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Sagittarius – Prevent Truth Decay – Be True to Yourself

Here we are at the end of 2021. How did that happen? Do you get a blurry feeling too? The fact that now both 2020 and 2021 are over is a bit sobering. The cosmic energies invite us to pause, reflect, evaluate, and get grounded for a new year and new phase in our lives. The dominating themes are completions, transitions, and new beginnings. We live in a time that requires that we awaken, release the past, evolve, and create a new ‘normal.’

The planetary alignments in 2020 and 2021 have destabilized existing institutions and our own psyche. The good news is that chaos creates an opening for the reorganization of physical reality and an expansion consciousness. We are definitely living in a time of major change.! What was important in your life before and what are you being called towards now?

The Nodes Change Signs

The North and South Nodes of the Moon define the basic themes that focus the collective consciousness.  In addition to these themes being examined in relationship to our collective institutions, each of us, all planetary citizens, are directed to focus our personal empowerment journey on the themes of the current zodiac pair.

The Nodes change signs every 1 ½ years. Since May 5, 2020 the North Node has been in Gemini and the South Node has been in Sagittarius.

January 19 the North Node will move into Taurus and the South Node into Scorpio, where they will stay for 18 months – through 18 July 2023.

Gemini and Sagittarius

Prevent Truth Decay, Be True to Yourself (my favorite bumper sticker) is an appropriate motto for the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity pair.

Sagittarius the Archer aims its arrow towards the heavens. The constellation itself points toward the center of the Milky Way galaxy. What are you aiming for?

Sagittarius urges us to examine our priorities and the choices we are making. It reminds us of the power of focus. Just as a laser is massively more powerful than a scattered beam of light, our consciousness is significantly more powerful when we concentrate our attention.  Not only must we be able to focus our attention and energy, we must wisely choose what we  focus on.

Gemini gathers facts and experiences. Sagittarius gives them meaning. How we process the information we receive is determined by our perception of reality. Our values are the lens through which we filter reality. What we believe determines what we are able to see.

Mindfulness, the ability to present and neutrally witness things without interpretation or judgment increases our capacity to be more objective and less reactive. With a wider and clearer lens we can see beyond ideological interpretations and conditioned programming. We can access previously unavailable information, gain a deeper understanding, and be open to possible alternatives.

When we identify and honor our own values and what is important to us, we become more self-reliant. We are less easily swayed or misled.

Jupiter, the planet traditionally associated with Sagittarius, can inspire enthusiasm, faith, and confidence. But without boundaries and common sense it can make us impulsive, lead us to over extend ourselves, and cloud reason with dogmatism.

In order to let go of limiting beliefs, we have to trust our inner guidance. Listen to your heart to gain access to important insights and intuitions – your truth.

First we have to tell ourselves our own truth. Next we have to allow others to have their own truth. And then we are invited to tune into the truth of the Universe, which we can hear only if we are silent. Absolutely silent!

December 11 – Venus/Pluto Conjunction

(and December 29 and March 3, 2022)

On December 11 Venus and Pluto meet at 25° Capricorn. This intense meeting can awaken us to a beautiful friendship with our soul. This meeting induces powerful changes in our values, priorities, relationships, finances, and in our experience of the essence of our life itself.

Not only will Venus and Pluto be holding hands pretty much the whole month of December, but since Venus will soon be retrograding, we have a record of 3 exact Venus-Pluto conjunctions, the last one happening on March 3, 2022.

Venus and Pluto conjunctions are really really intense, even when they last for the normal 3 days. We are now in the initial stage of a 3-month long conjunction!

The Venus archetype represents our feelings, our our values, likes and dislikes, and the kinds of things and people we are attracted to. When Venus is conjunct Pluto, some deep Venus truths come to light.

There is always something brutal and uncomfortable about Pluto’s revelations. Some uncomfortable, unprocessed feelings, and self-sabotaging lies ask for (demand) release. Pluto requires us to get real about what we like and want.

