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Dear Friends

Sat Nam

The Sun enters Libra on the day of the equinox – September 23rd.

I am currently in the beautiful Frushka Mountains in northern Serbia, teaching my annual teacher training course for Russian Kundalini Yoga students. This training includes translation for Russian-speaking students and this year is attended be students from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Bashkortostan.

I ran out of time this year during my preparations for my European tour and was unable to write in advance this month’s astrological report.

It is now over 18 years since I published my first edition of the New Millennium Being newsletter. Over the course of its 200 issues I wrote about Libra on a number of occasions. The New Millennium Being now has its own website, and all the issues are receiving a long-overdue face lift, with new formatting and minor re-editing. It is an astrological  treasure trove, and provides a wealth of timeless information on the fundamental principles of astrology.

This blog and the New Millennium Being also share a common search facility. If you search here for the keyword “Libra” you will find a number of very relevant New Millennium Being articles mentioned in your results. I would recommend, in particular, that you check out the following:

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Happy reading.

Guru Rattana  :+)

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