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Pisces Divine Power in Saturn

Pisces teaches us that our greatest power comes from our inner experience of the Divine as our stable inner foundation for our journey of personal transformation and awakening. This is the subject of my next Zoom workshop.

Awaken Your Inner Power with Kundalini Yoga

Sunday March 5  (10 AM – 12 PM PST utc-8)

This blog explains the planetary context for what we are currently experiencing. The last section summarizes what we will experience in my workshop March 5. With this outline you can start now to take advantage of the Pisces energy to cultivate your inner power through oneness with the Divine.

If you want deeper levels of awareness, power, and happiness, this workshop is for you! This experience will take you to the next level. There is always more!  

The link to sign up, for more information, and to share is

Those unable to attend the live event (and those who do) will have unlimited access to an edited HD streaming video on their account on to view and practice with. Normally available within a week of the event.)

Zoom link will be sent Friday March 3.
(Those who register after 12 noon PST (utc-8) on that day will receive the Zoom link along with their registration confirmation.)

I look forward to being together soon!

Pisces Power in Saturn

Pisces’ mission is to consciously experience Spirit as it animates all physical form. We prepare to leave, but we have to get here first. Our soul is embodied not to escape, but to find and live from our true soul self in physical reality, while developing an intimate relationship with the Divine.

February 19 – the Sun Enters Pisces

When the Sun moves into Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, we are completing the 12-month cycle of the astrological year. This is an opportune time to reflect on this year’s journey and the gifts that you will be taking with you into the next tour of the zodiac. We certainly have a lot to reflect on, digest, and integrate at this time.

Transit, transition, transitory, and transformation all share the same root trans, meaning to go beyond. We are definitely in a ‘go beyond’ period of time or phase in our lives, where we are trying to make sense of what we have learned, let go of the past, and prepare ourselves for the future.

Pisces Gifts and Powers

Pisces represents transcendence into transpersonal dimensions, where we go beyond logic and the limits of the rational mind and access the deep mysteries of the heart and awakened consciousness. Pisces is the territory of mysticism, universal unity, and Oneness with Source. Pisces operates through compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love.

Awakened Pisces trusts and surrenders to the divine flow. In the Pisces universe ‘My will is Thy Will.’

In Pisces’ world, we observe life as a movie unfolding before our eyes. Pisces is emotionally attuned to the suffering of the world, yet through neutral non-dual awareness, it has the capacity to witness all aspects of life with an open heart.

Discoveries in quantum physics confirm what mystics have always known: that all existence/the universe is interconnected, interrelated, and dynamically alive. In contrast to the fixed laws of classical or Newtonian physics, which apply to the visible, physical world, only probabilities exist in the non-physical world. What seems like solid matter is actually mostly space. Light energy exists as both a particle and a wave. Infinite space and energy is considered the field of infinite possibilities because there is no strict separation between observer and observed, as the very act of observation alters the outcome.

Our Precious Time with Pisces

We need to work consciously with Pisces energy to avoid being an unconscious victim of its subconscious challenges of succumbing to illusion, delusion, addiction, dependency, victimhood, or martyrdom. We can dedicate ourselves to a cause, without sacrificing our well-being (which is necessary to make our contribution.) Only when we have established the Infinite as our inner foundation are we able to transcend emptiness, loneliness, inexplicable anxiety, and existential ennui.

Immersed in our non-stop, obsessive modern lives, we lose touch with the rhythm of the seasons, our body, and natural cycles. A deep shift requires more quiet time and rest, which give us the space to recharge and remember who we are, below the busy activity, stress, and fixation on responding to electronic stimulation. In our silent inner space, we strengthen our connection with our soul and the Divine.

While the Sun shines in Pisces (February 18 to March 20 in 2023), we are invited to take time out (or rather, time in) from our busy schedule to connect with our inner soul reality –  to listen to the silence within that is always present, wise, and nurturing. When we relax into the Presence of stillness within, we can experience how we are always connected and supported by the Divine.

February 20 –  New Moon in Pisces at 1° –  Conjunct Saturn

The Pisces New Moon is closely conjunct Saturn (at 28° Aquarius), which sets a more serious tone and gives us a feel for the upcoming 2½ years when Saturn is in Pisces.

