Virgo Purity and Clean Closets – 2018

Astrology with Guru Rattana
The Virgo archetype reminds us of the purity and independent authority of our soul. The Virgo Priestess and Priest are able to stand alone. Their independence (as opposed to co-dependence) comes from the fact that they are so anchored in their Divine Connection that they know that they are never alone. The Virgo path is about stepping out of the over-critical dualistic mind (especially self-criticism and believing that something is the matter with us) and joining forces with Virgo’s polarity partner Pisces to embody and enjoy the beautiful light of our soul and the bliss of oneness with the Divine.

August 22-23 – The Sun Shines in Virgo

9:09 PM PDT (4:09 GMT)

The Virgo archetype is a very interesting combination of energies. Virgo is an Earth sign, but its ruling planet is Mercury, which represents mental activity and is also the ruler of Air sign Gemini. The combination actually makes sense. Our ‘mind’ (in terms the directive intelligence of our being) resides not only in our head but also in every cell of our body. Our thoughts play a major role in determining our physical and emotional health. The mind/body connection has always be a recognized and accepted reality in the spiritual world. In recent years, the interaction between mind and body has become a recognized ‘fact’ in the quantum scientific world.

The lessons and path of the Virgo archetype are based on the wisdom that the body is an instrument of the soul. Through our body, we are able to receive life and nurturing from Spirit. Our human path is about (1) creating feeling vibrational alignment and resonance with Source, (2) cultivating awareness of the unity of physical and non-physical realities, (3) experiencing that there is no separation between us and universal energies, and (4) learning how to live our human lives in the reality of oneness.

August 18-19 – Mercury Goes Direct

9:25 PM PDT (4:25 GMT)

Mercury went direct at 12 degrees Leo August 18-19. Mercury will be in Leo through September 4. The great Lion advises us to listen to our hearts, and to stop trying to figure everything out with our heads.

August 26 – Pisces Full Moon

4:56 AM PDT (11:20 GMT) 3 degrees Pisces and Sun 3 degrees Virgo

Full Moons magnify matters. The Pisces Full Moon awakens us to a deeper connection with our inner world — feelings, fantasies, visions, and Divine connection.

The big challenge for Pisces is to distinguish between what is made up (illusionary) and what is real (actually exists). Real in the Pisces world doesn’t mean what we can see, hear, touch, feel, and taste in the material world. Real for Pisces means authentic connection with the Divine, not induced highs that don’t last and are followed by depression, downers, and disconnection. Real in the realm of Spirit means an experience of a universal energy that is always present and continually supporting and guiding us. It is a slippery and tricky distinction. But when we are able to tune into and connect with the Divine, we know beyond any doubt that it is real and the foundation of all existence.

The twin Pisces Fish move back and forth through layers of dimensions, of which physical reality is just one of the many available to those with subtle psychic perception. Infinite potentials exist in the non-physical world. Virgo’s Earth energy is necessary (1) to direct our mind to the potential we wish to manifest, (2) to hold the feeling of having it in our body, and (3) to do the work to make it happen.

The Virgo Sun brings our attention to practical matters, details, and health. Although Virgo is logical, it naturally links up with Pisces to hone our intuition, which gives us the capacity to perceive beyond the physical facts and to tune into more accurate and refined guidance especially in the areas of health, work, and service. This polarity pair helps us see and release ‘poor me’ patterns and acquire insights that direct us to greater balance and peace in our lives. New solutions and help appear. Practically and mystically we realize that we are not alone.

The Virgo-Pisces polarity pair reminds us that our thoughts, emotions, and feelings encode our body with either health or disease. Being able to truly relax is essential for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Alone time for meditation and exercise is not a luxury. It is a requirement for survival. We can push and abuse ourselves only so much before physical injury and disease result. It is time to notice and take appropriate action to adjust our life style to one that promotes and sustains healthy living, mental and emotional sanity, and inner peace.

