The Sun Shines in Aries 2014

The Sun moves into Aries the day of the spring equinox. (fall in the southern hemisphere.) The change of seasons and the first sign of the zodiac (1) initiate a new beginning, (2) signal a rebirth, (3) awaken the possibility of an expanded vision, and (4) create pathways for a new direction for our lives.

MARCH 20 – APRIL 19-20 –
The Sun shines in ARIES.

9:57 AM PDT (16:57 GMT) through April 19 at 8:56 PM PDT (April 20 at 03:56 GMT)

Aries invites us to be very personal about how we are living our life and what we are creating. What do we want to create? What needs to change so that we can leave the familiar behind and courageously blaze new trails? What would you like to explore next? What change in attitude would best support expanding and enriching your life experience in this next cycle through the zodiac journey? Reassessment begins by digging deeper into our sensitive heart to get to know ourselves better and to understand who we are and why we are here on Mother Earth at this time.

MARCH 30 – Aries New Moon

11:44 AM PDT, (18:44 GMT)

The Aries New Moon is intensified by the conjunction of Uranus with the Sun and Moon. Juno and the South Node are also in Aries. Mars, Vesta, Ceres, and the North Node are all retrograde in Libra, adding the possibility of both balance and confrontation to the mix (depending upon how we resolve these polarities within ourselves.) Libra energies help us find inner peace and build an internal state that supports equality and harmony in relationships.

Uranus dramatically awakens us from our unconscious slumber. A no-nonsense planet, Uranus makes it clear that we must question the status quo both personally and collectively and dedicate our lives to higher ideals by offering our unique gifts. At this new moon and for the next month Uranus teams up with other planets to propel us forward on our soul’s path.

It is wake up and get real time. Jupiter (expansion) squares (requires change and action) Juno, the Moon, and the Sun all in Aries (our personality and soul identity) and opposes Pluto in Capricorn (emotional honesty about our hidden agendas and letting them go so we can find our inner power.)

APRIL 14 – Pluto turns Retrograde through September 22

The need to let go of past issues, grudges, programming, and beliefs is imperative and easier while Pluto is retrograde. Lighten your baggage and discard what is no longer viable. It will be easier to fly.

APRIL 15 – Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

12:42 AM PDT, 7:42 GMT

The Libra Full Moon, which is also a lunar eclipse, sets us up for an intense ride. The only planet in an earth sign is Pluto in Capricorn. Our deep emotional core is our only grounding mechanism.

Lunar eclipses happen when the Sun and Earth align to block the Moon. For a few hours the light of the full moon is eclipsed as it passes through the Earth’s shadow. The Earth’s electromagnetic field is impacted. Our awareness of unconscious fears and motivations is increased. And the energetic patterns that impact consciousness are disrupted and recalibrated.

The Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Juno, and South Node are all in Aries. They are positioned opposite the Moon, Mars, North Node, Ceres, and Vesta in Libra. Counter point squares are Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer. Uranus, Pluto, Mars, and Jupiter are moving toward each other to form an exact cardinal grand cross on April 21. Intensity is the defining description of the energy we will be experiencing until after the Grand Cross challenges us to the core of our being.

The dwarf planet Ceres and asteroid Vesta conjuncting the Moon in Libra remind us of our sacred relationship with Mother Earth. Take time to connect with the Earth. You will feel more grounded and present in physical reality.

April 21 – Fifth Uranus and Pluto Square – Cardinal Grand Cross

We have been discussing the Uranus/Pluto square since 2012. This ongoing pressure to transform both our inner and outer realities will continue through 2015. Jupiter in Cancer has been intensifying the square since July 2013.

The fifth of seven exact Uranus/Pluto squares is coming up April 21. This time joined by both Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra, all four planets are at 14 degrees! Thus they form an exact grand cross in the cardinal (action) signs. Those with planets within 3 degrees of 14 degrees will feel the effects very powerfully.

This is the second time Mars in Libra has joined up in opposition to Uranus and in a square with Pluto. The first was December 25-30, 2013. The third is June 14-25 (at 13-16 degrees) Mars stirs up passion, adds drive, and takes initiative in its quest for self-determination. Mars gives us the courage to do what we have to do.

Squares and oppositions together give rise to breakdowns and breakthroughs. We become starkly aware of what is not working and what must change. Squares indicate turning points. Definitive choices must be made. In this configuration the four major areas of our life that must be realigned, balanced, and integrated are

(1) Pluto in Capricorn – our inner reality and outer contribution,

(2) Uranus in Aries – our individual integrity and identity,

(3) Jupiter in Cancer – our home, family, and emotions, and

(4) Mars in Libra – our relationships.

These astrological events help us understand why we are being challenged in many aspects of our lives. Think of each challenge as supporting the other parts of your life. A holistic approach will help you expand to the next level. It is a time of deep transformation for all of us. Embrace yourself with kindness. Honor your life with gratitude.

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