At first glance, Pisces and Saturn may appear to be the odd couple. But their different perspectives and approaches are complementary. Pisces’ polarity is earth sign Virgo, so the need for practical earth wisdom is a basic part of Pisces’ path.

Pisces represents possibilities and potential. Saturn deals with the limits, rules, and boundaries of physical reality. Saturn in Pisces aims to make the intangible tangible, to turn dreams into realities. Saturn says our dreams can come true IF we do the work, and take on the responsibility for taking the necessary steps to achieve our goals in physical reality.

It is also important to know that Saturn’s intention is not to be obsessively negative or critical, but to be realistic and honest.

Normally at a Pisces new moon, we make a wish. We dream big. We see unlimited possibilities in the endless Piscean ocean. There are no constraints. Anything is possible in the amorphous infinite field.

However, Saturn demands definition, commitment, and concrete action.

Our Pisces dreams can plant a seed that will sprout and set in motion a journey to a desired destination. Dreams don’t have all the answers yet. We don’t know how we are going proceed, but we make a wish and plant it in the infinite universal field.

Setting intentions can be very powerful,

  1. if we remain open to the journey that unfolds,
  2. if we accept and work with what the universe presents us with, and
  3. if we are willing to participate beyond what our ego thinks it wants and knows.

A definite commitment comes when we have a defined and realistic goal. We commit to do what it takes to achieve a desired outcome. We acknowledge that taking action is required for results.

Saturn in Pisces – March 8 – May 24 2025

Saturn symbolizes where we must develop a healthy sense of responsibility, boundaries, inner authority, and autonomy.

Saturn in Pisces combines making a commitment on a desired outcome and, at the same time, keeping our options, mind, and heart open to how the Universe helps and directs us. Pisces knows we don’t have all the answers. Saturn says get started and keep actively participating in the process. We commit to our goal, even though we don’t know exactly how to get there. We are open to try different approaches and even to modifying our goals, but we don’t find excuses to give up.

Actually this sounds very realistic to me. How does this feel to you? To me it sounds less stressful, more open to reality, and more of an adventure of discovery. There is something magical in this Pisces/Saturn partnership. This formula takes out the ‘possibility of failure.’ We will certainly be lead on a journey, and it may be a journey to we don’t yet know where. Swimming in the Pisces ocean, we stay connected to the fabric of the Universe, which assists us on our soul’s journey in ways that we can’t imagine ourselves.

Saturn in Pisces is about committing to our spiritual path. Saturn in Pisces teaches us that our whole life is our spiritual path!

March 12 – Jupiter Conjuncts Chiron at at 14° Aries

Jupiter and Chiron are slowly approaching their conjunction at 14° Aries on March 12. This is one of the most important and intense transits in 2023.

As I write this I am starting to understand why I am experiencing a rather weird combination of Pisces spaciness, sleepiness, and relaxation and Aries agitation, strength of Self, and persistence. Pay attention to what you feel and notice any events, signs, or developments that provoke both feelings of vulnerability and hope. Stay present to what you feel and don’t dismiss your experiences or judge yourself.

We are swimming in a powerful cauldron of energies that are stimulating profound shifts in our psyche. Healing and awakening are the intention. Memories may surface of when we were ignored, bullied, punished, or misunderstood. Feelings of being inadequate, unloved, ashamed, and unappreciated may arise.

What is being exposed is the soul wound that we are here to heal, so we can liberate ourselves from the past and excel in the future. Jupiter magnifies this wound, so we no longer live in denial of the pain that we have suffered this life time. Jupiter’s goal is not to increase our suffering, but to draw our attention to what matters, so we can find the truth of our authentic self.

Acknowledgment of our essential wound is an essential part of the healing process. Healing happens as we make friends with the part of us that feels wounded, alone, and distraught.

Our deepest wound stems from our disconnection with our soul and the Divine. Pisces energy offers the chance to reconnect with our soul and the infinite qualities that wake us up to our authentic true self and our unique gifts that we are here to enjoy and share.

I will share more about the rare Jupiter/Chiron Conjunction in Aries in my next blog.

