A Planetary Power Pack Initiates Change in 2020

Astrology with Guru Rattana

Wow! The whirlwind has begun! 2020 is being launched with rare cosmic events that initiate a new beginning in all our lives! The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse intensified the long-anticipated super-charged conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, Ceres, and Sun in Capricorn January 11-13.

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In this blog I summarize what is happening in the span of a few days to set the tone for a new beginning in 2020. My just released book 2020 Makeover – Your Astrology for a New Beginning examines in detail this historic year.

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Unprecedented Opening

What we are experiencing is an unprecedented opening, allowing us to awaken to our soul essence and the universal presence of peace and love. We are being supported in breaking through fear programming and making an evolutionary shift to higher consciousness.

We are becoming aware of the fact that we actually are at choice. Free will is real, not just a good idea. We can truly exercise our free will, when we are brave enough to acknowledge and release the unconscious scripts of anger, shame, blame, jealousy, scarcity, and neediness that have created pain and suffering in our lives.

January 10 – Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

11:22 AM PST — Cancer Moon, Capricorn Sun, Mercury, and Ceres — all at 20º
Lunar eclipses bring light to what has been hidden. Although this was not a total lunar eclipse, because the Moon only partially dimmed by the outer shadow of Earth, its effects are potent. Without the light that the Moon normally reflects from the Sun, the sensitive feelings of our emotions speak to us more directly. As the Moon moves into the shadow of the Earth, we become aware of unresolved emotional issues that create frustration, stress, and imbalances in our lives.

The Cancer Full Moon brings our attention to our sensitive inner world. We become more aware of our emotions, feelings, fears, motivations, and needs. It is important at this time to pay attention to the messages we are receiving from our emotions and body, which speak with honesty as the communication mechanisms of our soul.

Emotions ‘speak’ to us through non-verbal feelings, not with rational thought. They give us information related to our most basic needs – for love, connection, security, peace, and satisfaction. Feelings related to stress, frustration, sadness, and anger indicate that our needs (or our perception of our needs) are not being met. Feeling relaxed, peaceful, satisfied, and happy indicate that our needs are being met.

January 12 – Saturn Conjunct Pluto, Mercury and Ceres

at 23º Capricorn. January 13, the Sun joins the party at 23º Capricorn.

January 12 is the first pivotal date in 2020 when three new planetary cycles commence in one year! (All three are discussed in my book 2020 Makeover.)

At the lunar eclipse and Saturn – Pluto conjunction, six celestial bodies (Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) and the South Node are all in Capricorn. As the third earth sign, Capricorn represents our relationship with Mother Earth and the material plane. At the personal level, the Capricorn archetype is about developing self-mastery, including being accountable, establishing boundaries, and attaining autonomy.

At the collective level, the Capricorn archetype relates to political, economic, and social institutions, including governments and corporations and our use of shared natural resources. At the spiritual level, the Capricorn archetype calls for an awakening of ecological consciousness and developing an intimate relationship with Mother Earth.

Saturn symbolizes how we deal with time and space, create structures, and find authority. Pluto represents the subconscious programming, which we must release to find internal freedom and access our free will. In 2019 Saturn and Pluto were within 3º of each other, bringing up the issues that we must deal with as a new cycle begins.

Planetary conjunctions announce the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. The collaboration of planets open cosmic gateways and activate new potentials. Planetary conjunctions initiate astrological cycles that span decades and even centuries. Conjunctions indicate transitions into new periods of history. Although certain political, social, economic themes play out, they differ in each historical epoch.

Saturn and Pluto rendezvous only every 32-38 years. The last conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn occurred in 1518, when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the Church door. His challenge to papal inconsistencies initiated the Protestant Reformation.

January 10 – Uranus and Eris Go Direct

Uranus at 3º Taurus and Eris at 23º Aries both go direct just after the lunar eclipse peaks.

Taurus (the first personal earth sign) deals with how we value ourselves and how we use our resources to support and take care of ourselves.

Uranus stimulates innovative thinking in search of revolutionary solutions. When Uranus slows down to change direction (stations), what was hidden can be revealed, what was accepted can be reversed, and unexpected events can surprise us.

Whenever a planet changes direction, its energies and messages are intensified. We are given a cosmic nod to move forward with our plans.

January 10- February 16 and March 10 – April 25 — All Planets Direct

From January 10 until February 16, all planets will be direct. Mercury goes retrograde February 16 and returns direct March 9-10. Again from March 10 to April 25, no planets are retrograde. During these weeks when all planets are direct, we will feel eager to take action and be supported in doing so. Mercury retrograde will give us a moment to reflect and evaluate our course. We will need a respite and from the fast pace, urge to change, and impetus to make things happen.

Eris and Juno Activate the Divine Feminine

Eris is a dwarf planet that orbits beyond Pluto. Named for the Greek goddess of Strife and Discord, the Eris archetype is unaccepting of pretense, challenges false beliefs, and exposes inequality. Eris (at 23º Aries) opposes the asteroid Juno at 19º Libra. Juno represents the Roman goddess of marriage and symbolizes the feminine struggle for equality in relationships.

The interaction of these two archetypes awakens women everywhere and brings attention to women’s empowerment and critical role in creating an Aquarian Age that supports the good of all.

Grand Cardinal Cross – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Eris and Juno square the Moon in Cancer and the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, forming a challenging cross that demands action. The energy of this grand cross supports women in reclaiming their power and becoming honest and compassionate leaders in the reformation of our collective institutions.

Spiritual Awakening and Practice

The overall effect of these cosmic happenings is to awaken us to deeper and more honest connection with ourselves, each other, Mother Earth, and the Universe. We are able to operate more consciously. And we realize that we are at choice. This is going to be a great year — if we listen to our heart, feel our truth in our body, and choose wisely.

Our practice at this time is to choose compassion over judgment, courage over fear, heartfelt honesty over beliefs, and peace over conflict.

Blessings to all for a transformative year of inner power, neutrality, and peace.

Guru Rattana :+)