Evolutionary Expansion

Expansion in PISCES

The water signs lead us on our inner journey. Cancer brings our awareness to our feelings, moods, and emotional body. Scorpio awakens deep sensitivity to our primal instincts, how they control our inner reality, and how they must be loved to tap into our authentic power. In Pisces territory we seek transcendental experiences. The Pisces comfort zone is outside physical reality.

Inward and Outward Expansion

Two basic forces direct our expansion and evolution. One pulls our attention inward. The other pulls our attention outward. Extroverted energies seek expression in worldly activities. Introverted energies respond to the inward pull into subtle dimensions of being and consciousness.

Our inward focus helps us:

  1. find our center
  2. consolidate a sense of self
  3. discover the subtle dynamics of our soul
  4. become aware of and develop a personal relationship with invisible universal forces

Our outward attention helps us grow through:

  1. the development of interpersonal relationships
  2. the challenges of interacting in many diverse situations
  3. learning how to effectively communicate
  4. making our value added contribution to society.

Inward and outward are polarities that work together to foster development, establish balance, and create wholeness. The two archetypical expansive planets Jupiter and Neptune complement each other. Jupiter propels us out into the world. Neptune pulls us in so that we can find our soul and the Divine, and then go out with an expanded consciousness. To avoid getting lost in the world and in the ethers, we must be able to stay in our body, maintain our center, and direct our own lives.

Evolution to Higher Consciousness

Our Pisces journey focuses specifically on the crown chakra. The nature of our personal growth, transformation, and evolution towards higher consciousness *(1) includes the following —

Ideals and Heart

Yearning to connect with and live by higher ideals of truth, justice, equity, inclusion and compassion. (Nelson Mandela and Ghandi) Desire to live in a world directed by higher love and doing our part by being kind and caring to everyone.

Meaning and Mystery

Search for deeper levels of meaning that operate under the surface. Uncovering treasures hidden behind the obvious. Discovering the mysteries that operate in time and space. Connecting with the spiritual principles underlying and guiding ones’ life experiences.

Expanding Our Reality

Expanding our reality from the personal and worldly to the impersonal and universal.

Widening our scope to encompass a more subtle awareness and appreciation of existence so we can find the unknown in the known.


Freeing ourselves from conditioned responses so that we can operate from soul consciousness. Overcoming the oppression of our own mind! Developing a positive, optimistic, life-enhancing attitude that dispels anxiety, fear, anxiety, and obsession with the past.

Soul Perspective and Destiny

Questing for self-knowledge and for a comprehensive, open-ended mental and emotional space that helps us find and define ourselves from a soul perspective. Developing the clarity and open mindedness that facilitates the unfoldment of our soul’s destiny.

Transcendental Experience

Cultivating uplifting and transcendental experiences that take us beyond mundane existence and materialistic evaluation of one’s success in life into the domain of Spirit. Expanding beyond the narrow scope of focusing on wealth, materialistic prosperity, and worldly success to attaining satisfaction and contentment through elevated experiences of sublime peace and happiness.

Universal Support for Greater Good

Living in the experience that the Universe supports our dedication to a greater goal, cause, and vision. Believing in one’s dreams and oneself, and having the courage to do what it takes to manifest our dreams into reality.

Divine Connection, Trust, Faith, and Surrender

Establishing and living from our Divine Connection, which is so real to us that we can trust, have faith in, and surrender to a higher power,

How to Deal with Subjective Reality

The nature of our inner world is subjective and very personal. Our potential for growth is neither measurable nor predictable. What we can gain is totally undervalued and appreciated. The world of Spirit and our soul can’t be understood or experienced through rational analysis. We have to listen to our soul, not tell our soul. We connect with God, not instruct God.

Emotions, higher values, deep yearning, faith, trust, surrender, compassion, and love all operate in a totally different dimension than mental thinking and intellectual comprehension. The ‘quality, uniqueness, creativity, and the moral dimension of existence’ cannot be quantified or explained. *(2)

Pisces and Neptune take us way beyond Jupiter’s philosophical interpretation of life into the nebulous and numinous realm of Spirit. Their emotional yearnings lead us toward the ideals of oneness, peace, and harmony. These transcendental experiences add inexplicable richness to our lives.

Pisces and Neptune energies stimulate our spiritual and metaphysical motivations to feel part of a greater power, to connect with an all-encompassing truth, and to witness an infinite force. We are inspired to reach for a goal that is not logical, proven, or already realized. *(3) The freedom that we seek comes from alignment with higher law and authority. We are not after the freedom to do what our ego wants to do or simply to be different. We want to free ourselves from feelings of fear and confinement, the constraints of the past, the spell of fantasies, and the grip of conditioning and debilitating addictions.

Pisces Weaknesses and Strengths

Unconscious Pisces can succumb to illusions, get lost in idealism, be a victim of self-deception, and disappear into escapism. The boundary between fantasy and reality is blurred and sometimes completely lacking. The innocent Fish is gullible and naively believes what it wants to believe and indulges in wishful thinking. Blind faith makes this immature being easy prey for unethical forces. The Fish can be self-deprecating and self-denying, and set itself up to be a self-pitying martyr.

Pisces gifts include the innate capacity to be compassionate, empathetic, forgiving, generous, and philanthropic. They have a passive, retiring nature, and value solitude. With humility, dignity, and nobility, they hold the vision for a brighter future, see potential everywhere, and have the heart to bring goodness into the world.

Pisces is all about expansion. Pisces polarity Earth Mother Virgo teaches the Fish how to consolidate and deal with their biggest challenge — keeping their feet on the ground.

Our Final Stage

Pisces and Neptune are not only about aspiring to something better, they are about awakening to something exponentially vaster. They speak to the human urge to align one’s life and to merge one’s energies with the Divine. They teach us to expand our existential experience so that we can consciously participate in a reality infinitely larger than our personal earthbound world. These archetypes are about the human goals to live by higher laws and to enjoy our oneness with the Cosmos and Higher Love.

At this final stage in our human journey we explore the transcendent and our relationship with the living universe. Our sense of unity and spiritual communion with the Divine integrates all our life experiences, opens our heart, makes our life whole, and delivers us to ecstatic bliss.

The Heart of Pisces

Pisces magic is oneness.

Pisces asks us to let go and give God a chance.

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