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The Leo-Aquarius Full Moon Offers Heart Healing

Our consciousness is impacted by the ever-changing interactive energies of the Sun, Moon, and planets with the Earth and our being. At certain times matrices of energy open new portals and new pathways become available. The three planetary conjunctions of 2020 create the energetic circumstances that support a quantum shift in consciousness. *(1)

We are still feeling the turbulent energies of the full moon/lunar eclipse and Saturn-Pluto conjunction (January 10-13), which continue to rock our reality. With the outer planet activity, nothing is purely personal. Change is happening at the collective level, and everyone is affected.

You are not alone if you are feeling disoriented, tired, and uncertain about your future. Feeling adrift is part of a needed shake up to usher in something new. Things naturally come to the surface to be evaluated, healed, released, and loved.


A New Phase and New Life

Moving from one phase of our lives to another is always accompanied by a certain level of stress. We are individually and collectively letting go of the old so we can align with and create something new. The many levels of reorganization that are required can be simultaneously arduous, scary, and exciting.

New beginnings often coincide with situations that lack clarity. It may be too early to make definitive choices, set specific goals, or take directed action. We are watering seeds that will certainly grow, but we may not know exactly what will bloom. Something has changed, but the details and consequences are not yet known. Whatever is transpiring, outer change and inner adaptation are part of the process. We gain clarity as we sweep out the old and get rid of what is no longer useful.


Reboot and Redirection

I am well aware of this reboot in my own life. My best advice is to take one day at a time. Do what needs to be done today so you can feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. What is up for tomorrow will be appear tomorrow, and in due course for each following day. We can’t know exactly what to do or follow a preplanned timeline. It may not be time yet to set definitive goals.

We can think of this period of time as re-assembling the puzzle of our life. But we do not have the picture on the box of the 1000 piece puzzle to guide us. Put one piece of the puzzle in place at a time. The mysterious picture will make itself known.


Emotional Recalibration

There is a wave of ungrounded and unacknowledged emotional energy floating around in the collective consciousness, which means that a lot of people are feeling disoriented, fearful, unstable, and unbalanced. Our own emotional uneasiness is influenced and heightened by the emotional chaos of others with whom we share Planet Earth.

As both cosmic and Earth energies shift, we are obliged to recalibrate our own energy to adapt to the new frequencies. Our bodies must adjust, and our psyches must release old patterns and ways of being. A purging and detox are a necessary part of the process of establishing a new alignment and integration. The release and healing part of the cycle is not the easiest part. We can feel worse before we feel better. However, if we accept this letting go as part of our journey and deal with it without self-criticism and judgment, we can liberate ourselves into a new phase of our lives where we enjoy freedom from past conditioning and false beliefs about ourselves. Our ticket to a renewed life comes encoded with self-care and kindness.


January 20 – February 17 – The Sun Shines in Aquarius

The Sun in Aquarius urges us to get in touch with our need to dare to be authentically ourselves. It is through our own authenticity that we can feel that we are part of a larger whole. Aquarius liberates us from the old mindset that fitting in means losing oneself and being subservient to the current power structure. Fitting in for Aquarius means finding commonalities and serving in our unique capacity.

The Aquarian archetype represents the human quest for equality, freedom, reform/revolution, collaboration, and community. As the eleventh sign, Aquarius represents the expression of individuality in the supportive environment of shared group consciousness that honors and thrives on diversity.

Aquarius, the third air sign, represents the power of the collective or group mind, which when directed by the heart (Leo) can create coherence in the group field.

Aquarius and its ruler Uranus spur us to question our assumptions and explore alternatives. Uranus cuts through blurriness and brings in freshness and newness. This pair offers an expanded perception of reality that allows us to ‘think out of the box.’ Uranus currently in Taurus reminds us of the beauty and simplicity that we can experience when we get back to the basics, focus on what really matters, and make sustainability and the good of all our touchstones.

The Aquarian new moon (January 24) opened the door to the Year of the Metal Rat, which aligns with the messages of the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn — 2020 is a year of big shifts and opportunities, best met by being discerning, resourceful, and willing to change.


The Capricorn Climb up the Mountain of Self-Mastery

We are currently swimming in a sea of Capricorn energy, inviting us into the next phase of our climb up the mountain of self-mastery. Our walking sticks are called ‘taking responsibility for our lives’ and ‘establishing a sense of self-reliance’. Navigating ourselves in the world as an inner-directed individual is how we release ourselves from blindly conforming to what we think society wants from us so we can ‘fit in.’ It is our job to liberate ourselves from conditioned ideas of what we believe we want and think we need to be a success and happy. Without the guidance of our inner truth, we feel alienated and isolated even when we ‘follow the rules.’

