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Virgo – Healing through Service and Meditation

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Practical Virgo helps us tune into the gifts that we came here to use to serve humanity.

August 22 – The Sun Moves into Virgo

at 3:21 PM PDT (22:21 GMT)

Mother Earth Virgo helps us embody our sensitivity and use it to be grounded, productive, and useful. Virgo reminds us not to get lost in our emotions and fantasies, but to use our sensitivity to tune into our mission, and then to take practical steps to bring our dreams into reality.

September 6 – Pisces Full Moon Conjunct Neptune

12:02 AM PDT (7:02 GMT) at 13 degrees

At the Pisces Full Moon our sensory system becomes highly attuned to non-physical energies. As the last water sign, Pisces represents the level of our emotional body that feels the energetic dynamics of humanity, the collective field, and all life. This expanded sensitivity makes Pisces deeply aware of the pain and suffering of the world. It also awakens us to the reality of oneness and unconditional love. However, to avoid being pulled into a sense of helplessness and despair (as we view the chaos on the planet), Pisces helps us attune ourselves to the higher frequencies of Spirit and universal love.

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, closely aligns with this Full Moon, amplifying the lessons, challenges, and gifts of Pisces. At the Pisces solar eclipse February 26, 2017, the Sun, Moon, and Neptune were conjunct. Seeds that we planted at that time can now be manifested in physical reality.

While Neptune is in Pisces (2011-2025), our collective mission is to heal the negative shadow side of the Piscean Age. This is a big job, because the whole of humanity has been mesmerized by the illusions of separation from Source and soul. When we perceive reality as other than ourselves, we fall prey to feeling victimized by something outside ourselves. We can be overwhelmed by a sense of powerlessness and succumb to addictions to try to relieve our pain. Disconnection feeds many forms of denial and delusion.

We can each help heal the wounds imposed upon us all in the Piscean Age. Our personal participation is the cornerstone of the collective evolutionary process. Our upliftment makes it possible to create the Aquarian Age from an upgraded experience of who we are and why we are here — each to serve Love in our own unique way.

The Pisces Full Moon activates our healing by revealing our oneness with all and thus freeing us from the illusion of separation. We realize that we are not alone. In the spiritual frequencies of oneness, it is possible to relax, accept things the way they are, forgive, and be compassionate toward ourselves and others. In this higher state of consciousness, our actions to create change are based on peace, not conflict. Instead of creating resistance (with hatred or anger), we open portals (with kindness and compassion) that support the evolutionary flow of constant transformation.

Pisces and the water signs are about emotional healing. We must experience at the feeling level in our emotional body how and why our energy is blocked. To liberate the flow of our emotional being, we must love without judgment what we feel (both comfortable and uncomfortable feelings). We can’t think or analyze ourselves through this process. When we can be in acceptance and surrender to our own nurturing flow, our heart can open. We can connect with the universal flow of life. And we can enjoy the expansive and inclusive reality of oneness.

When we bring this elevated consciousness to whatever we are doing in the world, we make an invaluable contribution to planetary healing. This is very important to realize because there is so much resistance and negativity in the world. The efforts we make may sometimes seem inconsequential or even useless. But don’t succumb to any of these defeatist ideas. We live in a very difficult period of time as we move into the Aquarian Age. We are being challenged to the core to find and hold the space of love in our hearts.

“Love gives you the power to merge from finite to Infinity. Love gives you the power to trust from nothing to everything. Love gives you power whenever you need it. The most powerful prayer between you and your Creator is infused with and focused on love.” Yogi Bhajan

September 5 – Mercury Goes Direct

at 4:30 AM PDT (11:30 GMT)

Mercury goes direct at 28 degrees Leo — the same degree and sign of the August 21 solar eclipse. Be receptive to guidance on how to move forward with your life plans. Deep truths can be revealed that tune us into our sovereign power and liberate our mind and emotions from karmic programming. Use the energy of Mercury moving into Virgo September 9 and Mars at 0 degrees Virgo September 5, to move forward with your creative contribution to serve the collective in your own special way.