Grand Earth Trine

At the Full Moon, the Sun in Virgo (3 degrees), Saturn in Capricorn (retrograde at 2 degrees), and Uranus in Taurus (retrograde at 2 degrees) form a grade earth trine. Together they call for an assessment of the current status of our physical reality. This reality check includes an honest evaluation of how we have used our time and resources and the results that we have achieved so far. Based on this evaluation, we can make realistic plans for the future, define our direction, and take our next steps.

We can use Sun in Virgo to clean up and clear out. We can use Saturn in Capricorn to patiently move forward with the resources, time, and energy currently available to us. With Uranus in Taurus, we can call on our inner genius to come up with innovative approaches to everyday issues. The wake up planet (Uranus) prevents us from succumbing to the same old scarcity patterns of viewing wealth and depreciating the value of what we have to offer to the world. All three earth energies help us benefit from lessons learned and creatively work out our path forward.

Saturn sets boundaries, forces us to respect limitations, and prevents getting side tracked with wishful thinking. Aquarius pushes past confining boundaries and stops us from getting derailed by blind spots. Taurus moderates with ‘what feels good.’ Virgo insists that physical health is our first imperative. A defining message is that our passion must be supported by inner harmony and a state of wholeness and wellness.

August 27 — Mars Goes Direct

7:05 AM PDT (14:05 GMT)

Mars has been retrograde since June 26, focusing our awareness more on HOW we use our energy, than actually doing something with it. With the recent retrograde movement of the personal planets (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn), we may have felt stuck or blocked from taking action. The energy is changing to support action and forward movement. Jupiter (July 10) is now direct. Mercury returned direct (August 18). Mars goes direct August 27. Saturn will go direct September 6.

September 9 – Virgo New Moon

at 17 degrees Virgo 11:01 AM PDT (6:01 GMT)

Each New Moon is an opportune time start any new habit or routine that we wish to install in our mind and body, including a new dietary regime, physical exercise program, meditation, or spiritual practice. Used intentionally, New Moons can help us to reboot and begin anew.

A chronic Virgo issue is self-criticism and constant need to assess how we are measuring up to impossible perfectionistic criteria. This exhausting habit of being hard on ourselves perpetuates a state of stress and suffering. The Virgo New Moon is a good time to support ourselves by accepting our life as it is, taking a compassionate approach to our efforts, and resolving to simply do our best (leaving the rest to take care of itself.)

At the Virgo New Moon, Neptune in Pisces opposes the Sun and Moon in Virgo, continuing the interaction of this polarity pair. Monitor your water intake and experience how your body responds when it has enough water to generously hydrate your whole system. Dry eyes and achy joints need more water. BTW, only lemon in water computes as water in the body. Other liquids and water combined with other ingredients compute as food.

Two More Months of Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio (through November 8) keeps challenging us to dig deeper for answers based on the truth. When we permit ourselves to be very honest and act with authenticity, what seemed like confrontation (at least uncomfortable) can turn into an opportunity. We may feel drawn to review past actions and attitudes, not to confirm victimizing and shame interpretations, but to awaken to profound re-interpretations that resonate with compassion for ourselves and others. A heart-centered perspective can catapult us into empowering self-knowledge and self-confidence.

Scorpio and Pluto help us release the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that chain us to the past. The Virgo New Moon invites us to clear out physical as well as mental debris. An organized and cleaned out closet has the side effect of promoting mental clarity. Giving away items that we no longer need with the intention of sharing with others in need, feels good. Open space makes room to draw in something new.

We have two more months of Jupiter in Scorpio to get in touch with painful repressed feelings.

We have an opportunity to revisit our reactions and interpretations of life’s challenges and traumas and find resolution through a more inclusive, elevated perspective and self-love.

For example, the harshness of punishing ourselves for mistakes is counterproductive. Most of life is about ‘experiment and experience.’ If we don’t like a result of our efforts, our focus should be on not repeating the same experiment. It is wise to use the shifting energies to detach from negative past programming and to pursue the possibilities currently available to us.

One great thing about the past is that it got us to where we are now. It is always good to remind ourselves that we made it through to this point and to congratulate ourselves for doing do.

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