Jupiter in Scorpio – A Year of Deep Emotions and Feminine Power

Astrology with Guru Rattana

Have you been feeling a lot of intensity lately? You are not alone. And the intensity has just begun. October 10 Jupiter entered Scorpio territory, where it will stay for 13 months – through November 2018. One month down and 12 more to go!

October 22 the Sun entered Scorpio (through November 20), joined by Mercury (October 17 – November 4) and Venus (November 7-30).

November 18 – Scorpio New Moon

3:42 AM PST (8:42 GMT) at 27º Scorpio
The Scorpio New Moon, which formed on Saturday, November 18, invites us to devote the next year (until the next Scorpio New Moon) to healing the past so we can live in the present. To embrace our journey, we need to acknowledge that our soul has embodied to engage in an evolutionary process of wakening up from a deep unconscious sleep so we can become more conscious and heart-centered. In Scorpio territory, we do so by facing our deepest fears and remembering our oneness with the Divine Mother.

Scorpio reminds us that the nature of our Earth experience is not designed to deliver us to a pre-packed guaranteed nirvana. We have to work hard to just meet our basic human needs. It is even harder to wake up to non-physical Spirit in this dense physical reality. It is however possible to awaken to a state of inner happiness with serious dedicated training and willingness to befriend inner demons that block the way. Scorpio leads us into the emotional terrain of the unconscious where awakening happens.

Scorpio also initiates the season of dying, when we remember our mortality and deal with the aging process. In darkness, we renew our commitment to life. We are inspired to live our short lives fully with gratitude and awareness of the richness offered to us by Mother Earth.

October 10, 2017 – November 8, 2018 – Jupiter in Scorpio

Scorpio shines light into the dark in order to expose what has been concealed. In Scorpio territory, there is no place to hide. With Jupiter in Scorpio we can look forward to more revelations of sexual abuse and the misuse of power. The abused are coming forward because they are no longer able or willing to hold the pain of the unresolved traumas they have experienced. The time is ripe for the truth telling that makes healing and transformation possible.

Jupiter is about expansion,. What Jupiter expands depends upon our energy and focus. If we are seething with negativity, we send out messages to give us experiences that expand our negativity. If we have a positive and grateful attitude, Jupiter gifts us with opportunities and good fortune. Although Jupiter favors the positive, it doesn’t deliver without our participation. We have to recognize and take advantage of what is available. We have to pick the fruit. It doesn’t just fall into our lap.

Jupiter is about both beneficial growth and extending ourselves beyond our limits. It is our personal responsibility to monitor what we can handle and not sabotage our good fortune with excessive desires and greed or with gullibility and naiveté.

Unconscious Jupiter can be over enthusiastic and opinionated. An obsessive righteous stance combined with the intensity of fixed Scorpio leaves no room for flexibility, openness to others’ opinions, or compromise. When the righteous would rather die than change or cooperate, Scorpio territory can get ugly and even lethal. The good news is that there are limits even to extremism. When we are confronted at the end of the road, the hidden truth will be revealed. Pandora’s box opens not only to an intense reckoning with the truth, but also allows us to discover buried treasures.

The degree to which much of the human population is emotionally tormented and mentally unstable is going to be further exposed. We are going to witness more insanity by deeply disturbed people who can’t get help, don’t want help, and never got the help they needed. We are already witnessing that what were once rare and isolated incidents of violence are becoming a common part of life. Too many people are unable to handle the intense energies infusing the Planet. This is true not only of those involved in mass killings, but of the general population who are finding it increasingly hard to handle the stress and pressures of life.

In the collective arena, shared resources will be seriously examined — accumulation of wealth and its distribution and the quality and use of our common resources — air, water, and land. Hot topics related to death and dying, include heath care, aging, retirement, and the right to live and die.

Strategies that Work

Jupiter’s favorable alignment (sextile) with Pluto 3 times in 2018 (January 15, April 14, and September 12) supports profound and positive changes personally and collectively. Scorpio’s insistence on integrity urges us to live in alignment with our highest values and goals.

Letting go of what is not working and daring to move on are key components of the formula for being receptive to new opportunities and expansion of our perspective of what is possible and what is real.

