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Aries – The Gift is YOU

Three of the most significant planetary events in 2023 happen in March:

(1) March 8 –  Saturn entered Pisces, where its 2½ year journey will help us reconnect with our soul in physical reality.(see previous blog)

(2) March 12 –  Jupiter and Chiron met in Aries, provoking us to heal and grow by recognizing our soul and integrating our human and divine nature into an expanded, more meaningful, and happier way of being.

(3) March 23 – Pluto moves into Aquarius (see Aquarius blog). There will be more interest in our soul, individual expression, and freedom.

The planets are supporting us in healing our deepest wound – disconnection with our soul and the Divine. Reestablishing our connection makes it possible to experience our true, authentic self.

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March 12 – Jupiter Conjuncts Chiron at 14° Aries

Jupiter and asteroid Chiron meet in Aries only once every 50 years.

This rare conjunction is stimulating profound shifts in our psyche. Healing and awakening are the intention. Memories may surface of when we were ignored, bullied, punished, or misunderstood. Feelings of being inadequate, unloved, ashamed, and unappreciated may arise.

What is being exposed is the identity wound that we are here to heal so we can liberate ourselves from the past and be free in the future. Jupiter magnifies this wound, so we no longer live in denial of the pain we have suffered this lifetime (and previous lifetimes).

Chiron in Aries

Chiron in Aries (2018 – 2027) brings to the fore many issues related to our identity, including how we appear and how we get attention. (In 2022, plastic surgeries increased by 55%.)

Aries primary spiritual theme is the development of our sense of identity and self and finding a deeper more authentic sense of Soul Self. We are concerned with

  1. expressing our uniqueness,
  2. asserting ourselves,
  3. accessing more of our potential,
  4. choosing our life path, and
  5. finding our life purpose.

In general the Aries archetype experiences a certain sense of dissatisfaction because, as the first sign in the Zodiac, it represents the beginning of our journey.

Chiron is the Key to our Natal Chart

Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus, and thus occupies a strategic position between the inner personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) and the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). Because of its elliptical orbit, the amount of time Chiron spends in each sign varies. It spends the longest time in Aries – 8 years and one month.

Saturn symbolizes where our human identity must develop a healthy sense of responsibility, boundaries, inner authority, and autonomy. Saturn always reminds us that being human is a challenging job. But our effort is always worth it, because we find satisfaction as we chisel our diamond in the rough to a radiant jewel.

Orbiting far beyond Saturn, Chiron represents a core issue, which requires connecting with both our humanity and our divinity. Chiron’s role is to oblige us to reconcile and integrate our human nature with our divine nature.

This Chiron/Jupiter conjunction is a pivotal moment in our soul’s lifetime journey to integrate our humanness and our soul essence. We are waking up to the reality that incorporating our divine soul nature into our humanness is of primary importance, and that we must take this task seriously during the time remaining in our short visit to Planet Earth.

Jupiter’s Role

Jupiter’s expansionist goal is not to increase our suffering, but to draw our attention to what matters so we can find the truth of our authentic soul self.

Jupiter represents society’s norms, rules, laws, and unwritten standards. When Jupiter conjuncts Chiron, we become aware of how our individual wounding is the result of deep-rooted parental, social, or religious conditioning and belief systems. The cause of much of our pain and suffering is externally imposed and built into the culture. In other words, our identity wounds are learned and programmed into us. And thus not true!

When expansive Jupiter meets Chiron, it exposes our wound so we can finally identify it and gain clarity. The good news is that Jupiter’s intention is to also reveal the bigger picture that gives us a deeper understanding and meaning to the events in our lives. From a soul perspective, we can find resolution.

Something clicks and a reoccurring theme in our life finally makes sense. Our wound can be ‘healed’ as we realize that this is a critical area in our life that our soul has chosen to deliver us to our destination –  to help us access the learning, growth, and power that make it possible to be who we are.

Our Chiron Wound and Power

Chiron is associated with a wound that we must identify and heal to free ourselves of our existential pain, access our power, and experience a satisfying sense of wholeness. Acknowledgment of our wound is an essential part of our healing process. Healing happens as we make friends with the part of us that feels traumatized, flawed, left out, or not good enough. This requires us to relate to ourselves in a radically different way.

Our Chiron issue appears as an underlying theme that reoccurs in different ways throughout our life. But it is not just the painful episodes that disturb us (e.g. one more ‘failed’ relationship). Something is missing deep inside that worldly success, financial abundance, and good relationships cannot satisfy. A deep emptiness, along with a deep longing, persists.