LEVEL DEEP – the Basics

As we are learning and practicing in my monthly LEVEL DEEP workshops, the most basic and important meditative practices that make it possible to perceive under the illusions and to enter the divine realm are

(1) Look into your inner space,

(2) Listen deeply to silence, and

(3) Feel the sensations in your body, which leads to feeling the Presence of the Divine.

These are active, not passive practices. The Sun in Pisces offers us an extra dose of cosmic energy to empower our practice.

The Gifts of Listening – Jap-ji

In Jap-ji Guru Nanak spends four verses (pauris) listing the benefits of deep inner listening. The following is from my book Sing to Your Soul – Awaken to Oneness, Jap-ji Explains the Spiritual Path. (pp. 80-81) Every time I read from this book, I fall in love with the Divine. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 14: The Inner Art of Listening:

It is not an exaggeration to say that cultivating deep inner listening is our most basic training.

Because, as we learn the art of listening, we learn the art of becoming acquainted with life itself.

Listening to silence, we awaken to the knowledge of existence where all creation is born.

By deeply listening we can transcend judgment, beliefs, and preconceived ideas.

Deep listening makes it possible to connect with the vastness of nonphysical reality. 

It is with deep listening that yogis have awakened their ability to accomplish the miraculous.

By deeply listening, saints and sages have attained divine caliber and become illumined.

Deep listening awakens the listener to the wonder of the universe, happiness, and bliss. 

Through deep listening we can merge into the essence of the Divine.

We experience the many expressions of divine qualities that uplift and transform us.

By feeling and listening to our body, we attain the goals of all yogic practices:

Union of consciousness between our finite being and the Infinite.

Feeling the flow of Spirit in our body.

The realization that our true essence is Spirit.

Pisces’ Gift – Divine Connection

With deep listening, we attune to the most comforting Pisces gift – our divine connection. We realize that we always have help. We don’t have to figure out everything ourselves. (And we can’t.) Trusting and surrender to the divine and our soul are the ultimate (and most empowering) Pisces gifts.

Pisces confronts us with the most difficult, important, and final human challenge and goal of our spiritual path– embodiment of the Divine. Our ultimate healing and transformation come from connecting with, trusting, and surrendering to the Divine. Our will merges with divine will when we can obey and choose to follow divine instructions. To do so we have to give up control, stress, and worry, and relax into the cosmic flow. We don’t do this with will. This can happen only in oneness with the Divine. We realize that we are not the doer, the divine force is the doer.

We don’t want to waste one precious moment while the Sun shines in Pisces. Aries is already anxiously awaiting to kick us into action and new adventures. That is why I am outlining for you the goals of our time together on March 5th and how to achieve them. Take time to practice on your own, and then we will practice together.

Our meditation practice starts with deeply listening.

  1. Listen to the silence in your inner space.
  2. Keep listening until you can trust that the silence is always there.
  3. As you experience that silence is always present, realize that the Divine is always present as a silent Presence.
  4. Acknowledge your concerns. What are you worried about? Be honest.
  5. Ask for help. Put your request into the silent space with gratitude for assistance and guidance.
  6. Trust that help, like silence, is always available. Keep listening.
  7. During the day, stay aware of messages and proof that the Divine is present. Be in gratitude for the smallest hint.
  8. Muffle mental chatter with mantras. Trust their power to work for you as divine intermediaries.
  9. Return to your breath. Inhale SAT. Exhale NAM.
  10. Take time periodically (especially when you feel stressed or anxious) to consciously relax your body. Let go, trust, and surrender to the unknown. Listen deeply to the silent Presence.

It’s time for you to sign up for my March 5 workshop!

Awaken Your Inner Power with Kundalini Yoga

Sunday March 5  (10 AM – 12 PM PST utc-8)

The link to sign up, for more information, and to share is

Those unable to attend the live event (and those who do) will have unlimited access to an edited HD streaming video on their account on to view and practice with. Normally available within a week of the event.)

Zoom link will be sent Friday March 3.
(Those who register after 12:00 noon PST (utc-8) on that day will receive the Zoom link along with their registration confirmation from Ticketleap.)

I look forward to being together soon!

Many blessings,

Guru Rattana :+)