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Sagittarius Full Moon – 2019 Expand Your Reality to Enjoy Life

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Mother Moon attunes us to deep feelings, illuminates our instinctual nature, and acknowledges our natural human sensitivity to being judged, criticized, blamed, and shamed.

June 17 – Sagittarius Full Moon

1:30 AM PDT (8:30 GMT) at 25 degrees Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon

The Sun in Gemini opposes both the full moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius.

This full moon continues to highlight two major themes for 2019 —

1. Learning to tune into and trust our inner truth –Jupiter square Neptune

2. Reclaiming our personal power and authority — Saturn conjunct the South Node in Capricorn

Instinctual Habits Exposed

Jupiter and the Full Moon in Sagittarius expose what is hidden. We are able to get in touch with subconscious programming, which has developed into habits related to excess. Problematic patterns can relate to over-achieving, over-activity, and over-giving or to greed and over-accumulating. All these (and other) excess are challenges that our personal Jupiter and Sagittarius must deal with.

This full moon also exposes the root causes of subconscious habits, which were put into place before we were mature enough to understand how and why these dysfunctions were being seeded within us. As a young child, we were unable to avoid their installation in our psyche.

Seeing and acknowledging our addictive behaviors is further inhibited by our instinctual reflexes of guilt and shame. Changing habits and making better choices are even more difficult because of the emotional, psychological, and physiological imprints that control our psyche.

We can’t make transformational changes simply through good intentions, positive thinking, goal setting, and will power, because these mental and willful strategies do not address the roots of these habitual habits, which are born from our deep emotional desire and need to feel accepted, loved, safe, and appreciated.

Polarity Pairs Work Together

All full moons challenge us to integrate the two opposing (complementary) zodiac signs and their archetypes.

Gemini continually seeks to learn more and have more experiences in ‘the neighborhood’ and in everyday life. Gemini’s ability to be open-minded helps it process new information. Sagittarius seeks experiences ‘far from home’ that globalize its perspective and produce a sense of connectedness, from which it develops a sense of meaning and purpose.

Sagittarius’s principal quest is the expansion of consciousness. The house location of Sagittarius and Jupiter in our natal chart, and the sign and planets in our 9th house guide the nature of our spiritual quest.

Gemini integrates duality into a dance of existence. Sagittarius integrates knowing through universal truths.

Full Moons Expose Shadows

Full moons also illuminate the shadow side of the signs and planetary archetypes. Gemini’s shadow side is being scattered and without purpose. The shadow side of Jupiter and Sagittarius is dogmatic, judgmental, and a propensity to extremism.

Neptune and Pisces’s dark side traps us in illusion and prods us to indulge in fantasy. Objective facts are disregarded. What we don’t like or believe is labeled ‘fake’ — basically calling those who don’t espouse what we wish to hear liars. Instead of rational thought, we gravitate towards and are influenced by appeals to our emotions and claims that substantiate our personal beliefs.

Cosmic Alignment

The peak of this full moon at 26º Sagittarius-Gemini closely aligns with the center of the Milky Way galaxy, at 27º Sagittarius.

‘At the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy lies a super-massive Black Hole, which not only absorbs but also transmits enormous amounts of electromagnetic energy.’ *(1) When a celestial body aligns with the galactic center (GC), it transmits energetic support to release subconscious patterns and limiting beliefs, making it possible to make major shifts in our perception of ourselves and reality.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Squares Neptune in Pisces

Most of June and the next few months are strongly influenced by Jupiter in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces.

June 16 is the second of three Jupiter-Neptune squares this year. The first occurred on January 13 at 14º Sagittarius-Pisces. The third will be exact September 21 at 17º Sagittarius-Pisces.) Both are at 17 degrees between September 17-24, and thus continue to work together to expand our reality through September.

Jupiter and Neptune Are Major Players

Since both Jupiter and Neptune are currently expressing (transiting) the signs they rule, the impact of their archetypal energies is intensified.

Before Neptune’s discovery in 1846, Jupiter was the traditional ruler of both Pisces and Sagittarius. Aspects between Jupiter and Neptune widen our doors of perception, expanding both consciousness and compassion.

As with all archetypes, our life journey is about more consciously working with these cosmic teachers so we can take advantage of their gifts. The more we work with them, the more we can reduce the likelihood of experiencing their disruptive and negative expressions, which serve as learning experiences and attempts to wake us up.

Neptune’s challenging features include escapism, illusion, fantasy, forgetfulness, and losing things. These are signals to take time to get connected to our body and with nature. We need to refrain from thinking and spacing out and focus on in-the-body meditation. As we nurture ourselves, we make ourselves available for connection and guidance.

Mutable Flowing T-square

At this full moon, the Sun and Moon join Jupiter and Neptune to form a T-square. This intensified square both exposes wounds and produces insights and inspiration.

The more we have been inculcated to believe and trust untrustworthy external authorities, the more likely it is to be deceived and misled by outside influences. The more wounds we carry from childhood abuse, religious indoctrination, and cultural programming, the more layers of deception we must uncover and work through to get to our core truths.

The more we listen to and trust our intuition, the more we can tune into our inner knowing and find direction and validation within.