There is no room for fantasies and illusion in Scorpio territory. In fact, Scorpio finds fake and phony seriously annoying. There is an anxious and sometimes threatening overtone in Scorpio territory. We are tested and must face harsh realities. We are forced to make decisions that will affect our long-term future. Fortunately, Scorpio has the internal grit and stamina to ‘face the music,’ to ‘do what needs to be done,’ and to embrace a new uncertain reality. We aren’t actually physically dying, we are discarding old baggage so we can live lighter and freer lives. After the plunge, where also seems to be lost, the phoenix rises from the ashes.

The Taurus/Scorpio Polarity Pair

Zodiac energies work in polarities, which are either classified as masculine or feminine. Air and fire signs are considered masculine (mental). Water and earth signs are feminine (flowing and emotional). Earth Taurus and Scorpio Water embody the Earth Mother and the deep, dark feminine.

Taurus is the earthy, sensual expression of Venus, the Goddess of Love, who seeks to experience the pleasures of the body and the material world. Taurus is concerned with basic survival needs and seeks physical comfort and security. However, excess worry and hoarding block our abundance and diminish our vitality.

Scorpio is needed to overcome or avoid stagnation and being stuck in survival mode. Scorpio helps us break free from unnecessary and unhealthy attachments that hold us back. Taurus/Scorpio themes are about finding an appropriate balance between holding on (Taurus) and letting go (Scorpio). This pair is also about embracing life in its totality (not selectively) and not as opposites, but as essential parts of the birth, life, death, and rebirth cycle. Remembering that our special life is temporary motivates us to live fully in the moment and to stay centered in our authentic soul self.

Scorpio is concerned with releasing, transforming, and healing that which is negatively consuming our energy and power. Scorpio reminds us of the necessity of descending into the uncomfortable emotional terrain that controls how we perceive and live our lives. To truly appreciate and embrace all aspects of our being, we must acknowledge the wounds of our inner child, the sadness of not feeling nurtured, and the negative twist around sensitive, sensual, emotional, and feminine power.

There is much grief, pain, and suffering lingering in our personal and collective psyches about the abuse of power related to women, children, Mother Earth, feelings, sexuality, and the Sacred Feminine. Negative beliefs and programs related to a victim perspective, worthiness, and receptivity block us from relaxing into the flow of existence and feeling vital and healthy.

This is a year of brutal honesty, awakening, and redefinition of power.

The Magic of Privacy

Scorpio is not a lightweight energy. Its fixity can come off as heaviness due to deep resistance, pent up emotional pain, and the effort needed to not explode from the intensity of unresolved emotional traumas.

Scorpio guards its privacy, not to hide from reality, but to be in touch with what is real. Scorpio teaches us that we must learn to contain and hold our vulnerable and highly sensitive watery energy. Existing beyond the realm of mental concepts, this energy is unavailable for mental control, which is capable only of suppressing this vital life force. Containment is Scorpio’s source of strength. Instead of trying to control the uncontrollable, Scorpio’s power comes from our deep connection with the emotional energies that run like a deep river in our psyche. Monitoring through feeling and listening to these energies of the soul, we are empowered to make good choices and to be at choice on how to express and be nurtured by our emotional energy. When Scorpio is truly free through its own transformation and awakening, it gets in touch with its magical transformative and healing powers.

Feeling into Our Emotional Depths

Scorpio lives in the realm of feeling, not intellect, where intuitive/instinctual knowing is deep, honest, authentic, and wise. Scorpio doesn’t rely solely on analysis with the rational mind. Scorpio is a master strategist because its analysis is founded on feeling what is true. Scorpio knows that what we feel instinctually may contradict and not make sense to our superficial ego-mind. Our feelings take us out of our comfort zone. Scorpio is willing to feel uncomfortable until it uncovers the best path.

Scorpio is witness to the emotional depths of our soul where we connect to our core motivations, desires, and truth that lie ready to be discovered under the rubble of wounded and superficial conditioning and conventional lies.