We all know that we are here on Planet Earth the learn, grow, and evolve. Pluto will always remind us that we can’t move on until we have learned how to liberate ourselves from fear into love. Pluto will also reveal what we have to go through to open our hearts.

We may believe that we are honest with ourselves, but Pluto seldom agrees. With Pluto there is always a deeper layer that confronts us and forces us to examine what we don’t want to see. What we thought was deep seems superficial in the mirror of Pluto’s penetrating gaze. Pluto always confronts us with an other level of truth, anguish, and liberation.

Pluto Reveals the Truth

Pluto’s mission is to help us uncover what we really really want and value. Pluto gets to the source of our malaise. We fear death. But maybe what we really fear is life itself! Our will to live is the underlying motivation for everything we do and believe that we want. What we want is so primal and powerful that it evokes fear.

What Pluto is teaching us that our primal soul impulse is really love, not fear. But we must liberate ourselves from fear to find love.

Pluto illuminates the roots of the problem or the quandary – the toxicity in our thoughts, the distortions in our mind, the trauma in our emotional body, and the refined sugar in our diet. We can start with kind self-care and self-acceptance, which help us unload self-directed emotional stress. We can find simple ways to enjoy life and connect to others and all humankind. We can do this every day. (When else would we do it, but in our daily life?)

Fear can subside, and love can arise when we are more in touch with our own humanity and the humanity of others.

Fear is rooted in a false identity that is directing our life in a way that leaves us feeling powerless and believing that we are victimized by external forces. Pluto helps us become aware of the dynamic between fear and love. Pluto insights come through embodied feelings and insights that awaken our mind and heart to a realm beyond thinking.

We are being nudged (forced) to ask ourselves  – What game do we want to play? At what level do we want to play? Victim or responsibility for self. If we opt to take responsibility for our lives and what we co-create, we can set ourselves free from our victim programming. We can develop a different relationship with ourselves, others, and the larger whole, including the Infinite. We can live with compassion for ourselves and everyone else.

Capricorn Self-mastery

Venus and Pluto in Capricorn urge us to define and focus on our life purpose and what matters most to us. Who am I? What I contribute is how I fit in.

Venus and Pluto work together to transform our attitudes towards self, power, money, and status. Are we making a living, or making a life? Does our work feed our heart? Where and why do we look outside of ourselves for attention, permission, or approval? What thoughts, beliefs, behaviors do we need to let go of to align with what we really want?

The Venus/Pluto conjunction directs us to examine our beliefs and the impact they have on our life. It reminds us that we must connect to our most basic truths to find lasting happiness and fulfillment. We must be clear about what enriches our lives and what causes frustration and resentment. What opens our heart to self-compassion and compassion for others? What makes our life more meaningful and beautiful?

Venus and Pluto take us to the core of Capricorn self-mastery. At the top of the mountain, with our feet securely anchored in the womb of Mother Earth, the veil of fear disappears. The light of love shines so brightly that it is almost blinding. We realize that never before have we loved life so much!

Autonomy and Connection and a Study

When we evaluate what is the most important to us, we realize that we are driven by two basic human needs. (1) One is for authentic autonomy and individualization of our unique self. (2) The other is for connection with and contribution to a bigger whole of which we are a part.

There was an interesting study about a person’s willingness to tell their truth and the influence of the collective. A group of men were shown 4 lines of different lengths and asked which one matched another line. It was very obvious which 2 lines matched. A control group (30%) was instructed to give an obvious wrong answer. Influenced by the 30%, 40% of the remaining group also gave the same wrong answer. Again it was more than obvious that the 2 lines did not match up, but they were afraid not to go along with the others. 20% of the group, the remaining participants in the experiment, were not afraid to speak the obvious and chose the line that was the correct match.