The human psyche is wired for survival. Our primal brain and physical and emotional bodies store memories of circumstances that register threats to our survival. The negative social impact of nonconformity still computes as threats to our survival. The wounds of being an outsider and not fitting in can be healed by fitting into our own design and enjoying our own unique makeup. In Aquarian waters we relate to the collective consciousness as self-identified individuals who honor each other as equal members of the human race. Our job is not to blend in and maintain the status quo, but to offer our special piece to a heart-centered world.


February 8-9 — Leo Full Moon

11:33 PM PST (7:33 AM GMT)

Full moons illuminate the shadow side of the zodiac pairs. At the Leo full moon, Aquarius confronts Leo’s delicate ego that insists on being the favorite, the best, and the primary attention getter in the center ring.

Fiery Leo is naturally playful, charming, and full of life. Leo loves an audience for which it can shine its light. Leo has a strong sense of pride, but its self-confidence can waver without external validation. Leo can be so full of itself that it is over sensitive to criticism and takes any lack of attention as an offense.

Other’s opinions and approval matter to the extent that the Lion’s mood can depend upon external feedback. Confronted by its zodiac partner Aquarius, the poor-me Lion can indulge in self-pity when it is denied center stage. Robbed of some of its self-confidence, its light is dimmed and its pride is thwarted.


Leo-Aquarius Heart Healing

At the Leo full moon (and beyond!), we all need to take a deep look at our competitive need to be the winner or the best. In our aggressive win-lose culture, this program is imprinted deep in our psyche. The ideal Aquarian culture (which we wish to work towards) supports everyone in developing their special skills and creative genius. Everyone wins when each person has a chance to shine, be fully expressed, and be fairly remunerated for what they offer to the community.

Aquarius doesn’t dumb down, ask us to hide our light, or settle for an anonymous post on the sidelines. Aquarius encourages us to be the best we can and to be satisfied with the best we can be and do at any point in time. In an equalitarian Aquarian community everyone is included and respected. Our inner Leos can believe in themselves and know that what we contribute is recognized, appreciated, and worthwhile. Our individual piece is not only needed, it is required. We find healing and resolution to our ‘need to be best’ conditioning when we step up and play our part.


February 16-March 9: Mercury Is Retrograde

Mercury retrograde begins at 13º Pisces and resumes direct motion March 9 at 28º Aquarius.

Although all planets are direct until February 16, we may not have enough information to jump on the next train. We can take advantage of the 23 days that Mercury is retrograde to listen to our intuition and feel the messages from our emotions. Together they offer us important guidance on how to proceed in our outer world endeavors.

Again from March 10 to April 25, no planets are retrograde. During these weeks when all planets are direct, we will feel eager to take action and be supported in doing so.


Self-Healing and Self-Love Practice at the Full Moon

While the turbulent tides of change blow away what was once familiar, we need an inner anchor to hold on it, which we cultivate and sustain through our daily spiritual practice.

Because we lose our inner anchor when we compare ourselves to others, our self-exploration needs to include how outer reference points distance ourselves from our true essence. In fact, we need to examine how comparing ourselves to others is the source of much unhappiness and negative self-talk.

We also need to seriously consider the fact that we are all different and unique. No one is like you. No one can do your piece. Consider the fact this is the only lifetime that you get to be you! Our souls may reincarnate, but there will never be another woman or man exactly like you! We naturally want to optimize our unique expression, creativity, and journey during this short precious lifetime.

At the same time that we are all unique, we are all human, have the same basic survival requirements, need to feel accepted, and desire to love and be loved. Compassion for ourselves and others in our shared humanity brings us together in our splendid diversity.

We can cultivate self-love and an inner anchor with the following meditation.

Mantra to Neutralize Negative Thoughts

Sit in any comfortable position with the spine straight and the hands in prayer pose at the heart.

Listen to what you are telling yourself, and then chant UNG SUNG WAHE GURU 10 times on one breath to neutralize a negative thought. With this mantra, you are telling yourself the truth: Ecstasy vibrates in every cell of my body!

As you chant, recognize that what you are saying is the truth.

Listen to the sounds without thinking about what they mean.

Feel the resonance and let your throat, mouth, tongue, face, shoulders, head, and heart vibrate.

Enjoy the feeling in your body and on your skin.

Afterwards, notice that something has changed.

You may be thinking and speaking differently to yourself.

You may have not thoughts at all, in which case enjoy the silence in your inner space.


Find Your Anchor inside Your Skin

After you practice the above meditation (or any other meditation), feel the vibration of the mantra in your body and in your skin. Feel your skin as your container. Experience that feeling your skin keeps you in relationship with your body, preventing you from escaping into your mind and out of feeling awareness.

Go inside your skin, where you find your inner space and inner anchor. Experience a secure and safe feeling when you connect with your neutral space and witness that it is present inside your physical vessel.

Savor your experience of feeling free to be YOU!

Footnotes and References

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Also available as an ebook.

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