Scorpio walks on the edge of the double edged sword. It is the challenge and the will power needed to find balance on the edge that gives Scorpio the juice and the aliveness to keep walking. Scorpio’s path of transformation requires facing our fears and embracing the mystery of the evolution of consciousness. Many are intimidated by Scorpio’s hidden powers and mystery. Scorpio thrives on intensity and welcomes the mystery that can lead to mastery.

It is normal to have some fear attached to wanting to go for something bigger than we have heretofore experienced, i.e. to jump into the unknown. Scorpio teaches us to distinguish between fear as a warning sign and fear as a message to push the envelope. In Scorpio territory there is a deep motivation to unleash the power that comes from facing the fear related to an area where we feel stagnant or stuck. In what area of your life do you need an upgrade and renewal — intimate relationships, emotional maturity, financial matters, work and profession, personal identity?

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, which means that relaxing into the flow can be met with resistance and even paralyzing fear. Fixity in the emotional realm expresses as a lack of movement, frozen feelings, and pent up unexpressed emotions. In an unconscious state, Scorpio stings to protect and defend a wounded psyche. Conscious Scorpio embraces the pain and coaxes it to heal with an accepting heart.

Uranus Activation

Uranus activates this Scorpio New Moon, which means that unpredictable Uranus can suddenly shake us out of our comfort zone. Uranus shocks us so we can look at things differently and identify deep issues that hide behind and feed our fears. The best approach to any shake up is to view it as cosmic assistance to interrupt unhealthy patterns and defensive modes of operation. Awakening to and releasing programs, beliefs, relationships, and situations that no longer serve us can do wonders to renew our vitality, self-esteem, and enthusiasm for life.

Fear can act as a legitimate alert system and a normal reaction when we are about to enter unchartered territory. When we deeply listen to and feel our fear, it becomes our friend, not our foe. What is fear trying to tell you? When we honor how it is trying to protect us and stay present to our breath, sensations in our body, and our heart, we can stop resisting. When we stop resisting, we can awaken to a dynamic awareness and aliveness that is unleashed in our whole being.

Scorpio, Mars, and Pluto

The Scorpio archetype and its modern ruler Pluto are associated with the dark — the taboo, the hidden, the occult, and the unknown. Their evolutionary goal involves our inner alchemical process of transmuting unconscious energy into conscious power. Scorpio deals with the shadow, our unrefined or less desirable qualities, and our power, truth, and light, which have been repressed or denied. In shadow territory we are strongly repulsed by or attracted to certain situations and people, which we keep encountering in similar manifestations of the same type of problem or pattern.

In our normal unconscious state, the human subconscious mind determines 90-95% of our thoughts, communications, and actions, i.e. we operate from auto-pilot most of the time. Our subconscious mind selects the sensory data that we receive and determines what is important and what is not. That which reaches our conscious awareness is filtered through our programming and is communicated through our emotional body.

Scorpio and Pluto (named after the Roman God of the Underworld) lead us on the decent into the basement of our psyche where transformation is possible by awakening our unconscious. Prior to Pluto’s discovery in 1930, Mars was the traditional ruler of Scorpio. Both rulers are relevant to our personal journey and have something important to teach us.

Jupiter in Scorpio can signal major turning points in our lives, if we are able and willing to make an internal shift in relationship to major life issues. When we access the strength of our inner Mars, we can tap into our personal willpower and courage to do what needs to be done. Decisive, well-directed, and responsible action make it possible to use pent up anger (fire energy) constructively and creatively, which results in a resolution to inner conflict. Pluto requires that we honestly uncover our motivations and make sure that we are directed by our truth, and nothing but the truth.

November 19 – Mars/Pluto Square – The Heart of Power

at 18º Libra-Capricorn

Mars and Pluto form an exact square the day after the New Moon. Although the square is exact on November 19, the impact of any planetary interaction involving the slow moving outer planets (Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus) builds up before, is active after the exact moment, and has long-term implications. This intense and passionate duo challenges us (1) to get real honest, (2) to clarify our commitments, (3) to take clear and decisive action, (4) to define and live within our limits, and (5) to be open to major internal and external changes.

A Mars/Pluto square formation can indicate a power struggle and a need to take action. We are tested to see how we define and use power — a major theme while Jupiter travels through Scorpio. Feelings of powerlessness overcome and dictate the actions of those not connected to their inner power. When subconscious fear programming rules, we feel victimized by external forces and try to compensate by power-over and shame/blame strategies that entangle us in webs of completion, manipulation, and win-lose scenarios.

