May 2020 – Silent Significant Shifts to Open the Heart

Soon I will be announcing my on-line Zoom course: A Conversation with Love. This blog covers related themes and the evolving energies of the times. The meditation opens our heart and expands our mind so we can deal with the 2020 transition from a peaceful inner space of love.

In May key astrological events impact our mood and change our focus. The general mood has already lightened up since Venus entered Gemini April 4.


May 4th, 2020 – Venus Square Neptune

at 20° Pisces

On May 4th Venus in Gemini squared Neptune in Pisces, both at 20°. Normally a Venus-Neptune square only lasts for a few days, but because Venus is slowing down to go retrograde on May 12, this Venus-Neptune square will last through the end of May. Because this is a rare occurrence, its influence is more impactful.

Venus square Neptune is generally a confusing transit. Under the influence of a Neptune-Venus combination, we can get stuck pursuing a fantasy and get lost in illusions. We want love, but we don’t know what love is. The agenda of the outer planets (Neptune) wins over the personal planets (Venus). Since Neptune is about Divine Love, it doesn’t work to attach our need for love to a specific person, situation, or to equate happiness and satisfaction with money and material goods. Neptune makes it possible to upgrade our personal needs to a desire for a relationship with the Divine.

Planets in a square relationship indicate the need for action, but both Venus and Neptune are passive/receptive planets. Whatever strategy works, squares require change. Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces encourages us to explore new pathways to love, abundance, and happiness. This interesting combination brings revelations and guides us in new directions.

Neptune opens our mind and heart to the invisible world. As the veil between physical and nonphysical reality lifts, we can see through illusions and get to the truth. Squares usually mean that we have to make a hard choice, but in this case choices come effortlessly as intuitive knowing and divine inspiration.

Gemini and Pisces are both mutable signs. At 20 degrees, both Venus and Neptune are quincunx Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. A quincunx interaction is between planets in signs that don’t understand each other. In this case between ‘go with the flow’ mutable signs and ‘take action’ cardinal signs. The quincunx interaction calls on us to be open to creative solutions and innovative approaches.

Astrology shows us that there are always many things going on in the heavens (and thus in our lives) at the same time. On the same day May 4th the Sun aligned with Mercury at 14° Taurus, bringing clarity on how to move forward. That morning during my Sadhana I received direction about my new course.

Neptune invites us to relax, knowing that we are being guided and that information is coming through if we listen and are receptive.

May 5th – The North Node Enters Gemini

On May 5 the Lunar Nodes moved out of Capricorn (South) and Cancer (North) into Gemini (North) and Sagittarius (South), releasing us from some of the heavy weight of Capricorn. But not all of it! Jupiter and Pluto are still in Capricorn and will be conjunct within a few degrees for the rest of 2020 until mid-December.

The Lunar Nodes changing signs is a significant astrological event. The Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius until January 2022 will bring profound changes in the way we communicate, commute, learn, travel, and perceive reality. I will discuss this in detail in another blog. In the meantime, pay attention to how this shift from earth/water to air/fire is shifting how you feel, think, and deal with life.

Full Moon in Scorpio

Full moons bring light into darkness and cause us to reflect on what is illuminated.

May 7 – Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon

At 18 degrees Scorpio and Taurus

Although this full moon has passed, the Scorpio/Taurus themes accentuate Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) in Capricorn (earth) issues. The Scorpio full moon opposite the Sun and Mercury in Taurus (also trine to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn) urges us to dig deep into what we value and to focus on what really matters.

This full moon is in an easy, cooperative, flow relationship (trine) with Neptune in Pisces. Both Scorpio and Pisces are water signs, and both the Moon and Neptune are “water” planets, so we get an extra dose of “water” or emotional issues, creativity, intuition, and empathy.

This is the fourth of four Super Full Moons in a row, (Super Moons occur when the Moon is at or near perigee or its closest distance to the Earth). We can experience more intense emotions and also be more available to shifts in consciousness.

