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Venus Retrograde – 40 Days to Let Go and Let God

The Gemini season is officially here! The Twins have arrived to lighten our spirits, make us laugh, and remind us not to take life too seriously.

May 20 – The Sun Entered Gemini

The first air sign, Gemini’s territory is language, communication, and the development of our mental faculties. Gemini is also about our ability to adapt to new circumstances and to learn through experience and exposure to a wide variety of ideas, people, and situations.

The Gemini Twins invite us to witness life from different perspectives, identify our filters, and refine how we approach life. Through observation, participation, and assimilation, we learn to integrate multiple realities and parts of ourselves.

May 22 – Gemini New Moon

At 2° Gemini

At the Gemini new moon the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Vesta, and the Lunar North Node were all in Gemini, highlighting the power of information in determining what we believe and the importance of awareness, selective choices, mindfulness in our communication, and light-heartedness.

May 13-June 25 – Venus Retrograde in Gemini

In my Facebook Live video on May 13, I spoke about Venus beginning its 40 retrograde period that lasts through June 25.

We have 40 days to go deep within to connect with our emotions and feelings and let them direct us to our heart. This is a time for deep honesty with ourselves. It is time to check in with our values and make sure we are aligned with what is really important to us, including our relationships and our life style.

The number 40 is a sacred number. 40 is associated with fulfillment and results – BUT ONLY after 40 days of effort, practice, and dedication, during which time we are tested or must earn the results we desire.

The purpose of the 40 day “trial”, or in this case the retrograde period, is to purify us from what is no longer relevant or useful, so that we can start anew. For Venus we are engaged in a heart reset.

(It is interesting that the word “quarantine” is derived from the old Italian “quarantena” which means “40 days”.)

Venus in Gemini – The Duality of Mind and Feelings

Venus is associated with our preferences and desires, with what we like and value. Being a feminine planet, Venus uses feelings to tune into and to know what it wants in the areas of love, relationships, money, possessions, and way of life. The determining factor is how we feel about ourselves.

Gemini is a dualistic air (mental) sign. The Twins represent the challenge of dealing with duality and making choices. Gemini reminds us that we are always at choice, and in fact our mind is always evaluating so that we can make the best decisions. Gemini’s touchstone is fun. What makes you feel happy? What gives you a sense of lightness of being?

Venus processes from the heart. Its touchstones are love, harmony, and peace. Love includes all. Fear and anger exclude based on judgment. Fear and anger indicate how we are controlled and manipulated by inappropriate programming, beliefs, and training.

Who Is Wearing a Mask?

It is interesting that Gemini is sometimes associated with the comedy/tragedy mask, which is a symbol of theater. Actors use masks to portray the characters that they are playing. A mask can mean many things. It can be a form of protection, but it can also be a facade that covers up our true identity and creates a wall that prevents connection. Whatever the purpose, a mask creates a disconnect between what we really feel and what we are presenting to the world.

Have you noticed that to connect with others wearing a mask, you have to look into their eyes? Many of us have previously avoided looking into each others eyes. How is this new face covering affecting how you communicate or avoid connecting?

Mind and Emotions

Gemini is a mental air sign. Emotions are not Gemini’s direct territory. But Gemini’s intuitive knowing and neutral mind makes it possible to objectively observe our emotions. A primary goal of Venus Retrograde in Gemini is to help us get in touch with our emotional honesty and how our feelings (along with our intuition) serve as our internal guidance system.

Emotional preferences express in ways that make creativity and the richness of life possible. Gemini helps us unlock ourselves from rigid opinions and “black” or “white” thinking, so we can open up to the creative space of diversity and the dance of duality.

Nature of Retrogrades

Retrogrades periods give us time to find clarity so we can make choices and move on less encumbered by what is getting in our way. To achieve clarity, our attention is brought to unfinished business. Retrogrades not only brings up our past, they offer us the reflective space to let go. 

 In the case of Venus, issues can include current and past lovers (including past life lovers), and old friends. Suppressed emotions related to old relationship patterns come to the surface. Dealing with unfinished businesses has some serious knots that must be untied. If this process were easy, we would have already dealt with it. Detaching emotionally is energetically consuming and requires focus and commitment to do our inner work. Whatever is lingering around from the past will continue to drain our energy and demand our attention until we find closure, forgive, and move on.

