Libra Blesses Us with Peace – 2018

Astrology with Guru Rattana

Libra is a catalyst for creating beauty, harmony, and connection. Specializing in the mental and social arenas, Libra’s overriding goals are to achieve greater balance within oneself, in our relationships, and in the world.

September 22-23 – The Sun Shines in Libra

6:55 PM PDT (1:55 GMT)

Libra, the cardinal air sign, initiates the second half of a yearly cycle at the Fall Equinox (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere). In the Northern Hemisphere we turn inward and seek to awaken our inner light.

Libra knows that the social secret is very simple. Our relationships are based on how we make each other feel. Everyone wants to feel good, and everyone wants to feel loved. Graceful Libra sets the example — make others feel happy, important, and honored by our interactions and presence.

September 24-25 – Aries Full Moon

7:52 PM PDT (2:52 GMT) 1 degree Aries and Sun 1 degree Libra

Full Moons bring things to our attention. The Aries Full Moon brings our self into focus. Connected with Chiron at 1 degrees Aries, the Aries Full Moon reminds us of wounds that need healing. Opposed by the Sun, Mercury, and asteroid Ceres (all conjunct in Libra), we are being urged to be honest about our pain, problems, and needs. Aries takes us back to the beginning, to our primal needs, to our innocence, and to our impulse to cry out when something is the matter.

Libra calls forth a caring and loving response, without judgment, shame, or blame. The fiery impatience of Aries is soothed with compassionate neutral Libra caring.

Ceres in Libra calls forth the unconditional love of a compassionate mother. Many people have experienced a withholding of love and angry agitated emotional energy from their mothers. And undoubtedly many mothers too have experienced the same from their mothers. These early experiences imprint us with a sense of neediness that drives us to try to get what we perceive as missing. We seek salve for wounds that have not yet been healed, or even recognized.

The question as adults is how can we get our missing nurturing needs met? A classic answer would be to find a mate. But the Libra archetype should not be interpreted only as pursuing a relationship with a partner. Libra helps us define HOW we want to BE in relationship, including the relationship with ourselves.

The me first Aries archetype directs us back to ourselves. The Ram’s fiery spirit encourages us to be self-reliant and to seek answers and solace in self-knowing, self-confidence, and self-nurturing. Libra seeks compromise and win-win outcomes. How about seeking balance within ourselves by addressing our various needs and supporting ourselves in getting them met with self-confirming attitudes, thoughts, and attitudes?

Cardinal T-Square with Saturn, Vesta, Moon, and Sun

Saturn and asteroid Vesta, both in Capricorn, form a cardinal t-square with the Aries Full Moon and the Libra Sun. Capricorn offers patience and steadiness to the volatile Aries. The Libra Sun shines a conciliatory balm of reason, detachment, and neutrality. Saturn offers the deep understanding that comes from life experience. Saturn also links us up to ancient wisdom and wise teachers who appear in many forms.

Vesta offers elevated spiritual counsel. Vesta represents the internal flame, the Kundalini, and awakened consciousness. Vesta is the inner hearth where we return to regenerate, center ourselves, find inner peace, and establish a sense of the calm order within. Vesta offers us the strategic option of distancing ourselves from external drama and disturbing distractions. We retreat not to surrender, but to take care of ourselves, to find our own truth, to consolidate our own energy, and to sit calmly with the flame of our soul. Vesta keeps our flame alive.

October 5 -Venus goes Retrograde

12:05 PM PST (19:05 GMT) at 11 degrees Scorpio.

All the personal planets have been in forward motion since September 6 when Saturn turned direct. (Currently the three outer planets — Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto — are all retrograde.)

Venus, the other personal planet, goes retrograde October 6 for six weeks (until it goes direct November 16.) Venus goes retrograde at 11 degrees Scorpio, moves back into Libra October 31, and will be at 25 degrees Libra when it goes direct November 26. (The same day that Mercury goes retrograde again.)

Venus retrograde gives us time to get in touch with what we really want. It is interesting to look back and observe how things that we thought we wanted didn’t happen because at a deep level we didn’t really want them or we were afraid of the consequences and responsibilities of having them.

One woman explains it this way — ‘I now realize that only a sincere desire will be fulfilled. It is very important for me to feel and be in the flow of this knowing. If I continue to stay connected to this truth, life itself will help me.’

Venus retrograde is a time to be very honest about what we really want. What would make you happy and give you a sense of peace? Ask your heart and deeply listen. You might be surprised.

September 10 – Mars enters Uranus

where it stays through November 14.

With Mars in Uranus, we are being supported in finding innovative solutions to common problems and out of the box approaches to life’s challenges. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of your imagination expressed as creative ideas.

October 8-9 – Libra New Moon

at 15 degrees Libra 8:47 PM PDT (3:47 GMT)

Our inner Libra learns and grows by becoming aware of how what we see in others is a reflection of ourselves. Everyone is a mirror that reflects a part of us.

The ever-present challenge for Libra is to find and stay in the still point at the center of the Scales. Without the point of balance firmly anchoring in the mind, Libra fluctuates between extremes in a desperate (and unsuccessful) attempt to find equilibrium. Imagine a see-saw and trying to balance two people at each end. The still point is not found by balancing extremes (or people). It is found by awakening the eternal stillness available in our neutral mind.

Ultimately Libra seeks awakened consciousness that transcends the conflicts and pressures of daily life. In the neutral mind we not only find inner peace, we gain an expanded perspective on our human problems and how to deal with them. Libra teaches that what we really want is inner peace and harmony and the ability to live life fully from a compassionate heart.

Our Relationships Should Feed Us

Libra’s goal is to consciously hold the neutral space for ourselves in relationships and not be pulled away by commotional emotions. Neutral space and stable focus make detachment possible. From our neutral stance we can acknowledge, allow, and love our feelings, without getting drawn into emotional entanglements. This elevated neutral stance of the observer is a prerequisite for functional relationships. We don’t feel obliged to take care of another’s emotions in order to feel safe and loved. We can stop trying to avoid feeling our own emotions, and honor them as messages from our soul.

Gentle Libra teaches us that relationships should not be emotionally draining. Of course, adjustments, accommodations, and compromise are required, but beyond that we must share common ground. Life events and stressors can be challenging. But the relationship itself should not send each another into a perpetual roller-coaster ride.

Relationships should nourish each other. They should provide a safe, comforting refuge when worldly activities challenge us. Instead of isolating ourselves, we come together and help each other work things out. Yes, healthy, balanced relationships require work, but constant drama is not a solid foundation upon which to build. When we find someone who fits our temperament, we feel like we have come home.

Relationships are about building a team. Libra shows us that magic happens in relationships when we cultivate shared that is ‘ours.’ In this mutual place, we transcend the limitations of ‘mine’ and enter the vast inclusive arena of higher love.

One More Month of Jupiter in Scorpio

For one more month, through November 6, Jupiter expands our awareness of our emotional reality. October 21 the Sun shines in Scorpio. To traverse Scorpio territory, we need Libra’s detachment, neutral mind, and grace, which blesses everyone with peace.

“Your Vision will become Clear only when You look into your Heart. 

Who looks outside, Dreams; who looks within; Awakens.” – Carl Jung


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