We grow and mature into responsible adulthood as we learn to deal with the external circumstances of survival in the physical world. And then, there are moments when the planets line up in ways that demand a radical inner shift in how we relate to ourselves and our life. The meeting of Jupiter and Chiron in Aries is such a moment.

Abandonment and Longing

We enter the world with the trauma of physical birth. Our blissful security in the womb is abruptly terminated. Our being carries a nostalgia for oneness with our mother and the Divine Mother.

In Greek mythology, Chiron was abandoned by his parents at birth because of a physical deformity. Our Chiron wound represents abandonment and being thrust into an alien world, where we feel like an unwelcome outcast, who must learn to survive on our own. We interpret this situation as rejection because something is the matter with us.

Our Chiron wound is related to who we are. Similar to the Chiron centaur (half horse and half-human, we must reconcile and embrace both our human and divine nature.

Chiron transits activate feelings of deep longing. In Aries we long to remember who we really are. We long to experience our soul that gives life to our human incarnation. We long to fill the empty space inside with the nurturing and powerful qualities of our soul.

Chiron Healing

Jupiter and Chiron in Aries are working together to help us heal our identity wound and find deeper meaning to our existence. This is not a superficial affair. We are being pushed to find relief from existential pain, which can happen only through our inner experience of our soul and the Divine.

If there is something that keeps triggering you, there is a life lesson that must be learned to reveal a hidden gift and potential that is yet to be realized. This issue is the KEY to something much greater. It will continue to force you to learn lessons that unlock your inner power, embrace your individuality, and find the gift that is YOU!

A Liberating Process of Self Discovery

Every soul comes into a human incarnation to deal with a specific wound as indicated by the sign and house placement of our natal Chiron. Finding resolution motivates us to learn, grow, and evolve. Acceptance that this is how the human journey is designed is a key to loving ourselves and going to the next level of unleashing our potential and gifts.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries is not just about our path of healing, but our journey of Self/Soul discovery. Jupiter and Chiron want us to find our power and beauty within and live from the joy of simply being authentically ourselves.

Chiron is in everyone’s birth chart. So we each have a wound that we must heal through our human search for understanding, meaning, and inner peace. Our healing happens not by avoiding pain, but by being present to the wisdom being revealed in the discomfort, and by working through it.

Several things help us move through this liberating process.

  1. Accepting emotions and feelings as part of living a human life and as messages from our soul.
  2. Being willing to feel uncomfortable, as we process and release stuck energy, misperceptions, and false beliefs.
  3. Accepting fear and uncertainty as givens. In a co-creative and free will world, we always confront uncertainty and take risks.
  4. Being willing to engage in life in order to overcome the anguish and fear of living a superficial and unfulfilled life.
  5. Redefining the learning process in terms of ‘experiment and experience.’ Instead of interpreting the results of our efforts as failure or success, we experiment and witness the results. With more understanding of what works and what doesn’t, we continue with more experimentation, which generates more experiences and more learning.
  6. Savoring our learning experiences as human success stories that serve our soul.

Healing Our Identity Wound

Several weeks (at least) before the exact transit, we can feel its influence. You may have noticed  events, signs, or developments that provoke both feelings of vulnerability and hope. Continue to stay present to what you are experiencing. Don’t dismiss what is happening or judge yourself. Pay attention to what you feel. Listen to your heart. Profound shifts are occurring deep within each of us.

Our healing is not over after March 12! A deep shift has occurred and this is the beginning of our next phase. Our mental, emotional, and physical health will continue to be impacted by how we relate to who we are.

Worldly success, achievements, and money cannot heal our identity wound. It can only be healed internally with recognition and connection with our soul. First we have to recognize that we have a soul. Then we have to identify why we have denied, forgot, and ignored our soul.

Self-Analysis and Inquiry

A critical part of our healing process is to understand what happened in our life and how we made decisions that disconnected us from our soul. But no matter how traumatic, unfair, or crazy, our healing and awakening depend upon us taking personal responsibility for our own evolutionary growth. Like it or not, that is how Earth School works. We have to stop blaming others, society, and God. We have to cease blaming ourselves and adopt an attitude of compassion toward ourselves.

Chiron brings our attention to where we feel inadequate, vulnerable, ashamed, and challenged.

We feel that we are not enough and thus need to hide or prove ourselves worthy. We feel disoriented, conflicted, and never content. We abuse ourselves in subtle and damaging ways, including overworking and stress,  physical abuse, self-inflicted wounds, abuse of drugs, alcohol and medication. We numb ourselves and abandon or betray our souls in so many ways.

Whatever our story and how it got written, a critical piece is being revealed right now. We are being guided to awaken to our soul and empower ourselves from within.  Below I outline what we can do as related to each of the zodiac signs and their related houses. No matter the sign of our natal Chiron, its house placement, and the house that contains Aries, we all have something to learn from all twelve archetypes.