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces dispels the possibility of easy answers. Human needs and how to meet them defy logic. If we relate to Neptune and Pisces as ever-shifting clouds, we can understand their essence. There is no way we can control or hold on to the clouds comings and goings. We can only enjoy their beauty in the moment. Because reality is elusive, even to logic,
we have to make peace with what we don’t know and what may always remain unexplained. Instead of indulging in flights of fancy, we are best advised to let go, relax, and enjoy the flow of existence.

Neptune in Pisces hopes to eventually teach us that compassion and understanding through empathy are required ingredients for all healing. A battle against parts of ourselves that are painful or diseased perpetuates a war that can only be won through love. It is easier to access (and accept) our truth from our hearts than our heads.

Jupiter and Neptune Expand Consciousness

Both Jupiter and Neptune are about expansion of consciousness.

This full moon and the mutable T-square invite us (1) to see with new eyes, (2) to expand our perspective of challenging situations, (3) to seek out new activities, and (4) to change direction when needed. When we sense that something is not right, look under the rug instead of walking out of the room. We can awaken to deep truths when we are open to confront our own blindness.

Jupiter expands our mind to get in touch with beliefs (formed from childhood, educational, and cultural conditioning) that run our reality show and interfere with expanding our mind to access higher truths. Jupiter is about connecting with our personal truth, finding meaning, and operating from our values.

Neptune takes us beyond personal belief systems into the cosmic realms and other dimensions of reality, that we access through higher consciousness and subtle awareness.

Jupiter focuses on experience in physical reality that expands our perspective and opens us up to new possibilities, meaning, and wisdom.

Neptune’s territory lies beyond our five physical senses, where we have access to our intuition and can sense our interconnectedness with all life. Neptune’s transcendent space frees us from our personal ego identity, which makes it possible to connect with our soul.

June 21 – Neptune stations retrograde at Solstice

At 19 degrees Pisces

Neptune stations retrograde just an hour before the solstice, amplifying its archetypal energy and bringing to the fore the need to transcend distractions, to deal with addictions, and to use emotional maturity to transform codependent relationships.

June 21 is the exact date of Neptune moving into retrograde. But because Neptune is a slow moving planet, the impact of the retrograde period is extended for at least a week before and after.

We are in the process of integrating intense cosmic downloads, which can initially increase stress, anxiety, frustration, and anger. The high frequency energies are also gifts that facilitate awakening. We are well advised to take advantage of this energy and divine grace to tune into and enjoy the expansion of our inner reality.

Shifts Are Happening, Be Patient

Much is shifting on the planet and in our lives. Choose to be kind and patient with yourself and others. Take time to rest and relax, knowing that this is highly beneficial for entering into unknown territory and awakening to new level of consciousness.

A profoundly different way of seeing the world requires both pragmatism and trusting that there is a causal intelligence at work in each of our lives. Without the infinite as our ally, we are prone to succumb to an interpretation of reality devoid of meaning and support. Shutting out the non-physical dimensions of reality, we abandon our Source and try fruitlessly to replace it with ideology, force, and mentally contrived schemes.

We are being introduced to a new way of participating in life and co-creating our reality. This is a pivotal time where there is an acceleration and amplification of what ad how we create and manifest. Pay attention to what you think, feel, and choose to focus on. Don’t force yourself to make decisions until you feel ready. Give yourself time and trust yourself, your soul, and your Creator. As you develop the habit of trust and surrender, fears and insecurities will leave you because their feeding ground is gone — absorbed into Neptune’s clouds.

Archer Pose before Meditation

Both Jupiter and Pisces deal with opening our mind to expand our perception of reality. Our intuition is activated, our creativity is stimulated, and our attitude becomes more compassionate.

This is an opportune time to be quiet, meditate in neutral, and deeply listen. It is easier to trust our inner guidance and listen to it as the voice of our soul and the universe.

But we must stay grounded in our bodies and connected to nature to avoid spacing out and getting distracted by illusions. This is necessary to avoid being controlled by addictions and misinterpreting the effects of substance abuse with reality. To find our own truth, we have listen to our body and heart and trust what resonates for us.

Archer Pose

What could be more appropriate than archer pose for the Sagittarius Full Moon?

Archer pose builds strength, endurance, courage, and grounds the practitioner.

Directions: Begin with left leg in front taking most of the weight, right leg extended straight behind, left arm extended out in front, parallel to the floor, as if holding a bow. Pull the right arm back, bending the elbow, so that the hand is near the armpit, as if pulling an arrow back. A stretch should be felt across the chest and navel. Eyes open, focus straight ahead past your raised thumb, into infinity. Do with breath of fire or long deep breathing. Silently chant the mantra for courage.

Gobinday        Sustainer

Mukunday        Liberator

Udaray        Enlightener

Aparay        Infinite

Hariung        Destroyer

Kariung        Creator

Nirnamay        Nameless

Akamay        Desireless

Do on both sides for 3-11 minutes on each side. Work up from 1 to 11 minutes.

After archer pose sit in silent meditation. You can continue to chant the mantra if you wish. It may chant back to you.


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