September 19-20 – Virgo New Moon

10:29 PM PDT (5:29 AM GMT) at 27 degrees Virgo

Virgo teaches us that to claim our power we have to be focused in the here and now. To make things happen, we have to deal with what is in front of us. Priestess Virgo reminds us that healing begins by taking care of the temple of our body and by tending to the sacred environment provided by Mother Earth. Virgo’s discerning mind invites us to refine and use our capacity for discernment to identify and assess what nourishes us and what deprives us of energy. Wherever there is chaos, we can restore order by simplifying, refining, and choosing wisely what is in alignment with our truth and what is not. We are well advised to focus on what works for us and to stop thinking about (giving energy to) what does not.

Virgo New Moon Opposes Chiron in Pisces

The asteroid Chiron represents our inner wounds that serve as motivators to engage in self-healing, which in turn awakens us to our gifts. In the process of dealing with our wounds, we activate our unique capacities to serve and help others and Mother Earth. Our healing process requires acknowledging our pain, and not trying to cover it up or simply attempting to cope. Our healing involves facing where we feel inadequate, weak, and lack self-esteem — and opening our hearts to ourselves with unconditional self-love.

Our healing requires self-acceptance and letting go of the idea that we can and must be perfect. Service in a critical part of our healing process. We don’t wait until we have perfected our skills. We develop our skills through practice. We heal while we make our contribution. In other words, we have to give to receive. We have to help others and contribute to the collective good to be healed ourselves.

Saturn in Sagittarius Square Chiron in Pisces

Saturn in Sagittarius squares both the New Moon and Chiron. Saturn adds more pressure to take our healing process seriously so we can move forward in offering our contribution to planetary healing. Saturn makes it clear that it is more painful to live in denial and illusion than to face and interact realistically in the physical world and to abide by the laws of the universe as they play out on Planet Earth. We are working up to Saturn’s third and final square to Chiron on November 2, which is helping us give up our defensiveness, and instead find the inner freedom that liberates us to express our own truth in the world.

We are in the Future Now

The Aquarian and Leo eclipses in August have helped precipitate an awakening to a new perspective on life. The Saturn Pisces square advises us to quit focusing on old pain that may never totally go away, especially if we indulge in keeping it alive! Virgo reminds us that our job now is to find our gifts and devote our lives to service. The past recedes into the horizon, as we engage in the exciting journey of being alive now at this transitional time between the Piscean and Aquarian Ages.

Planetary evolution happens one soul at a time. We can remove our sense of powerlessness when we experience how we can make a difference in others lives and help them live more productive and fulfilling lives themselves. We make our contribution to the whole world by changing our attitude, expanding our awareness, and sharing love in every situation. Our individual steps give us a sense of empowerment. Helping others and Mother Earth gives us hope for the future.


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Meditation from The Gift of Womanhood, by Guru Rattana, PhD, p. 304.

For Setting the Physical Plane in Order

To begin, stretch the body well and feel good all over. Then, sit with a straight spine and place the right hand on top of the left hand, pressing the thumbs together. Hold this mudra at diaphragm level, take a deep breath, and chant:





The chanting is long and slow. The final “Har” is chanted until the breath is out. “Ha” and “ri” are two separate sounds.

Focus the closed eyes on the brow point, looking out through the third eye. As the mind settles, you may see various colors flash onto your mental screen — at first some black, then a little red. Finally you will start seeing green. When you do, meditate on that color, letting it fill the entire consciousness with a vibration of health, well-being, creativity, and productivity.

COMMENTS: This meditation is particularly effective for those who want to practice self-healing and for those who deal with other people’s mental problems. It is good for anyone who wishes to heal a troubled relationship, because its main effect is to set the physical plane in order. Stress is the product of practical concerns, and this meditation works on the problem and imparts the peace of mind that comes with doing something positive about a situation. Meditating on the color green is good for those who want divine green energy in their home. Gold is good for grounding and manifesting. White is not recommended as it takes us out of the body. With practice you will understand the power of this meditation, and it will lift your spirit in a real and practical way. All forms of Har are for manifestation.

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