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Libra – Keep Your Balance

October is a very interesting month for monitoring how planetary shifts affect our energy and mood. Four planets (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury all go direct between October 6th and 18th. You may feel as though a veil is lifted and the brakes are off when Mercury goes direct on October 18th. Pay attention to how these planetary movements affect you. You may experience both a sense of restless and need for action, as well as a greater sense of clarity and relief.


Retrogrades and Recalibration

Retrogrades periods are important because they offer us time to recalibrate. If we can overcome our tendencies to be impatient and assigning value only to external results, we can be very productive and accomplish needed ground work during retrograde periods. (It seems to me like Covid has been one looong retrograde.)

October will gradually release us from the retrograde blues. When retrogrades are over, (especially four in the matter of 2 weeks!) we are ready for ACTION.

Pay attention to how you feel and monitor your attitude and energy on and around the dates discussed below. Remember when a planet changes direction, its energy is magnified several days before and after the exact moment. The time of influence is extended for the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto)


October 1-3 – Inner Healing – Sun and Mars Opposite Chiron

The introspective pull of the four retrograde planets is highlighted from October 1-3 as the Sun and Mars in Libra oppose Chiron (at 10° Aries). This confrontive aspect between the Sun, Mars and Chiron can produce situations that trigger feelings of inadequacy and inability to take action.

Chiron in Aries has been forcing us to face our wounds of unworthiness, i.e. something is wrong about who we are, which prevents us from getting what we want.

This is our chance to look at how archetypal (meaning in all of us) wounds play out in our psyche and to take the next bold step to transcend the subconscious programming that leads us to not believe in ourselves. The truth is that who YOU are really matters! There is only one of YOU and it is your privilege to live your unique life and offer your unique expression to the world.

We usually frame our worthiness in terms of what we do. But this time try framing your worthiness from who you are. Don’t get caught up in illusionary thoughts of possible rejection. The most important thing is to not reject yourself! If you need a bit of help from a friend, ask for validation. Or write me. I will tell you how great you are!


October 6 – New Moon Conjunct Mars at Libra 13°

4:05 AM PDT (11:05 GMT)

Generally new moons are rather quiet events. (If you are lucky you may spot the sliver of the new moon very low in the sky as it sets shortly after the sun). However, this new moon is activated by Mars in Libra who wants to get the show on the road. Libra has a tendency to over-think something until the optimal time for action has passed. Mars spends less time thinking things through. It just goes for whatever it wants to get done or accomplish.

Identify the house where Libra falls in your birth chart. This is the area of your life where you will want to take advantage of the manifesting energy that can move you forward. (This might be where you have felt stuck.)


October 6 – Pluto Goes Direct

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, where it will stay until it enters Aquarius January 21, 2024. At the collective level, Capricorn represents collective institutions including government, corporations, and international entities. At a personal level, Capricorn represents our lifelong trek up our personal mountain to inner mastery. We are on a long climb!

At the new moon on October 6, Pluto goes direct at 24° Capricorn. For the last 5 months Pluto retrograde gave us the space to get in touch with subconscious programs related to inner childhood trauma, which more and more we are realizing must be dealt with to move forward and free ourselves from our past.

As we all come to realize, Pluto burns us until we trust and surrender to a higher power. We are in the noose of fate until we ASK for help, listen, and obey. Then the Phoenix can rise from the ashes. Healing childhood trauma is Pluto territory. It is subconscious trauma that keeps us from waking up, leads to addictions, and stands in the way of profound transformation and healing.

As Pluto goes direct, we are more able to operate from a freer inner awareness and use our inner transformation to support ourselves in the outer world.


October 7 – Venus Enters Sagittarius

On October 7, Venus leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. This transition is like moving out of digging a hole in the ground to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Venus in Scorpio has given us time to reach a deeper level of self-love by accepting and working with our emotions.

Scorpio depth gives new meaning to our existence. Venus in Sagittarius gives us hope, encourages us to dream big, and gets us out of our cave into the wild world.


October 9 – Sun Conjunct Mercury and Mars

On October 9, we have a triple conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, and Mars at 16° Libra. While 3 personal planets in the same sign is fairly common, it is rare and significant to have 3 meet at the same degree.

This important alignment not only marks the beginning of the next 116-day Mercury-Sun cycle and 2-year Sun-Mars cycle, but the beginning of a special alignment between the Sun, Mercury, and Mars.

When a new Sun cycle begins with another planet, we get the opportunity to work with the area of our psyche related to the other planet. For example our mind (Mercury), feelings (Venus), actions (Mars). This time we are putting the powers of Mercury and Mars together with the Sun!