Resolution requires speaking and acting from our truth. Speaking our truth is not about aggressive assertion that threatens or intimidates others. It is first and foremost about being honest with ourselves, which requires feeling the intensity of our emotional messages.

In Scorpio territory we generally have to feel uncomfortable before we can feel comfortable. Using its intrinsic bravery, Scorpio not only does not hide from the truth, it uncovers secrets and mysteries that elude those who are consumed by fear. It is important to remember that Scorpio’s essential goal is not to feel passively comfortable, but to feel dynamically alive. Higher wisdom is revealed in the alchemical caldron where passion for life and living is brewed.

Scorpio demonstrates its power when it can speak the truth in total silence. We have to be able to totally hold the truth in our physical, emotional and mental bodies to do so. This is where the fixity of Scorpio comes in handy. We do not waver. We simply radiate light. There is nothing to say. Light speaks silently as it dispels all darkness.

Awakening of the Divine Feminine

Scorpio energy embodies the element of water, the deep feminine, the dark mysterious territory where life begins and magic happens. To enter Scorpio territory we have to transcend our defenses, allow ourselves to be vulnerable, let go of the need to control, trust our inner truth, and surrender to a higher power.

Hidden under fear is understanding. Hidden under fear is love. In darkness, the Divine Feminine is awakened. We are already witnessing the power of the feminine as women come forth to expose systemic abuse, disrespect, and exploitation of women. Only the empowered feminine can take down the perverse patriarchy. It is happening now. The revolution has just begun.

At the core of our being every woman and man can find love. But we have to traverse fear to get to love. Those who can find and HOLD love in their mind and physical and emotional bodies transform themselves and participate in transforming the world. It is an intense process to release the tentacles of shame, guilt, fear, anger, and sadness. We have to unlearn behaviors and feel uncomfortable feelings. We have to identify what is driving our vehicle and install a self-supportive and compassionate driver.

Scorpio is about acquiring authentic personal power. When we feel alive to our core, we can tap into the divine feminine that awaits to be awakened and expressed in her subtle glory. Once every 13 years, Jupiter in Scorpio gives us a chance to heal our wounds, find the beauty and power of the feeling feminine, and enjoy the nurturing love of the Mother. The time is now!

November 22 – Neptune Stations Direct

at 11º Pisces

A key to navigating the deep emotional Scorpio terrain is to get connected to the universal flow of life where our soul is fed by infinite acceptance and Love. Bathed in the cosmic ocean, there is nothing to defend, only the truth of oneness to be enjoyed. Both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces are helping attune us to this expansive and loving reality.

Neptune operates in territory without boundaries where unity and oneness are reality. Neptune’s 5 month yearly retrograde began on June 16 at 14º14′ Pisces. In its retrograde phase, we become aware of where we have succumbed to distractions and addictions in false and futile attempts to connect with a higher power and our own internal feeling soul power.

November 21-23 are opportune days to meditate, to engage in creative endeavors that benefit from divine inspiration, and to open our hearts to existence beyond thought and concepts. Take advantage of quiet time to tune into the silence within. Don’t space out or allow yourself to lose these precious moments in distracting diversions. Tune into and trust what you feel. What you feel is the flowing feminine polarity of your soul.


Yesterday I was taking a relaxing evening walk to watch the sunset. Along the way an older man with 2 dogs on leashes approached me. The small black terrier started barking at me. The golden retriever walked calmly like an enlightened Buddha. The man apologized for his smaller dog’s behavior. He shared, “I don’t understand. He has never barked like this before. It started about a month ago. Now he barks at people, cars, and other moving objects.”

The man was so nice and seemed so perplexed that I dared to share with him that I am an astrologer and that about a month ago there were some planetary movements that could have affected his dog’s behavior. (I didn’t get specific about Jupiter entering Scorpio.) He listened and was open to the idea. He thanked me and walked away grateful that the little dog was now calm and quiet.

We have a year to observe barking dogs and walking Buddhas. May we all become walking Buddhas. :+)


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