Historic Global Reset – Aries New Moon 2020

Astrologers knew that the three major conjunctions in 2020 would announce new beginnings, but no one predicted that the Aries new year, new moon, and spring equinox would feature an historic global reset! Who would have guessed that our lives would dramatically change in a matter of weeks? *(1)

Our planet and all its inhabitants have together entered a new world of uncharted territory. We are going to have to figure this out as we go. It is going to be a long time before we find a new ‘normal.’ The new normal for now is that everything is changing.

The coronavirus has definitely gotten everyone’s attention, stirred our fears, caused us to reflect, and called us to action. There are many other very serious situations in the world, but this one is different. Because everyone is at risk, we are paying attention. Because there are things we can do to protect ourselves, we are taking action. When we are directly affected, it is unwise to escape in denial. We rise to the occasion not only because we are afraid of dying, but because we are challenged to figure out how to live without jobs, childcare, healthcare, and other resources necessary to live day to day.

There is a lot of planetary action that can help us understand the dynamics of the situation. The Capricorn stellium has been active for months now. Although it was not possible to predict how this tight grouping of major planets would play out, sooner or later something was bound to capture our attention and precipitate massive change.


March 21 – Saturn Moved into Aquarius

8:50 PM PDT and Sunday 3:50 GMT
Let’s start with the good news. March 21 Saturn moved from Capricorn (where it had been for over 2 years) into Aquarius. Saturn will be in Aquarius for 3 months, until July 2, after which it retrogrades back into Capricorn until December 17 (where it will stay until March 2023).

We are still in the midst of Saturn restriction of the Aquarius collective – limits placed on the freedom of movement of people, including air travel, movement across borders, an increase of quarantine areas, stay home orders, and business shutdowns.

The good news about Saturn moving into Aquarius is that this big energy shift relieves some of the heavy earth energy that we have been experiencing with so many planets in Capricorn. Even as the restrictions continue, we can feel lighter, like some weight has been lifted.

Saturn entering Aquarius signals a new chapter in human history. Aquarius is about the collective, groups of people, globalization, society at large, global trends, and how we are currently shaping our future. Air sign Aquarius also rules the Internet, networks of information and communication, the stock exchange, and air travel. All the above themes will be influenced by the coronavirus and its aftermath. Our global culture as a whole will be profoundly transformed.


March 24 – Aries New Moon

2:28 AM PDT (9:28 GMT) at 4° Aries

The Aries New Moon, conjunct Chiron in Aries, calls for deep healing. Chiron brings our attention to wounds that have not been acknowledged and addressed, which requires owning our feelings of vulnerability, helplessness, and victimization.

Aries offers direct, uncomplicated, and focused resolve to move forward in situations that have been stuck or appeared too complex to solve. Aries fire energy inspires us to take a new look at old problems, revitalize projects that have been dormant, take on a new activities, and in general motivates us to take charge of our lives.

Adding to the quest for healing, the North and South Nodes square Chiron. Their square started forming early this year and is peaking now through March. This square signals that we have reached a crossroads, where significant choices must be made in our healing process.


March 18-23 – a Problematic Time

On March 18th there were a record of 6 celestial bodies in Capricorn, all within 8° of each other. The Moon, Mars, and asteroid Pallas Athena at 21°, Jupiter at 22°, Pluto at 24°, Saturn at 29°. Plus the South Node.


March 23rd – Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter are Conjunct

When Mars entered Capricorn February 21, joining the Capricorn stellium, it added aggressive energy to the mix. The number of cases of the coronavirus has increased dramatically since then, with outbreaks all over the world.

The period between March 18th and March 23rd is a problematic time, when the outbreak of the coronavirus can intensify, spread, or peak.


April 1- Mars and Saturn Meet at 0° Aquarius

April 1 is a very important date since 0° Aquarius is where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will occur in December 2020. Both Mars and Saturn moving out of Capricorn should release some of the fear and tension, and hopefully lead to a decline in the spread of the virus.

Saturn is our taskmaster teacher. We have lessons to learn that will stick with us until we learn and re-learn what life circumstances are trying to teach us. These appear as reoccurring themes in our lives. Mars forces us to tackle what must be done with courage and resolve.


April 4 – Jupiter and Pluto Meet in Capricorn

April 4, Jupiter and Pluto are in exact conjunction for the first of 3 times in 2020. An important event or revelation connected to the virus may take place around this date. Since the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is active through November 2020, the story is not over yet. There will be further developments that will influence our personal lives and society as a whole. The impact will be long-term.

Jupiter and Pluto conjunct every 13 years, bringing our attention to something that requires deep healing. Because Jupiter and Pluto are now part of a concentration of planets in Capricorn, their impact is amplified.

Pluto rules pandemics and the major life and death cycles. Pluto is about total transformation and metamorphosis. We can’t know exactly what will happen, but for sure, times are changing. Darwin and Pluto teach us that those who are the most adaptable to change are the ones who survive. And we are being forced to adapt fast! *(2) The Pluto healing process makes us more resilient and responsible for adjusting to the inevitability of constant change.

The Jupiter archetype deals with societal issues and has a quality of spreading and magnifying.

Both Jupiter and Pluto have an amplifying quality, and when they join together, they can blow things out of proportion. They may need to do so to get our attention.

Jupiter is the benefic who promises that something good will come out of any bad situation.


