Kundalini Yoga

Expand the Edge of Your Consciousness

In one of my recent Inner Awareness Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes, we explored how to expand our consciousness. Here are some things that created openings and expansion for my students —

  1. Let go of tension in my body
  2. Move my body
  3. Let go of resistance
  4. Be compassionate toward myself
  5. Don’t judge myself or anything that I am experiencing

One student offered ‘Find the edge of neutral.’ (referring to the neutral mind*) I really like this and decided to investigate further how we can experience this concept.

The edge of neutral is the point in our neutral mind where we can stay consciously aware of our inner space and also stay present in our body.

The inside edge is where we are comfortable in feeling awareness ‘here now’ in both body and mind.

We go beyond and lose the edge when we leave our body, when we space out, and when we start thinking.

To expand our consciousness we have to be willing and available to travel outside our comfort zone in both mind and body. And we have to be able:

  1. to stay focused,
  2. to pay attention to subtle energies,
  3. to stay consciously awake, and
  4. to allow feeling instead of thinking.

To focus our attention we have to pay attention to something. Here are some basic guidelines.

  • Close your eyes
  • Look at the darkness or blackness
  • Look into the dark, black space
  • enjoy black and empty space

Find the edge of your inner space

To find our inner space and then to expand our edge we must take the time to simply be aware, without thinking, scheming, or trying to make something happen. We give ourselves ’empty, silent’ time, when we can make ourselves available to simply be present to Black Space.

Our ‘thinking’ mind can block our receptivity by getting caught up in ‘God’ concepts. So simply relate to your Black Space. Once we make ourselves available, we can we receive inspiration, insights, and guidance from our soul and the Universe. Remember our ego personality and ‘rational’ thinking mind can’t figure everything out alone and is not supposed to.

We expand our edge by:

  1. letting go of control,
  2. allowing ourselves to be supported by a higher power, our soul, or an unknown source of inspiration,
  3. trusting our intuition and letting our Black Space (or the Universe) come up with answers, and
  4. finding contentment in emotional detachment, which can be experienced as letting go of resistance and simply enjoying Black Space

Want inner freedom and love? Live at the edge of your own consciousness — in your Black Space for a month. Practice the above and when you feel secure and content within both mind and body, seize a precious moment to open your heart to yourself.

* To find and explore your neutral mind see my latest book The Power of Neutral — Soul Alchemy in Meditation.

The Power of Neiutral by Guru Rattana PhD


Below is a unique meditation that awakens and connects the first and the crown chakras and invites an unknown power to guide us. Practice this meditation and then give yourself silent time to be in your Black Space and to expand the edge of your consciousness.

Begin your practice with Kundalini Yoga to activate your capacity to experience higher states of awareness in both mind and body. Physical Kundalini Yoga exercises awaken our body vehicle so that our physical hardware can support our journey of consciousness.

See Blog Article My Body is the Home of My Emotions for a standing kriya, which makes it easier to sit for meditation.

Tattva Siddhi Kriya

September 28 and October 1, 1971

Seated in meditation posture, with a straight spine, hands in Gyan Mudra, chant


pulling Mulbhand and focusing on the first chakra,


focusing at the top of the head,


still pulling Mulbhand, and picture Guru Ram Das in a golden temple, swinging back and forth above the head.

Continue for 11-31 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, pull Mulbhand, hold, and relax.

COMMENTS: “Pritvi” is the earth tattva (or element), “Akasha” is the ether tattva, and Guru Ram Das is the fourth Guru in Sikh tradition (Master of the neutral mind, Raj Yoga, humility, healing, and compassion). Energy rushes effortlessly up the spine, almost as though it is sucked up, during this meditation.