Pisces, Virgo, and Libra  –  See Beauty Everywhere

The whole universe conspires to help us open our hearts and wake up to the reality of Love.


September 20 – Pisces Full Moon

at 28 °- 4:54 pm PDT (utc-7)

Full moons happen in the sign opposite the current Sun sign. The context is defined by the energy of the Sun. At this full moon, Pisces illuminates what is required to activate the full potential of Virgo.

Virgo wants to get things done. Pisces is about HOW we do what we do. Pisces says we have to relax, let go of resistance, and go with the flow. This does not mean that we sit around and hope for a miracle. Pisces takes action, but it is flexible and makes room for the universe to help out and direct the outcome.

Pisces is not resigned to fate, but it doesn’t resist or fight with reality either. It works with reality and knows when to surrender to a higher power. Pisces accepts the fact that we are always challenged in our physical incarnation, but its approach to life is based on perceiving the universe as a friendly, not a hostile place. Pisces teaches us to give up the war and choose peace. Everything happens according to divine will and at divine timing. At the same time, our actions, attitudes, and beliefs determine how we participate in shaping our personal and collective lives.

From Newton to Einstein to ?

Many artists, scientists, architects, mathematicians, and software developers have strong Pisces energy in their charts, which helps them ‘understand’ how big systems ‘work’. Combined with imagination and inspiration, a Pisces mind can start from a tiny pattern or formula and develop it into something that hasn’t existed before. (Steve Jobs had a Pisces Sun and Moon.) The expansive mind naturally ‘taps’ into the knowledge available in the universal mind.

Over a century ago, Einstein, who was a Pisces, formulated the equations that demonstrated mathematically that (1) the universe is made of energy and (2) everything is interconnected. His formulas initiated a new phase in science and in human understanding of life that makes it possible to move beyond dualistic, mechanistic thinking to unified, holistic understanding.

Science has advanced from Newtonian to quantum physics. Yet in so many ways our thinking and our social, political, and economic institutions are still dominated by mechanistic thinking. Pisces and Neptune are always present to remind us that a holistic worldview, along with a compassion and open heart are required to change our lives and the world.

Modern physics tells us that light is both particle and wave, depending on how it is observed. In other words, what we see is determined by our perception and point of view. That means that our reality actually changes to align with our worldview. And we have two options – fear or love. Pisces is about choosing and serving Love.

The Neptune/Pisces Influence

The Pisces full moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces (21°). Neptune in Pisces has immersed us in cosmic vibes for nine years. It is important to remember that we have been under the hypnotic influence of Neptune’s mysterious spell and its all-encompassing ‘chaos’ since February 2012. We better figure out what Neptune is trying to teach us because Neptune will be in Pisces through March 30, 2025. Neptune in Pisces quietly creates uncertainty, pulls the rug out from under our feet, makes us anxious, creates doubt, and fogs up our glasses. It also causes us to simply tune out and try to escape through addictions and fantasies.

But Neptune’s goal is not to make us suffer. Nor is its intent malevolent. Neptune in Pisces is trying to tell us that nothing is as it seems. Neptune undermines our assumptions and perception about what’s real and what isn’t. It is insisting that we give up the idea that we can be in control of nature and natural forces and realize that resistance is counter-productive. The idea is not to give up, but to surrender to, attune to, and trust a higher power.

We are not being asked to stop participating in the co-creative process, just to wake up so we can see beyond the illusions of our misunderstandings, crazy thinking, wounds, and fake stories. We can’t figure everything out, but we can marvel at existence and not take everything so seriously.


Pisces and Neptune

The Pisces full moon is conjunct Neptune. An encounter with Pisces and its ruler Neptune can be confusing and disorienting. Our rational Virgo mind looks for facts, but maybe there are none. Neptune and Pisces introduce us to reality beyond the facts and what we cannot see with our 5 senses. Even our non-verbal faculties (our feelings, intuition, and imagination) are limited when it comes to navigating Neptunian waters.

Neptune’s dissolving quality releases us from our separate identities into our soul and divine identities. The best way to interact with Neptune is to let the energy of universal love take over. It is in our hearts that Neptune has a chance to do its magic. When we access our neutral mind, our mind and heart work together as a transformational meditative and healing pair. With our mental ability to focus and gaze with our inner eye, we can witness the reality of infinite and peaceful space.

This pair releases us from our compulsion to figure everything out logically. When we can transcend our thinking mind, we have the ability to ‘see’ and feel how everything is connected and fits together.

As an outer planet, invisible to the eye, Neptune’s ‘realities’ cannot be grasped with our 3-D sensory system and rational brain. This doesn’t mean they are less ‘real’. It may mean that they are more real. It is up to us to experience how Neptune silently pours its magic through us.


What Will Fix and Save Us?

Virgo and Pisces each have their own way of observing. Virgo is the scientist who methodically experiments, tests, and observes the results to identify the answer to the problem it seeks to solve. Virgo needs physical proof of a causal relationship.

