Taurus and Capricorn Support Patience

It is a very special time to be present on Planet Earth in a physical body.

Sun in Taurus April 19-May 20

The Sun in Taurus adds Earth energy to Jupiter, Pluto, and South Node in Capricorn. Earth energy can feel very dense and get easily stuck, but it is also determined to make things happen and feel fulfilled. The Capricorn Goat is known for its patience in climbing the mountain of life. The Taurus Bull will bulldoze its way through difficulties, but it sure does like to enjoy the beauty of the Earth after a good fight.


Pluto Retrograde – Patience is the Way in and Out

Pluto went retrograde April 25 and will be retrograde through October 3 — for more than five months. The energy of a planet is very intense the day of the shift and the days before and after a planet slows down to ‘change’ direction. Retrograde periods are inner-oriented. We are given time to look inside and be with ourselves. As we adjust our attention to what we feel in our bodies, we can get in touch with our inner dynamic and how it impacts our outer journey.

This time Pluto Retrograde is about cultivating patience. During this novel period on planet earth we are given time to practice living with patience. We can take more time to do what we do. We can pay attention to what we have ignored. We can notice what is important. We can see beauty that previously escaped our attention.


Patience Neutralizes Stress

Patience is how we avoid limiting and sabotaging ourselves with chaotic energy. Our attitude and approach to life shifts when we give ourselves permission to be patient with ourselves and what is happening in our lives. Patience is a mode of being, where we are present to what we are doing. Patience is not passive or an excuse to avoid action. We can be patiently active. Because we don’t waste energy in rushing, we have more energy to do what we set out to do.

When we are too rushed and wound up, we miss the moment and we forget to align our mind, body, and feelings with what we are doing. Remind yourself, ‘I can be with what I am doing now. I don’t have to think about the past or plan for the future. I take care of the present and how I feel right now. I am creating my future right now. I will be paying attention to future moments soon enough.’


Silence in the Neutral Mind

We find silence in our neutral mind. Silence is patient. Patience opens up the space of silence within. Patience creates the possibility of being present to the pleasures of living and life in the moment.

Pluto requires us to go through the pain to get to the pleasure, peace, and power of being.

We need patience and access to our neutral mind channel to go through our inner awakening process.



Don’t minimize or discount as unimportant your personal challenges, but put them into perspective and use them to create an inner reality of peace, harmony, and love.

When 2020 is over and we look at the milestones of the year, they are not going to be the usual ones. With Pluto in charge of the whole year, our touchstones for evaluation are going to be (1) how we courageously faced our inner reality, (2) how we dealt with the accumulation of self-sabotaging subconscious patterns, (3) how honest we have been about our inner anger, fear, and sadness, and (4) how we have been able to transform stagnant and stuck energy through forgiveness and love.

We will know we have fully and successfully lived through 2020 when our unique butterfly bursts out of its cocoon, spreads its wings, and enjoys flying freely in the open sky. Our reality is no longer limited to our cocoon. We see our whole life on planet earth before us. We enjoy fluttering our wings in the winds of the moment.


Processing Pluto Retrograde

What did you experience when Pluto went retrograde Saturday at 11:51 AM PDT (19:51 GMT) When a planet shifts directions its energy intensifies. The emotional energy was intense. Did you get emotionally challenged in some way on that day or the days before? You are not alone. Some shared that they had a headache, aches and pains in the body, and felt very tired. One woman shared that she had lots of energy. For some of us, there was an emotional event that we couldn’t let go of. We need to know (and keep reminding ourselves) that nothing is ever just about an event.

Whatever your experience, feel deeply in your body where you notice the intense energy. Feel what you feel in your belly, shoulders, throat, or chest. This is energy that needs to be accepted so the fear and anger can be transmuted to Love. For the belly, do some navel exercises, leg lifts, leg stretches, and Sat Kriya to move and shift the energy and release the tightness and stress.

Then relax on your back and feel deeply. Accept and love what you feel. Feel the pulse in the navel beat with the pulse in your heart. When the fire in the belly moves up and connects with the heart and awakens the mind to its neutral channel, it is possible to forgive ourselves for this trauma and to move on. It wasn’t about the other person or event, it was about releasing anger and fear and finding Love in ourselves.  Sat Nam!

(Processing Pluto Retrograde previously posted on Facebook)