This study has been used to support other sociological studies that come to similar conclusions:

  1. 30% of a given population will believe whatever they are told. They are blind followers. The collective ideology dominates their choices.
  2. 40% are conformists, who will go along with crowd even if they don’t believe what is being passed off as the truth. Their desire to fit in is stronger than what they intuitively know or objectively observe as the truth.
  3. 20% will dare to speak their truth. They have the courage to be honest with what they observe and believe, even if it goes against the ways of the herd.

This study points out the dynamic between autonomy and the psychological need for connection. Our ability to be honest with ourselves depends on our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with a larger dynamic that we want to be a part of. This includes our community, country, and the Divine. We intrinsically know we are a part of a larger whole and want to feel safe, accepted, and contributory within it.

The mind can be swayed and bought off by ideology that focuses on the importance of ‘connection.’ What is not always obvious is that a manipulative story is controlling us through fear of being left out or ostracized by the ‘group.’

When we are in tune with our own truth and choose to follow it, we are part of the 20%. We are better able to discern when we are being lied to, taken advantage of, and abused. We have to stay tuned into our body with sensitive feeling awareness to live at the level of authentic self-knowing and self-trust.

Keep in mind that there is a lot of insanity in the world right now. You do not have to make sense of it. Just tell yourself your truth and live from your heart.

Building an Aquarian Community

The principle dynamic of the Aquarian Age is between autonomous individuals and a community that is supportive of its diverse and unique members. We each have to offer our special piece to fit in. The uncomfortable transitional challenge comes when we no longer fit into the patriarchal matrix. We may feel suspended in no man’s land and wonder where we belong.

Our test is to be brave enough to be authentic despite self doubt, loneliness, and external pressure to conform. An Aquarian community is built by those who dare to create something new, starting with themselves. The new community has not yet formed. One person at a time, we create it. This is the only way to move out of a hierarchical society that tries to dictate who we are and defines the parameters for fitting in. We are each responsible for creating a society that emerges from a grassroots base, where we are free to be authentically ourselves.

Wake Up and See the Obvious

Waking up gives us the capacity to see the obvious. If we see it and do nothing, we are still in the 40%. The price of ignorance, denial, rationalization, and fear is very high both personally and collectively. Here are two examples that illustrate how social costs are not built into the model/mindset of the current power/political structure that sets and evaluates policy choices.

In 2020 California had a $31 billion tax surplus! That is 31,000 million US dollars! Where did all this money come from? It came from taxes paid by the businesses and individuals who made money during the pandemic. At the same time a frightfully large number of small businesses went bust, way too many people lost their jobs and homes, and a record number of individuals committed suicide and overdosed on drugs.

We can’t help but notice when there are tents with homeless men and women in our neighborhood parks. Eventually we realize that we are living in the same neighborhood. We are in this predicament together. What community do we want to be a part of? How could everyone have the resources to have shelter, food, and take care of themselves?

2022 is about Personal Choice

Being honest with ourselves and loving ourselves are the two most critical part of waking up.

Do we respect and love ourselves and each other or do we criticize and judge ourselves and each other? It is the same relationship!

Venus and Pluto ask us to evaluate our relationship with our soul, our body, and our life.

Only you can do this part. Only you can know and be you.

Avoid thinking that you should be involved in grand schemes to save the world. Focus on saving and nurturing your own personal world. For example, for mothers who are busy taking care of their children and creating a cozy home, give value to these vitally important jobs. Don’t think that you should be doing something else.

I remember my mother saying that there are many phases in our lives and each one is special. Whatever phase you are in, make it the best you can and savor it while it lasts.

Year End – Two Eclipses

A bi-annual pair of eclipses act as powerful catalysts for purging past patterns and waking us up to our gifts and soul powers. The end of the year brought us two eclipses. The full moon lunar eclipse was November 19th at 27° Taurus. The December 4th new moon solar eclipse was at 12° Sagittarius.

