The Sun Shines in Pisces 2014

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and the final stage of our human journey. Pisces energy is cloudy, fluid, and super sensitive. When we are floating on a cloud, there is no ground to stand on. We can feel disoriented in the Pisces zone. Through the disappearing act of dissolution Pisces helps us drop our karmic patterns, which have been stuck to our emotional/subtle body with the glue of fear, anger, and sadness.

With the Sun, Neptune, and Chiron all in Pisces, we have a lot of cosmic assistance to become aware of and release old programs that we have carried through lifetimes. We can cleanse and purify our emotional/subtle body and uproot negative emotions from our subconscious core. Intuitively we know what to do — focus on and feel in our emotional body Peace, Love, Light. And like a wave or a cloud, realize that the past is already gone.

The Sun shines in Pisces.

10:00 AM PST (18:00 GMT) through March 20 at 9:57 AM PST (17:57 GMT)

While the Sun swims in Pisces waters, we are invited to connect with higher dimensions of consciousness. We do so by letting go of limiting belief systems, resentment, guilt, shame, blame, and judgment. Our goal is to free ourselves from being a prisoner of duality of our own mind and find peace and happiness in the oneness zone. To reach the realms of existential freedom, we have to let go of our attachment to thoughts, programming, and behavior that subversively keep us chained to our limited ego and sabotage our Divine Connection. During this process we need rest and quiet time to take care of ourselves both emotionally and physically.

FEBRUARY 28 – MARCH 1 – Pisces New Moon

11:59 PM PST, 7:59 AM GMT

The Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Chiron are all closely aligned in Pisces. The asteroid Juno also swims in Pisces waters. Asteroid Pallas Athena (our courage) is the only grounding force in Virgo. This New Moon is NOT a day for directed intentional action! Take it easy. Spend time in meditation and nature. Give yourself the space to go inside, to be silent and still. Enjoy the peace within. Days like this don’t happen very often. Be available to experience clarity, insight, guidance, and direction, which may come later in ways that you cannot plan for. Don’t expect anything specific. Don’t expect anything at all! Simply enjoy the sacred space within that connects you in oneness to all that is.

FEBRUARY 28 – Mercury turns direct

at 6:00 AM PST (14:00 GMT) after being retrograde since February 6

The day before and the day of Mercury changing direction are great days to meditate on stillness, silence, and peace. The relief of Mercury moving forward won’t last long (if at all) because both Mars and Saturn are slowing down to turn retrograde.

MARCH 1 – Mars goes retrograde

at 8:24 AM PST (16:24 GMT) at 27 degrees Libra

Mars goes retrograde only once every 26 months. (The outer planets go retrograde every year.)

Mars returns to direct motion on May 19 at 9 degrees Libra. (It catches up to where it turned retrograde at 27 degrees Libra on July 20.) The mythic God of War thus has an extended stay in Libra from December 7, 2013 to July 25, 2014. (Eight months instead of the usual six weeks that Mars traverses a zodiac sign).

Mars indicates where we devote our time and energy. We have eight months to reassess and work on our relationships! Libra wants peace. Libra’s problem is that it instinctually hides out and is unexpressive, docile, and compliant to achieve a semblance of peace at any cost. Well guess what? Mars is not going to put up with passive aggressive attempts to get our way, denial to avoid reality, or non-communication to get even. Mars is upfront. Mars forces Libra to speak out. Libra’s challenge is to be honest while holding the neutral space of love.

Our first (and on-going) challenge is to find peace and harmony within. Our second (and on-going challenge is to maintain inner peace and harmony while we are in relationship. This is going to be easier while the Sun is in Pisces. Definitely start relationship counseling now. Do not wait until the Sun moves into fiery confrontive Aries!

*(1) Read the Chapter on ‘How Do I Love’ in my latest book The Power of Neutral — Soul Alchemy in Meditation.

MARCH 2 – Saturn goes retrograde

at 8:19 AM PST (16:19 GMT) at 23 degrees Scorpio

It will be almost five months before Saturn goes direct July 20 at 16 degrees Scorpio. (It returns to the point where it went retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio on October 27.) Saturn is in Scorpio from October 8, 2012 through December 23, 2014. This is Saturn’s second and last retrograde in Scorpio, after which it heads directly for Sagittarius and will reach its target December 24, 2014.

Saturn is about responsibility, being honest, and operating within realistic parameters physically, financially, and emotionally. We don’t ‘pass go’ in Saturn territory until we get real about our feelings, resources, and attitude toward physical reality. Saturn in Scorpio includes what we share with our intimate mates and business partners.

MARCH 6 – Jupiter goes direct

at 10 degrees Cancer

Jupiter ends its retrograde period that began November 6, 2013 at 20 degrees Cancer (where it returns June 1.) The Cancer archetype embodies the subtle feminine and awakens us to our emotions as the flowing force of our soul. The extent to which we can use our emotions as a source of power and not get bogged down by moods and negative feelings indicates the degree of our readiness to move out into the world and make our contribution by expanding Love every where we go.

MARCH 16 – Virgo Full Moon

10:08 AM PDT, 17:08 GMT

Only the Moon in Virgo grounds us at this Full Moon with Sun, Neptune, and Chiron still in Pisces.

When Virgo can maintain its neutral mind, its discriminating mental faculty can release us from judgment (negative mind) and deliver us to careful and prudent discernment. Virgo’s feet on the Earth hold us stable while we look inside to find what is true and really matters to us. If we are attentive, we can find what can never be lost or taken away, what can only grow and make our life richer.

At this Full Moon, watch your thoughts, feel your emotions, and be with your reactions in your body as you engage in relationships and life situations. What inside causes you to react in certain ways with different people and in various environments? Do you escape into a story, the past, or the future? Why? What feelings, emotions, truth are you trying to avoid? Maybe they are just trying to get your attention and love. Give it to them and see what happens.

Every day we continue to climb up the slippery slope to Higher Love. Every individual is endowed with the capacity to enter the transcendent realms of reality. Actually we don’t have to go anywhere. We just have to wake up and notice.

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