Chiron in Your Birth Chart

As Chiron travels through different signs, it brings up different issues. Our individual wound and healing is indicated by the sign of our Chiron and its house placement.

To find the sign of your Chiron consult the chart on this link:

In your birth chart, Chiron will be in the house that corresponds to that sign. Chiron in Aries will be in the house ruled by Aries. For the exact placement enter your birth data on this site.

Chiron through the Zodiac

Chiron in Aries and the First House
We must develop a supportive relationship between our ego and personality and our soul, love ourselves, and shine the light of our soul. As we do so, we experience a sense of appreciation for who we are and a passion for living our life to the fullest.

Chiron in Taurus and the Second House
Our healing happens as we appreciate the gift of our body as the vessel of our soul, and learn how to support ourselves in the world. As we care for our body as the vessel of our soul, we deepen our physical contentment and pleasure.

Chiron in Gemini and the Third House
Our healing comes through being honest with ourselves and communicating from our hearts. With deep listening to the silence under the chatter, we hear the voice of our soul.

Chiron in Cancer and the Fourth House
Healing requires feeling our emotions, emotional honesty, and learning to feel cozy and nurtured by our inner space.

Chiron in Leo and the Firth House
Our healing happens as we enjoy our own personal creative process and expression and learn how to co-create with the Universe.

Chiron in Virgo and the Sixth House
Our personal sense of wholeness, autonomy, and independence results in our experience of our personal presence that is both deeply satisfying and impactful.

Chiron in Libra and the Seventh House
Our healing comes from paying attention to who we are in relationship and holding the space of acceptance and compassion inside for ourselves and with each other.

Chiron in Scorpio and the 8th house
We have the power and inner fortitude to deal with and evolve out of trauma, abuse, and abandonment. Our healing happens as we learn to trust, follow, and act from our inner truth. We no longer abandon ourselves

Chiron in Sagittarius and the 9th house
We give ourselves permission to explore and discover our own way. We find our inner compass. We discover, follow, have faith in, and trust our own path.

Chiron in Capricorn and the 10th House
Our healing happens as we learn to climb our own mountain and feel confident to interact in the world with integrity. We recognize ourselves and our own contribution. We participate with poise and grace in the world.

Chiron in Aquarius and the 11th house
Our healing happens as we learn to value, and not be afraid to express, what makes us unique and stand out as different. We no longer feel like an outsider, alone, or rejected because we honor and accept ourselves.

Chiron in Pisces and the 12th house
We get in touch with a deep emptiness, which we identify as a disconnection from our soul and the Divine. Healing requires aligning with the non-physical subtle universal forces and trusting and surrendering to the sacred unfoldment of life. We feel unconditional love flowing through our being.

Meditation  – A Conversation between Ego and Soul

Identity Wounds

Our ego identity wounds fall in four general categories.

  1. Shame – We believe that something is the matter with us, for which there is no solution.
  2. Guilt – We believe that we have done something wrong. We feel undeserving and unworthy.
  3. Inadequacy – We feel that we are not good, smart, or qualified enough. We are never enough.
  4. Mistake – Our most painful identity wound is when we feel we don’t have the right to exist, and that somehow we were a mistake.

An Inner Reckoning with Ourselves

We are not here by chance. We are all here for a reason. When we do our Chiron work, many of our life challenges start to make sense. We realize that we are here to learn how to live, love, and manifest in physical realty. Our soul has come to Planet Earth to learn lessons, express our gifts, and add our contribution to the world.

A pivotal piece of our healing process is that we have to undergo an inner reckoning within ourselves – between our ego stories and our soul. This includes accepting that we exist, and that this very fact is proof that we deserve to exist and be who we are.

A Conversation between Ego You and Soul You

Your personal healing happens in a conversation between YOU and YOU. Between ego you and your soul, you and your higher power, you and your inner child, you and your inner voices and their stories. Honesty, self-intimacy, and vulnerability are required.

Your must not only talk, you must LISTEN because this is a conversation, not a monologue. You are not trying to convince your wounded parts that you are OK. You will know you are OK when you listen to your heart, hear the voice of your soul, and believe what they are telling you.

Seriously consider that out of the countless trillions of genetic combinations, YOU made it. Unknown, inexplicable forces colluded so YOU could be here today. Talk yourself through this until you believe it and start relating to yourself, the world, and the Universe from the truth that your soul is alive in a human body and that you deserve to exist. Your existence in not a mistake. It is a miracle!

There is a reason that you made it. YOU are unique and that uniqueness is what YOU came here to express, share, and celebrate.

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