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Scorpio – Deep, Dark, and Powerful

We are deep into Scorpio season. Scorpio helps us realize that there is a very good reason that the path we are guided to follow is untrodden.  It is because it is your path and only you can find and follow your unique path. We can look around for hints, but we have to discern what is right and best for ourselves and by ourselves. Someone else’s secrets will not be your salvation. Only you have the key to your own magic formula.

Our inner Scorpio is driven to be real and authentic and to find and live by our own truth. There is no fluff, no superficiality, no cheating, shortcuts, or skimping to the Scorpio playbook. Scorpio will uncover every stone in its search for the truth that will set it free from the emotional quagmire that torments its psyche.

Scorpio urges us to take a deeper look at what is driving us. Our emotions and feelings don’t come from nowhere. They can be triggered from outside us, but the fire power that ignites them is inside us.

Scorpio asks us to do a reality check. Is what we are thinking really true?

November 4 – Scorpio New Moon at 12°

The Scorpio new moon and Sun in Scorpio lead us into the first eclipse on the Taurus/Scorpio nodal axis, which lasts for the next 2-years, beginning on December 4 with with a new moon solar eclipse.

We have 2 years to free ourselves from Scorpio’s turbulent waters and deliver ourselves to the still waters at the bottom of our emotional lake.

Mars in Scorpio (October 31-December 12) intensified this new moon. We feel driven to go after what we want, but not in a confrontive and pushy manner. Mars in Scorpio is strong willed, but it takes its time, is thorough, and committed to do what what is required to prepare for and achieve its goals.

Uranus Opposes Sun, Moon, and Mars

At the new moon, the Sun, Moon, and Mars in Scorpio were opposed by Uranus in Taurus. The Uranian force sheds light on what is hidden in the shadow and darkness. Uranus delivers its wake up calls to reveal what has been ignored, unspoken, denied, or misunderstood by our superficial ego. The unsettling feeling inside ourselves is what we have to pay attention to.

Something that has been lurking in the back of our mind or on the sidelines of our story will be illuminated. Something will become so obvious that it can no longer be ignored. It will feel so right that we can feel liberated from the false ideas that have held us hostage. It can feel so true, that we are finally relieved from what was bothering us. We can have such clarity that the old scripts stop repeating themselves.

When in doubt, trust Uranian divine intervention. What may feel like an unwelcome change of plans or perspective may lead us to the solution that previously alluded us. Our awakening process requires us to pay attention to the feelings inside. Do you feel more at peace with the new understanding that has been revealed? If so, you have tapped into another level of your personal truth (and erased some subconscious conditioning).

Deep Transformation

Scorpio waters run deep. Scorpio rules the underworld, which un-examined and misunderstood can be confused with death and purgatory. However, it is Scorpio’s job to take us to a place of deep transformation, where we let go of what

  1. keeps us tormented,
  2. prevents growth, and
  3. sidelines deep contentment.

The goal is to go so deep that we connect with the peace of our soul. Then we can be reborn with a strong and sustainable inner center that can wisely and gracefully navigate our life.

It is human to fear the transformation process. In addition to the pain of facing the ridiculous things we think and do and the programming that is running our psyche (and possibly ruining our lives), the element of ‘not knowing’ what’s on the other side is scary. We are always tempted to avoid the inevitable, try to be in control, and do whatever it takes to preserve a ‘comfortable’ status quo.

Scorpio’s deep transformation process is precisely about working through this resistance so we can liberate ourselves into another state of being. Scorpio’s polarity goal is a peaceful and contented life in Taurus pastures.

True Inner Power

Scorpio is the archetype most associated with exploring the dark space within, what is hidden from view, and the subconscious. Ruled by Pluto, the Scorpio journey challenges us to let go of what is blocking us from experiencing inner peace, emotional contentment, and intimacy with our soul. In Scorpio territory we explore the nature of power, and how to access our inner power and capacity for love and joy.

♥ True power is not about control, but of giving up our illusion that we can control other people and life circumstances.

♥ True power is about being able to artfully and gracefully handle what life presents to us.

♥ True power is about having access to the inner strength of our soul and divine connection so we are able to navigate through the storms of life from the eye of our own truth.

Inexplicable Fatigue?

If you have been feeling unusually tired, fatigued, or anxious without being able to define why, there are a number of factors that contribute.

  • In the northern hemisphere, we have entered the fall season with shorter days and less light.
  • The Sun entered inner Scorpio territory October 24.
  • We are all being impacted by the intense energies on the planet at this time of shifting of ages.
  • In addition to intense planetary shifts, the strong solar flares have been affecting our brain, nervous system, pineal gland, and perception of reality.

The high frequencies that help us wake up also catalyze the release of stored cellular memory and trauma. As we become more conscious, we become more aware of what has been in our unconscious, hidden but rumbling in our personal and collective psyche.