A potent manifesting energy is set into motion, when our thoughts (Mercury) align with our actions (Mars) and simultaneously support our Sun (the light of our soul). We become intentional and focused on what we want to do and create.


October 10 – Saturn Goes Direct

On October 10 Saturn goes direct at 6° Aquarius. For the four and a half months that Saturn has been retrograde (since May 23, 2021) we have became aware of what is no longer working in our lives. With Saturn’s direct motion, we will feel the need to make the necessary adjustments in order to move into the future.

Saturn’s change in motion can be cathartic in terms of helping us get unstuck in the areas of our life ruled by Saturn, i.e. in the houses where we have Capricorn and Aquarius on the cusp and where planets in Aquarius reside.


October 18 – Jupiter Goes Direct

Good news! On October 18 Jupiter goes direct at 22° Aquarius. Again note where Aquarius and specifically 22° Aquarius falls in your birth chart. Jupiter will be in Aquarius until December 29, after which it will move into Pisces through May 10, 2022. This is our chance to align our energies with the soul purpose that drives our destiny.


October 18 – Mercury Goes Direct

More good news! Mercury also goes direct on October 18 at 10° Libra. Both Mercury and Jupiter rule our thinking processes. With both Mercury and Jupiter turning direct on the same day, we can expect clarity and answers. As an opaque veil lifts, we can move ahead with the reassurance that the universe is supporting us in many magical ways.


October 20 – Full Moon In Aries at 27°

7:56 AM PDT (14:56 – GMT)

The fiery action energy initiated at the Libra new moon is further intensified by the full moon at 27° Aries. Opposite Mars and square Pluto, this can be intense and explosive.

Whatever has been brewing will come to a boil. This Full Moon can shake us to the core. We can be super motivated to move on with our lives. Those who have planets in the last 10° (20-29°) of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are going to be especially motivated to take action. We all need to be mindful and purposeful in how we use this fiery energy.


The Month of October – A Mars Recalibration

Mars, the planet of action, is a principal player in both the new and full moons in October. The Mars force will get stronger between October 6 – 18th as a record of 4 planets (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury) turn direct.

Mars conjunct the Sun (October 9) begins its next 2-year cycle around the Sun. When the Sun and Mars meet, we experience a recalibration of our life purpose (Sun) and how we take action (Mars) to make things happen to accomplish our goals.

At their meeting, the Sun outshines Mars, so our ideas on how we wish to move forward may out shine our ability at the moment to carry them out. But Mars is brewing up the energy to take committed action. A new spark of life is ignited inside us.


Neutral – Where Love is Possible

Libra energy stands in the neutral place where love and peace are possible. With composure, willingness, and discipline, Libra is the powerful force that refuses to confront, fight, or retaliate. (Gandhi was a Libra.) In its neutral heart-centered posture, Libra’s power wins because it changes the game to win-win.

Meditation and Kriyas for Inner Balance

Libra invites us to stay balanced as we move forward and engage fully in life.

Libra’s glyph – the Scales – represents the delicate balance point where there is peace and harmony. One of the Kundalini Yoga postures to experience this balance incorporates the breath with holding our arms to our sides parallel to the ground.


In a comfortable sitting posture, bring your arms straight out to the sides, parallel to ground, palms up, fingers comfortably together. Do Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes, or more if you wish. You can also do slow, long breathing through the nose. You can chose which breath or alternate to help maintain the posture.

Holding this posture for 11 minutes is tonic for the brain. You might wish to work up to 11 minutes.

To end: Inhale, turn palms over and press them out to the sides. Suspend the breath, hold while relaxing the face and shoulders for as long as you wish without undue stress. Then slowly exhale and pay attention to your breath as it normalizes. Meditate on the open space within or lie on your back and totally relax.

This is the first exercise of the Pranayama Series on pages 72-3 in Transitions to a Heart-Centered World. The whole kriya is a great refreshener. The postures are not as challenging as those in the Total Mind-Body Balance Kriya, which is another great set to experience inner balance

The Total Mind-Body Balance Kriya is on pages 267-8 in The Power of Neutral. This is a long set that requires some stamina to hold the postures for the allotted times. It is a great set to do in a class setting to build and get support from the group energy. If you really feel out of sorts, this powerful kriya will do its magic to help you recuperate and find wholeness. This kriya is an antidote to mental sluggishness and brain fatigue. It is a super brain tune up. If you have not done this before, try it and witness how great you can feel. (BTW, even shorter times work.)

Transitions to a Heart Centered World - 2nd Edition The Power of Neutral by Guru Rattana PhD

Enjoy your experience! Sat Nam!