintains the mind-body connection. Slow deep breathing (less than 4 breaths per minute) turns off the fight or flight reflex in the limbic brain and activates the relaxation response in the parasympathetic nervous system, also reducing blood pressure and heart rate. The meditation practice below calms the nervous system. The slow pranayama calms the mind so we can hear our own truth.

Meditation to Develop Vach Siddhi – Truthful Speech

  1. With fingertips together, rhythmically bring palms together for 3-11 minutes.
  2. In Easy Pose with eyes one-tenth open, inhale deeply through the left nostril and hold for 45 seconds. Exhale through right nostril in 4 equal bursts for a few minutes. Then continue to slowly inhale and exhale in 8 equal bursts. 15 minutes total.

    Holding the breath out for 45 seconds involves suspending the breath, i.e. after inhaling deeply, relax the body while holding the breath out. In the relaxed state (shoulders and face are relaxed too!) it is possible to hold the breath longer.


    Vach Siddhi is the power of truthful speech—what you say will come true. In such case, it is better to speak the truth! Communicating honestly and creating through your words are attributes of a developed throat center.

    This meditation balances the Sun and Moon energies making you feel both relaxed and energized. You may feel dizzy as the body adapts.


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