With all of above factors and energies, it is only normal that we can experience sudden surges of emotion without knowing why. We can feel confused, disoriented, or lost, as dimensional shifts affect us in subtle and unidentifiable ways. Our bodies are being recalibrated. Our soul blueprint is being activated. We are more able to tune into our unique essence and gifts that we came to share. We need plenty of rest, lots of water, time alone and in nature to support and help integrate our awakening and upgrade in consciousness.

2020, 2021, and 2022

2020 presented us with the momentous Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which happens only once every 735 years. (see 2020 Makeover by Guru Rattana, Ph.D

The astrological energy of 2021 is defined by on-going squares between Saturn and Uranus, which continue into 2022.

Saturn and Uranus form three exact squares in 2021 (February 17, June 14, and December 23). The Saturn/Uranus squares challenge us to fine a new “normal” for our ourselves and for the planet. This pressure and intensity of the forces of transformation continue unabated through 2022 as other planets and new or full moons, link up with either Saturn or Uranus.

This is the case when Mercury (November 10-13), and then Mars (November 10-17) square Saturn and oppose Uranus, forming a volatile fixed T-square in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).


A Pressure Cooker Fixed T-Square

A fixed T-square forces a breakdown of unsustainable systems, unhealthy patterns, and the beliefs that support them. Fixed can be experienced as a resistance to change. But it can also concentrate energy and make it possible to build and sustain an internal anchor of love in our hearts.

The T-square feels like a pressure cooker. There is tension that needs to be released. When we probe deeply, we find that the tension comes from within ourselves. Resolution must also be found within ourselves.

At the apex of the T is Saturn, which symbolizes what will help us find resolution. Saturn councils us to be realistic, responsible, and rely on our internalized sense of authority, rather than blindly conforming or following the crowd. The sign of Leo fills in the empty leg of this T-square, emphasizing the cosmic message to be creative and courageous, trusting our heart to lead the way.

Saturn feeds the fear factor and seems to coat situations with a heaviness. However, the fear can be a signal to pause and evaluate what to do next, instead of launching into something that could create conflict, perpetuate the struggle, and lead to disappointment. We need to first consider possible outcomes. Saturn’s caution can coincide with some deep-seated trauma, a fear of doing the wrong thing, the need to do the right thing, and a socially driven compulsion to follow cultural rules and regulations. These programs are often present, but maybe we just need to slow down, wait for more information, and assess the situation before we take action. Maybe no action is required at this time.

Venus in Capricorn – November 5 – March 6, 2022

Venus teaches us to act from love and to serve love. November 5, Venus begins its four-month transit through Capricorn. Venus normally spends about a month in each sign, but because of its retrograde passage (December 18 to January 29, 2022), it will spend 4 months in Capricorn.

Venus represents that which opens our hearts and minds to a more joyful and contented experience of life. In Capricorn, Venus helps us reorient how we approach our role and status in the world, how we define success, and our path to self-mastery. Venus is about taking back our power that we give away by seeking validation, attention, and permission outside ourselves.

Venus is about tapping into our inner heart power that comes from

  1. self-love,
  2. being our own authority,
  3. taking responsibility for our own lives,
  4. setting our own priorities, and
  5. living by our own values.

The Courage to Love

The word “courage” comes from the Latin word for heart. Our most courageous act at this time can be to simply and quietly feel the vibration of Love in our hearts and to carry this warm feeling wherever we go. We can each be a beacon of Love. Maintaining the light of consciousness is the greatest gift we can give to the world, each other, and ourselves at this time. We can be a silent force that helps sustain the planet and others known and unknown. If you are looking for a job and want to make an invaluable contribution, this is it  — Serve love, and everyone you interact with, by embodying Love. Do everything that you do with love and you are a light worker. Hold your center in your heart and shine.


The conflict, chaos, and confusion on the plant at this time are all part of the earth’s shift into the dimension of the heart. Control what you can control, which is your own state of being. Trust that the Divine will do what it will do, but do your part to help out. Every soul is on its own journey. Embrace your own journey with love and bless everyone else.

                                  Deep Meditation – In the Dark Space Within

Shorter days, autumn/winter, early morning, and any time you can be alone are times to sit still, be quiet, and look and listen inside to connect with your inner reality.

The goal of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation techniques is to open up our mind and prepare our body so we can focus on the essence of our inner reality. We get used to and enjoy the energy buzz we get from active mantra and pranayama meditations, which are ‘pre-meditations’ to make it possible to access deeper levels of consciousness.


The directions for Deep Meditation are simple, but they require serious on-going practice.

Close your eyes and look inside your head. Whatever you see, pay attention to that. Most often we see dark, nothing, empty, black, space.

Look, keep looking, observe with your inner eye.

To go deep, focus on dark, nothing, empty, black, or space. You choose what pulls you inward and grabs your attention. Try focusing on only one at a time. Any one of the above takes you to where you want to go, IF you keep paying attention.

You are consciously connecting with and holding the space for the universe to work for you. Obviously you can’t control the universe, but you can link up to the space within yourself that connects you in oneness with universal energies.

Enjoy your experience!

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