A Storm that Changes Our Lives

The following discussion from Vedic astrology *(3) complements the Western astrology interpretation above. Rahu in Vedic astrology (North Node in Western) is back where it was during the 9/11 crisis in 2001 – 19 years ago.

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is represented as a demon (unlike the planets that are named after the gods and goddesses). Rahu causes major unexpected changes that force us to look deeply into causes that have been denied and hidden behind illusions. The current and 9/11 placement of Rahu causes confusion, chaos, and destruction in order to restore balance. The transformation required can necessitate dissolution of structures and belief systems that perpetuate karmic patterns that must be released.

Whether a foreign terrorist or virus, the invasion appears to be from faraway. But in reality it lives within us and is now making itself known. The great illusion is that we can hide from it. The extent to which we are addicted to what holds our illusions in place determines how we are infected physically and affected psychologically

Rahu’s purpose is to wake us up to a deeper reality and force us to see beyond our false perceptions so that we can make the needed personal/social/cultural changes. An awakening of consciousness is required to restore harmony and upgrade the situation.

March 25 – the Storm

Rahu reaches the same position as it did on 9/11 on March 25, 2020. We will not be aware of all the ramifications, but our personal and collective lives will be changed forever.

March 31- Rahu/Moon Conjunct

An opening of the heart is occurring. We may feel a breakthrough in how we treat and take care of ourselves and others. We may feel isolated now, but we will come together in more meaningful and useful ways soon.

For the next month, we will and must take the storm seriously. The extent to which it is real or imagined is not what is important. What matters is to navigate this time ahead with kindness, compassion, and a daily spiritual practice.

April 22 – the Storm Subsides

Rahu will leave this challenging position April 22, after which time the intensity of the storm may begin to clear. The separating aspect causes a crisis to lose its intensity.

Thereafter the healing of our hearts will continue as we put into practice the awakening of compassion, consideration for others, and gratitude for life and the Earth. New opportunities will open up from our expanded awareness and more purposeful lives. There can be a softening of a serious atmosphere. Much needed progress is now possible.


Multifaceted Global Reset

We are in the midst of a total global reset that initiates new beginnings at many levels. New doors are opening as cracks in the old structures break wide open. Revelations will continue to expose corruption and how rotten things are at the core.


A Culprit – 5G

If you are feeling strange, you are not alone. There is so much going on energetically. You might wish to watch this 15 minute video by a doctor/researcher on 5G. It explains a lot. The dangerous background radiation from 5G impacts our energy field and is absorbed by the body, negatively effecting its functioning, including the weakening of our immune system.


Tips to Keep Your Immune System Strong

[1] Keep your spiritual practice and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation strong to both align with the love vibration and deflect challenges to your electromagnetic system. We are blessed, we have the tools. Let’s use them and share them with others.

[2] Do your best to not buy into the mass fear. Fear impacts our immune system by releasing cortisol, which weakens our immune response, leaving it more vulnerable to infection.

[3] Eliminate processed food, wheat flour, and sugar. The food we eat can deplete our immune system. Flour gets turned into sugar very quickly. Sugar paralyzes the white blood cells responsible for engulfing microbial invaders. “Studies show that eating or drinking 100 grams of sugar can reduce the ability of white blood cells to kill germs by 40 percent, and the immune-suppressing effect of sugar can last up to 5 hours.

‘If the concentration of glucose in the blood gets too high, the white blood cell’s concentration of Vitamin C will drop below the level needed to optimally fight infection.

‘Glucose and Vitamin C have a similar chemical structure…so similar that when a white blood cell tries to pull in more Vitamin C from the blood around it, glucose can get substituted by mistake.’ *(4)

[4] Take plenty of Vitamin C from food and supplementation (not at night because it will keep you awake). In addition to Vitamin C, other nutrients that can be important for strong immune function are Vitamins D and A, zinc, iodine, and magnesium. Vitamin B complex relieves stress.

[5] Stay hydrated. Drink enough water.

[6] Take care of yourself and be kind. Attitude makes a difference.


Let’s Learn from Four Year Old Henry

My brother called me recently and shared that his daughter (my niece Jill) had instituted a new procedure at meal time with her two children (Ruth 6 and Henry 4) – silence during the first 10 minutes of the meal. (What a brilliant idea!) At one meal she and her husband looked over at Henry sitting very quiet, hands in lap, not eating. To the question, “Henry what are you doing?” he responded “I am meditating.” They didn’t know he even knew the word! But there he was like a silent baby Buddha calm and focused within.

Got kids? And chaotic meals? This might be a good idea for your family too.

All of us need to take a break from our frenetic pace and overworked mind. With time at home and alone, we can get in touch with what is most important in life and what we have been missing.

Want to know what to do next? Information comes from everywhere. Stay alert and listen deeply.


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References and Footnotes

(1) If you don’t have your copy yet, you can order my book 2020 Makeover – Your Astrology for a New Beginning

(2) Cosmic Vibes – March 2020 by Metab

(3) It has been less than four months (December 1, 2019) when he first known C-virus patient started experiencing symptoms. (When Jupiter entered Capricorn)
December 26, 2019 (the Solar Eclipse conjunct Jupiter). The corona virus was identified as being closely related to the SARS virus.
January 9, 2020 (Saturn Conjunct Pluto). The gene sequencing data of the virus was made public and the virus given its name

(4) from email article by Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo