The Inner Art of Woman’s Power – Retreat

The Inner Art of Woman’s Power Retreat and Guru Rattana’s teachings for women are based on her experience that woman finds her authentic power within herself. To get in touch with her power, woman must know, accept, and align her energies with her special design, nature, and constitution.

For women in today’s world, a major source of stress, burnout, and unhappiness is rooted in the fact that women have been trained to cultivate power from a model designed by men for men, which focuses on external force, power-over, and control. (The article below addresses this subject.)

This blog invites you to check out the information about the upcoming retreat with Guru Rattana and to read her profound words on ‘Woman’s Role in the World — Next Phase’.

September 1-9, 2018,

Ängsbacka, Sweden

The Inner Art of Woman’s Power is a profoundly transformational retreat designed by a woman for women. This is a unique chance to study with Guru Rattana, be in her uplifting and healing presence, and receive her blessings and wisdom for 8 days! She is author of 2 groundbreaking books for women — The Gift of Womanhood and The Destiny of Women Is the Destiny of the World. (Available as both printed and e-Books from the Yoga Technology Online Store.)*

With over 40 years of daily Sadhana, Guru Rattana embodies what she teaches. From her personal experience, the most basic foundation for woman’s power is to be at peace with herself, her life, her past, and her path. Inner peace and happiness awaken from within when woman is emotionally balanced and not upset or mentally conflicted about who she is and what she is doing on planet Earth. To feel content and to succeed in life, woman has to embrace her own unique identity, life, and journey.

In this retreat, Guru Rattana shares with you how to

♥ use Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to wake up and tune into your inner reality and essence as a woman

explore your astrology and numerology to identify your unique blueprint and to personalize your awakening and self-empowerment process

cultivate neutral and compassionate consciousness, so you can look at specifics in your life from an expanded heart-centered perspective.

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Women’s Role in the World – Next Phase

It is a very special time for women. Actually it is a very special time for both women and men and for everyone on the plant. It is important to take a close look at what is happening, how we can take advantage of the openings and opportunities for women, and how our transformation can benefit us all.


The primary focus in the past decades (especially in the developed countries) has been on achieving equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal pay for women. Much has be achieved (and there is still much to be done) so that women can participate in the business and work world on an equal footing to men.

Defined by Male Values

The overriding goal has been to integrate women into a man’s world. A basic problem with what we have achieved so far is that woman’s role has been defined in terms of male values. Because the overall reference point has been what works for men and how they define (and maintain) their power, much of the progress has been at the expense of woman’s identity, health, and well-being.

To fit into the competitive, ego-driven, domination model of a male-based system, women have been forced to operate in a mode that creates stress, burnout, and serious physical, emotional, and spiritual dysfunctions and pain.

The possibility of systemic transformation that reflects woman’s needs and nature has been undermined to the extent that women do not value themselves as women, lack self-esteem, strive to be and act like men, and are guided by the male model for how they try to succeed in the world.

This has happened unconsciously because of the fear-based beliefs and programming that has pervaded the Earth for millennia. However, the presence of more light on the planet and the increase of heart energy makes it possible to become aware of old patterns and to use our heart-felt consciousness to create from the space of love (not fear).

Progress and Next Phase

While being grateful for the progress that has been made, we must expand our vision to direct the next phase of woman’s empowerment. Both the status and happiness of women must be defined and driven by woman’s basic nature, and not by trying to fit our feminine essence into a struggle, competitive, conflictual, and survival of the fittest model for success and progress.

To create profound social change, we must continue to work in many arenas, including — legal rights, education, access to professions, and healthcare. All areas of concern must be guided by an overall perspective that supports, instead of sabotages, woman’s special nature. The next phase must look deeper at the causes of global problems and solutions to woman’s empowerment and role in society.

Specifically, (1) we must examine the worldview (fear or love) from which we operate. Our perspective and attitude toward ourselves and life determines the nature of the change that we desire and are able to create. (2) And we must examine and elevate our consciousness — because our inner reality is the foundation from which we create our outer reality.

Woman’s Creative Role

Woman’s desire to participate in the world is natural and should be supported by equal education, employment opportunities, pay/benefits, etc. Women not only have a right to participate, their participation is seriously needed and required. But women must participate as women, not as male clones.

A most basic fact of life is that women are the creative force on Planet Earth. Women’s creativity must be applied to how we create our culture, communities, education, economic/political systems, and everything else in the world. Without woman’s participation, things don’t work right. We have way too much proof.

The current phase of woman’s empowerment requires making it feasible and welcoming for women to be fully contributory agents of change in our society, without jeopardizing their well-being and role as mothers and nurturers.

Woman’s Nurturing Nature

Woman’s participation should not be undercut by an apologetic attitude about child bearing and desire to create a cozy home. Without birthing the next generation, there won’t be one. A loving home is the foundation for a sense of safety and security in the psyche of both children and adults.

As one loving father shared, fatherhood is the cure for the abuses of the patriarchy. Men involved in child rearing and home are much less prone to distance themselves from the effects of our political and economic systems on families and to connect with the values that honor all life.

One of the most beautiful results of the 2017 Gift of Womanhood course was that after being very honest with themselves and each other, all the women came to the same realization that their basic nature was nurturing. It was heart-warming how they honored themselves and each other and created a warm, loving feeling in our week together. Our communities, countries, and whole planet could feel like this if (when) woman bring inner peace, caring, and inclusive values to the world.

This Woman’s Retreat is part of a larger vision supporting woman’s evolutionary role in creating an equitable, just, sustainable, and heart-centered world.

I look forward to meeting and sharing with you soon.

The Gift of Womanhood by Guru Rattana PhD

THE GIFT OF WOMANHOOD is our ‘text’ book. If you don’t already have a copy, it is recommended that you purchase one and bring it with you to the course. Most of the Kriyas and meditations will come from this manual. In Europe it can be purchased from Rootlight Sweden and SatNam Europe. It is also available world-wide in both printed and eBook (pdf) versions from the Yoga Technology Online Store.