Taurus calls our attention to values, how we support and nurture ourselves, and the importance of building our foundation on self-love. For Taurus security and stability are rooted in financial well-being, money, and the availability of adequate resources to take care of ourselves.

Taurus is about what we earn as a result of our own efforts. Scorpio is about what we earn as a result of cooperating, trusting, and engaging fully with others in the process of sharing resources and creating together what we couldn’t create alone.

Taurus reminds us of the importance of connecting with Mother Earth and Nature. Taurus cultivates and maintains the garden of life. Scorpio pulls out the weeds and recycles what is no longer useful. (Note any planets you have in Taurus or in the second house.)

Scorpio (like its ruler Pluto) obliges us to face and deal with our deep hidden emotions and haunting fears of powerlessness, being victimized, feeling alone and isolated, and death. (Note any planets you have in Scorpio and the eighth house.)

Three Planets Go Retrograde

In May three planets change direction: Saturn on May 11, Venus on May 13, and Jupiter on May 14.

All retrograde periods give us time to review our lives, complete unfinished business, resolve problems, and get rid of what is no longer useful or relevant. Retrograde periods foster inner shifts that support outer changes in our lives. Our attention is directed at clarifying our priorities,  examining our beliefs, and empowering ourselves from within.

With Pluto also retrograde since April 25, these three additional retrograde planets announce a period of significant reassessment. We may be called upon to re-evaluate our plans, re-think our strategies, re-design our projects, and re-consider that we want out of life. Based on this thorough evaluation, we must let go of what is not working and change direction where necessary. Committing to heartfelt priorities opens the space to move forward.

With Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn (except for 3 months) close in Capricorn all of 2020, their retrograde phases increase the collective need for a major changes in our social, economic, and political structures. At a personal level, we need to take responsibility for our own lives and focus on creating from our authentic selves.

May 11 – Saturn Goes Retrograde

On May 11th, Saturn goes retrograde at 1° Aquarius. Saturn entered Aquarius March 21st. Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn on July 1, where it stays until December 16. Saturn re-enters Aquarius December 17 where it stays though March 7, 2023.

We have 3 months to get a first “taste” of the Saturn in Aquarius transit. We can already see some of the Saturn in Aquarius themes emerging – social distancing, remote work, distance learning, and economic hardship. Society is being transformed from the bottom up. What we are witnessing is just the beginning.

May 13 – Venus Goes Retrograde – May 13-June 24

at 21º Gemini

Venus goes retrograde only once every 18 months. Venus and Mars go retrograde the least amount of time of all planets – 9%. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde for over 40% of the time. Mercury is retrograde 20% of the time. The more infrequent an astrological event, the more important it is.

Interesting and surprising results can occur during a Venus retrograde. Pay attention May 13 through June 24. Venus will turn direct at 5º Gemini and reach the degree where it stationed retrograde (21º Gemini) on July 28.

Because of its retrograde, Venus will spend 4 months (instead of 4 weeks) in Gemini (April 3 to August 7). This 4 month period gives us time to be mindful of our inner dialogue and how we communicate others and the universe. *Topics in my course on A Conversation with Love!

Due to its retrograde, Venus will make three squares to Neptune (May 4, May 20, and July 27, all at 20º Gemini-Pisces).

Venus symbolizes beauty, harmony, and equilibrium. Venus retrograde gives us a moment in time to bring our lives into balance, including finances, relationships, and quality of life. In Gemini we need to pay attention to the quality and content of our inner and outer conversations. *Perfect timing for my course on A Conversation with Love!

Venus is about relationships and creative endeavors, and so its retrograde period can create openings as well as challenges in these areas. Venus retrograde is an auspicious time to bury a past relationship, let go of what we thought we wanted (but really didn’t), and move on with authentic and karmic closure. The spiritual side of Venus retrograde offers us the space to heal our heart from past hurts through higher love and forgiveness.