The Gemini/Sagittarius Nodes were stimulated by the full and new moon eclipses. As an awakening of consciousness is accelerated, we can experience intense life challenges and crises that precipitate rapid change. The release is often accompanied with stress, illness, and separations. Eclipses help us release past patterns and close doors, so new doors can open.

Eclipses precipitate powerful changes that can throw us off kilter for a while. Rational thinking may disappear and we can get fixated on and believe what is not real or true. When things seem bizarre, it is best to avoid getting caught up in the drama, avoid panic, distance ourselves for the time being, and avoid over reacting. Wait until more information is revealed and emotions calm down. When there are multiple versions of the truth, wait for the muddy waters to clear.

What we think we want may suddenly be replaced by what we truly want and need. Maybe not initially, but soon, we understand why things happened the way they did. Optimally we will be grateful for the way things have transpired. We gain insights that help us make more sense of previously confusing or vexing situations. Gradually a bigger picture will reveal the meaning and depth of the situation. Increased understanding and a heightened sense of awareness helps us cope, let go, and move on.

December 18-19 – Gemini Full Moon

At 27° Gemini. Sun at 27° Sagittarius, 8:36 PM PST 4:34 GMT

The Gemini Full Moon magically happens at the degree of the Galactic Center, which is the point in space around which our Milky Way galaxy rotates. From the Earth’s perspective, it is currently located at about 27° Sagittarius. The Sun at this Gemini full moon and planetary alignments with this point, which has a supermassive black hole at its center, have the effect of pressurizing the subconscious mind to release both positive and negative memories and learned behavior.

Gemini reminds us that we have options. Differences exist for good reasons. Some options fit and some don’t. Gemini’s polarity Sagittarius urges us to keep on searching and to dig deeper until we find our fit. We need to be satisfied with our choices. We need to understand why we made choices in the past that were insufficient, incomplete, or just plain bad.

Being true to ourselves has benefits at all levels of being. We can release a lot of self-induced stress. As a result less cortisol flows through  our system and more of the happy hormones like endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin infuse our bodies. Our whole physical, emotional, and mental system can operate more effectively. We can deal with life more confidently and responsibly.

Full moons shine so much light that we can launch into extremes. Maybe that is necessary. Maybe we need to change course. Maybe there is another way forward.

The Gemini full moon forms a benefic trine with Jupiter, bringing our attention to what we have learned during the time when the nodes were in Gemini/Sagittarius and Jupiter was in Aquarius.

Jupiter anoints this full moon with blessings. Be sure to allow them in.

December is full of more planetary movements that add supportive energy to being true to ourselves.

December 13 – Mars and Mercury Change Signs

On December 13th, Mercury and Mars both change zodiac signs. Mercury leaves Sagittarius and gets more serious in Capricorn. Mars leaves Scorpio gets more adventurous in Sagittarius.

When the intellect (Mercury) is ahead and directs our action (Mars) we think things through before we act. Mercury in Capricorn devises a plan and strategy. Mars in Sagittarius jumps on it and works to carry it out.

December 15 – Mars Conjunct South Node

Just as Mars enters the fun-loving sign of Sagittarius, it is greeted by the South Node of the Moon, ready to unlock some deep secrets.

The South Node is our karma and our gifts that we have worked for and accumulated in the past. When the South Node meets Mars, the South Node shares its hard earned wisdom gained from experience.

If anxious Mars in Sagittarius is willing to listen, these ‘codes’ can be most beneficial in moving forward into uncharted territory.

December 19 – Venus Goes Retrograde and  Chiron Goes Direct

Venus stations direct January 29th.

On December 19th Venus goes retrograde at 26° Capricorn, while on the same day Chiron goes direct at 8° Aries (after 5 months retrograde.)

Venus retrograde adds a deeper dynamic to the Venus/Pluto conjunction.

Powerful emotional revelations reveal a hidden wound, and sets in motion the necessary healing process (Chiron direct). We are obliged to go deeper within to access the healing required to find the gold. Chiron direct gives us more confidence in ourselves. We are better able to make choices and listen to our hearts and acknowledge and express our desires without shame.