Process and Profit from the Current Retrogrades

Currently 4 planets are retrograde. (Discussed in Blog May 2020 – Silent Significant Shifts) Below are ways we can work with and profit from this retrograde time.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini – May 13-24
Gemini energy is adaptable, fluid, and fun! Gemini invites us to take fun to the next level of enjoyment – relaxed and carefree. With Venus we get personal. We give value to our body our daily activities, and take in the simple pleasures of life.

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn – May 14-September 13
Unwind your mind and expand into empty space instead of focusing on the past.

Watch for and release judgments and beliefs that don’t serve Love.

Pay attention to when you get agitated because what you believe, expect, or want doesn’t correlate with what is (reality).

Watch what you are expanding and giving energy to.

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius and after July 1 in Capricorn – May 11-December 16
Get real and realistic. Observe how you operate in your daily activities.

What is in order, what isn’t? Why?

What is so now? Start and deal with the way things are.

What is necessary? What is not needed?

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn – April 25-October 3
Pluto connects us to our deepest hidden emotions and calls for an emotional assessment of our life. How are you generating self-stress? Notice how you do this and trigger yourself.

Practice not pressuring yourself and avoid creating internally induced stress.

Mercury in Cancer Is Retrograde June 18-July 11

We feel the slowing down movement several days before a planet shifts into or out of retrograde. These are excellent times to go deep in meditation.

Venus Square Neptune – May 4 for Almost 3 Months

Venus retrograde is making an impactful square with Neptune. This transit is particularly important because it is unusually long. The current square is active within 5 degrees until the end of May. July 20 Venus will again be within 5 degrees of Neptune and they will conjunct again July 28 (the same day that Venus is conjunct Jupiter!)

The Venus/Neptune transit thus lasts for almost 3 months instead of its normal 5-days. It will be over when Venus speeds past Neptune the first week of August. This rare interaction has powerful effects on our psyche.

A Venus-Neptune transit can give us a feeling of well-being and even elation for no identifiable reason. We can fall in love with something that we can’t identify. If we are focused on physical reality, we may desire perfection – a perfect relationship, a perfect life.

However, if we allow Neptune to elevate Venus to the desire for a relationship with the Divine, we can find the gold in this transit. Our emotions can FEEL the presence of Divine Love in our body. We can FEEL our oneness and experience the reality of our inter-connection with all life. Our whole being can be realigned with the frequency of Love.

In sum, we are in the midst of a profound awakening process involving a deep emotional, mental, and physical cleanse that is upgrading our whole being to a higher plane of existence. Our inner reality is being restructured to a higher order, with more profound meaning, and an elevated purpose for living.

Let Go and Let God

The 40 days of Venus retrograde are a time to Let go and let God. Let others do what they do. Everyone is connected to and directed by the same Source. Don’t interfere with their journey. Focus on your own journey. Separate yourself from stories and connect at the heart where we are one. Here are some touchstones to maximize your experience:

  • Let go of control. Relax and enjoy the unfoldment of your own life.
  • Be present in the moment with your breath.
  • Listen, watch, observe, feel.
  • Allow open spaces. Don’t fill them up with chatter.
  • Wait. Be patient. Go inside and unwind.
  • Trust and surrender to a higher power.
  • Allow, accept, don’t judge.
  • All criticism and judgment are a form of abuse, not love.
  • Compassion, empathy, and neutral are love.

The 40 Days have started!

If you haven’t started yet, it is never too late. Start counting one today.

The important thing is to commit to 40 days.

If you wish, keep a journal. Take one day at at time so you can be aware during this important time. Everything is being reconfigured.

A Conversation with Love
Course Coming Up

I have mentioned in my Facebook Live posts that I am planning to offer an on-line Zoom course on A Conversation with Love. We are preparing the logistics and will keep you informed about registration and starting date. All in divine timing!

I have shared ways to get started, including all the ideas in this Blog and (1) Practice patience. (2) Pay attention to how you talk to your body, and thus the nature of your relationship with your body. (3) Observe your inner conversation. Who or what are you talking to? Is your conversation with fear, anger, or love? The nature of our inner conversation determines all of our relationships, including with our soul and a higher power.

Many blessings to all of you! Guru Rattana :+)