May 14-September 13 – Jupiter Goes Retrograde

at 27° Capricorn

Jupiter will stay retrograde until September 13th, and meet Pluto for the 2nd time on June 30th. In fact, Jupiter is in close proximity to Pluto for the whole year. When Jupiter interacts with Pluto, nothing is taken lightly.

During these intense times, Jupiter retrograde conjunct Pluto helps us make sense of the higher purpose of what is happening in the world and adjust our approach to reality, instead of holding on to wishful thinking.


May 11 – Mercury Enters Gemini

Mercury makes a quick tour in Gemini from May 11 through 28. Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini so it feels at home in this sign. Mercury rules ideas, facts, information, the mind, news, and communication. Our ability to learn, grasp new concepts, and listen to our intuition is augmented when Mercury is in Gemini. With the North Node in Gemini, these themes will be in the forefront for the next 18 months.


May 13-June 28 – Mars Enters Pisces

May 13 Mars enters Pisces, where it stays until June 28th. Along with the Venus-Neptune square, we get a reprieve from some of the inner and overt anger of these times. During these 6 weeks, it will be easier to choose compassion over rage and resentment.

Take advantage and practice installing patience and kindness in your psyche. Mars will enter Aries June 29, be retrograde September 9 through November 13, and thus stay in Aries until January 2021. This can be a very volatile and angry time. The battle for minds will intensify the information war – the dark side of dualistic Gemini.

I predict an information war for the rest of 2020. The external chaos will continue. The mood can be more volatile after Mars goes into Aries June 28. To not get sucked into fear and negativity, we can cultivate and hold the space of love in our neutral mind and heart.

What can we do? To find and maintain inner peace, we have to reconcile our mental attitude with our heart. To do so practice The Breath of Bliss Meditation below.

Meditate on Divine Love

It is in the invisible and mysterious inner space within that true connections are formed. Here we access the deep knowing of our oneness with all life. We can transcend the illusion of separation and find spiritual intimacy with one another. In these transformative times, we don’t have to be physically together to care for each other. And we’re all in this human experience together.

Venus in Gemini supports connecting our heart and mind. When our higher neutral mind bows to our heart, we experience joy, gratitude, empathy, peace, and unconditional love for ourselves and others.

True knowing and intimacy happen in total trust and surrender.

Devotional singing and chanting mantras with music engage our emotional body in loving the Divine. Falling in love with divine expressions of the Universal One offer us a soothing balm to daily frustrations and activities. If you are feeling lost or lonely during this time, chant to Venus who is always available to nurture us with Love.

The Breath of Bliss Meditation (Praan Adhaar Kriya)

Sit in Easy Pose, with a straight spine. The arms are parallel to the ground but relaxed. With elbows bent, hands meet at the heart chakra. Interlace fingers. Press the pads of the thumbs together. Keep the eyes one-tenth open looking down toward the nose and heart.

Inhale deeply and exhale completely as the mantra is chanted in monotone










Get into your breathing and anchor into your own rhythm.

You may wish to use the fingers to count 8.

Start with 5 – 11 minutes and gradually increase week by week to half an hour. Stay at 31 minutes for a while and gradually work up to an hour (62 minutes). (Don’t be a fanatic!)

COMMENTS: This ancient sacred meditation cleanses negative thoughts and opens our mental space to the neutral bliss channel. Lightly pulling on the hands holds the posture stable and stimulates the heart chakra. Keep practicing until you feel your open neutral mind space include and bow to your heart. The accumulative result of practicing this meditation is that your elevated frequency blocks and transmutes negativity within and without.

Meditation from Transitions to a Heart-Centered World 2nd Edition, by Guru Rattana, Ph.D., p. 159.


A CONVERSATION WITH LOVE – I am currently preparing the necessary ground work for this, my new course. I will announce a free introduction soon and give information for signing up. The course will be in 3 five-week segments (one 1 ½ hour class per week on Wednesdays at 10 am PDT). Part One will begin in June.