Fortunately Venus retrograde offers great clarity and fuels us with self-love to take us on our journey and stay true to ourselves. The key formula is that we must love what we find, no matter what! We must kiss the frog to awaken our inner prince and princess.

December 21st, 2021 – Sun Enters Capricorn and Solstice

On December 21st, 2021 Sun enters Capricorn and we have the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

0° of Cardinal signs give us a tremendous energy and sense of direction. We now feel we can climb our mountain.

Solstice is a still point, inviting us to go within and align ourselves with our soul desires. This is a meditative day. Go inside, find silence, and deeply listen to the silence. Allow your soul to communicate what it really wants to achieve this lifetime. You will know when there are no more questions and no doubt remains. Enjoy the warm experience of clarity and peace.

December 25 – Saturn-Uranus Square

Our Christmas present is the last Saturn-Uranus square of the year at 11°  Aquarius-Taurus (Yes!) This the last of 3 exact squares in 2021 (The first two were February 17 and June 14, 2021).

The Saturn-Uranus square, whose effects influenced the whole year 2021, hasn’t felt like and on-going party. We are going to have to wait until the Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces coming up soon to get the type of present we enjoy. (Subject of the next blog)

December 25th, 2021 – Venus Retrograde Conjunct Pluto

at 26° Capricorn

On Christmas day Venus and Pluto meet again, while Venus is retrograde. We are in the midst of an intense transit whose purpose is a rebirth of the heart.

Since the Venus/Pluto transit happens at the same time as the Saturn-Uranus square at Christmas, we want to be mindful of how we integrate the deeps truths that are being revealed. We need to stay centered in our hearts and avoid projecting anything but compassion. It is always good to remember that we are at choice of ‘how’ we deal with the planetary energies.


December 29-30 – Mercury Conjunct Venus and Pluto in Capricorn

The year ends with a power packed meeting of Mercury, Venus and Pluto all at 25° Capricorn. What is being revealed is moment of truth.

When our mind (Mercury) and our heart (Venus) meet the planet of power and transformation (Pluto), we can no longer say we don’t know what we want. Pluto will write it out on our foreheads, and the truth will be so liberating, that we may feel an inner joy we have never experienced before.

Make sure you don’t dismiss the guidance you receive. 2022 will come with exciting opportunities if we are tuned to the authentic honesty of our soul and its purpose this lifetime.

Meditation – Listen to Your Truth

This meditation will awaken you to your truth.

Before doing this meditation, practice any Kundalini Yoga kriya or a few of your favorite exercises to feel comfortable and alive in your body. Then place your hands on your heart. Deeply listen to your heartbeat if you can. Deeply feel your breath breathing in your chest. Feel the warmth in your spine behind your hands. Focus deeply on listening and feeling for at least 5 -11 minutes. Continue until you love what you feel. Enjoy the feeling.

Comments to Guide You

To really be in touch with our truth we have to be present in feeling awareness in our body. We have to feel what we feel. We have to be present to our emotional sensitivity. We have to deeply listen to what our body is communicating.

In our mind we can rationalize whatever we want. We do it all the time. We talk ourselves out of what is most important to us.

Our body doesn’t lie. Our mind can override what our body is telling us, but our mind can’t impose a lie. If our mind ignores what our soul is telling us, our ego distances itself from our authentic self.

This is the critical component of the awakening of the feminine, which happens in our emotional and physical bodies. To know the feminine, she has to be embodied. Otherwise we are just talking. We are not real, authentic, or whole.

We must all be aware that technology can take us away from our feeling sensitivity. Aquarius is detached. I know the facts. But we have to feel to heal.

In our body we can’t hide our truth. We can opt to not feel, but the feelings just get suppressed. They don’t go away.

Fear takes us out of our body. Love can bring us back in. Love feels good.

Don’t be afraid to tell yourself your truth. This conversation is only between you and you.