Pisces is the mystic who knows that we can never really comprehend the mysteries of life. When things happen (as they always do!), we often wonder ‘Was that coincidental (serendipitous) or causal (the direct result of our actions)?’ Pisces reminds us that we can’t know for sure. Pisces believes that the best we can do is align and be in harmonious relationship with what is, IE divine will.

The Virgo extreme insists on proof of a causal relationship until it is too late. (global warming)

Ungrounded Pisces spins out, disconnects from the world, and fails to participate in creating the world we desire to live in.

Unawakened Pisces can succumb to salvation beliefs and a free lunch mentality. We hope and ‘pray’ that someone or something will save us, without putting in the effort ourselves. Over- thinking Virgo believes that science and technological fixes will save us. The mechanistic mindset refuses to examine and correct the core beliefs that have fueled our problems and dysfunctions in the first place. Awakening and cooperation of both technical and structural approaches are needed to examine our values and redesign our collective institutions around a more comprehensive and integrated understanding of what we are dealing with.

I Have A Dream

Imagination is a complex process where thoughts, feelings, and past and present experiences connect in novel ways and arrange themselves into creative expressions. Every manifestation begins as an abstract idea synthesized from the cosmic creative womb of infinite possibilities.

Civil rights leader Martin Luther King had the Moon and Venus in Pisces. His 1963 speech “I have a dream” began as an inspiration, a possibility, a seed that was planted and grew. Because MLK’s dream touched the hearts and the imagination of many, it slowly started to become a reality.

Pisces magic does not turn into a practical reality overnight. Manifestation takes time. But dreams CAN become a reality.

The Virgo/Pisces Polarity Pair

Polarities are about the alchemy of Love. Virgo teaches us that we need the right formula and actually to do the work to create energetic transformation. Pisces teaches us that alchemy does not happen by force. In fact the final ‘act or result’ is not done by us at all, but by divine intelligence and grace.

We reach the potential of a sign by employing the qualities of the opposite sign. The manifestation of Pisces’ dreams requires Virgo tools and technology.


Virgo focuses on details. Pisces perceives the gestalt. Virgo analyzes. Pisces intuits.

Virgo’s reality is in the physical world. Unawakened Virgo is driven by guilt and shame, self-effacement, and workaholism.

Awakened Virgo transcends servitude and dedicates its life to serving Love. Awakened Virgo transcends picky perfectionism through its ability to discern what serves Love and what perpetuates fear. Awakened to the reality of Love, Virgo ceases to judge and criticize, and lives in humble appreciation of how a higher power animates all life.


Unawakened Pisces can lose itself in addictions and sacrifice itself to codependent relationships, victimization, or martyrdom.

Awakened Pisces perceives divinity everywhere, the inter-relatedness of all life, and the soul essence of all beings.

When Virgo and Pisces Work Together

When Pisces and Virgo work together, we tap into a sense of flow, clarity, and direction, making it easier to work on creative projects that brew inside of us and wish to express in the world. The possibility of actually accomplishing something gives us a sense of hope and optimism.

Virgo is not only a counter balance, it is the promise that we can experience the divine in the physical world. Virgo is spiritually practical.  Together Pisces and Virgo prove that everything physical is animated by unseen universal energies. They affirm that we are already expressing the divine in our own being. Messages, feelings, intuition, longings pull us into the ‘invisible’ world. How could we have missed the obvious?

Maybe we didn’t take the time to notice. The fall equinox, the Sun entering Libra, and the upcoming Mercury Retrograde offer us time to notice.


September 22 – Fall Equinox

12:21 pm PDT (utc-7)

The second equinox of the year occurs on September 22. In the northern hemisphere, this marks the first day of autumn, and a time to turn inward. In the southern hemisphere, the first day of spring moves us to focus on what and how we are creating in the world. For approximately 72 hours around the equinox, temporary energetic openings in the Earth’s magnetic field affect our nervous system and consciousness. Equinoxes are energetic gateways and potent times to relax, let go, and be available for a reset.

September 26 – 27 – Mercury Goes Retrograde

10:10 pm PDT (utc-7)

Mercury stations at 25º Libra. It goes direct October 18 at 10º Libra. Mercury reaches 25º Libra again on November 2.

September 26 Mercury begins its third retrograde passage of the year. During its retrograde phases (about 20% of the year), the mythic messenger of the gods invites us to spend more time in silence and listening to our hearts. In Libra, Mercury draws our attention to the quality of our relationships, and where we need to address issues around balance, fairness, equality, and kindness.

Mercury (ruler of Virgo) encourages honest dialogue and willingness to see things from new points of view. During these three weeks, we have more access to unconscious motives, suppressed feelings, and how we can be more honest with ourselves and others.

September 22 – The Sun Enters Libra

12:21 pm PDT (utc-7)

The Sun enters Libra at the same time as the fall equinox. Libra represents our quest for harmony, balance, and cooperation. A defining moment for Libra is to see perfection everywhere. That does not mean that everything is the way we would like it to be. It means that we can perceive all reality exactly the way it is, without judgment or wanting it to be another way.

Let’s enjoy the beauty of the change of season. The alchemical integration of Pisces and Virgo at the full moon has prepared us to see beauty everywhere.