Scorpio 2018 – Deep Transformation Awakens the Light Within

Astrology with Guru Rattana

Scorpio teaches us that we must go through intensely charged emotional ordeals in order to transform and to create meaningful and authentic lives for ourselves. Life continually challenges us to identify programming that triggers us to react in inappropriate and immature ways. We acquire wisdom, depth, and liberation only after we have passed through the fire of deep introspection and self-acceptance. We have learned our lessons only when we are grateful for the growth, maturity, and the strength that we have attained.

October 23 – November 21 — The Sun Shines in Scorpio

The Scorpio dance with darkness is intended to take us to the light. The problem is that the intense Scorpionic trials can keep us stuck and even addicted to the intensity of conflict and drama. Violence, betrayal, envy, desire for revenge, bottomless depression, unquenchable neediness, inexplicable fear, and indefinable malaise torment us in an inner underworld of emotional chaos.

In Scorpio territory, the mysterious nature of our ever-shifting emotions, our lack of knowledge about their essence, and our inability to deal with them condemn us to pursue and sustain strategies of denial and repression, which create and perpetuate a living hell in our psyche.

Projection and blame destroy our relationships. Shame and guilt prevent us from understanding and loving ourselves. In sum, misguided strategies keep us stuck in the dark waters of pain and suffering. But Scorpio is about transformation, liberation, and empowerment. Elevated Scorpio (the soaring Eagle) guides us to seek strategies that direct us toward the truth, light, and love. The only way out of our internal suffering is through self-honesty, understanding, forgiveness, courage, and compassion.

Uranus in Taurus – March 6, 2018 – April 25, 2026

It is interesting to put the current astrological activities in the context of the outer planets, which define the overall tone of the times. The zodiac sign of Uranus determines the nature of dramatic change for approximately seven years. Changing signs from Aries to Taurus in March, we are now confronted with serious wake up calls in relation to all aspects of physical reality.

Earth changes include volcanoes, wild fires, and earth quakes. Collective changes relate to financial institutions, use of natural resources, taking care of Mother Earth, climate change, and taking care of basic needs of the global population. Personal issues include finances, our energy level, how we use our resources, self-worth, and being present and grounded in physical reality.

Uranus is an evolutionary force that will use whatever means necessary to get our attention and force us to shift gears. Uranus destabilizes the status quo and stuck situations that refuse to change through common sense and wise choice.

When studying the interactions of planets, we should keep in mind that the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) always win. They are the most tenacious and their influence is long lasting. It is their job to provoke, stimulate, and demand transformation from our limited ego as represented by the personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, and Moon), which are forced to learn, adjust, and adapt to the pressure to evolve.

Moon in Taurus (our emotions and emotional programs) are obliged to transform under the pressure of Uranus in Taurus to elevate our consciousness to mental and emotional maturity.

Taurus and Uranus — Security vs. Freedom

October 24 Uranus joined (conjunct) the Taurus Full Moon, initiating an over month-long effort to work out a partnership between this inherently conflictual set of interests and needs.

Physical security, comfortable living, and feeling good are pivotal motivating factors for the Taurus Bull. However, Uranus conjunct the Taurus Full Moon does not produce the cozy, warm feelings that the Bull enjoys.

Taurus needs security, predictability, and closeness. Uranus needs newness, change, and autonomy. Taurus looks at what is working and what we can count on based on the past and currently available resources. The Uranus imperative is to continually look at what isn’t working, to explore how we can upgrade the situation, and to design a better future. Uranus is always exploring innovative solutions and alternative ways of being and doing things.

Taurus focuses on individual needs and getting them met. Eccentric Uranus needs diversity, continual realignment, and revolutionary approaches, which upset the Bull’s need for security and stability. Inherently unstable and unpredictable, Uranus stretches us beyond our comfort zone. Shocking Uranian events can be very disruptive and cause breakdowns and emotional traumas. On the positive side, Uranus insights and inventiveness uncover unexplored pathways that lead to breakthroughs and surprising outcomes.

The Moon and Uranus in Taurus challenge us to balance these competing drives for status quo and transformation. This combination does not invite easy choices, predictable results, or easy (superficial) solutions. For example, we may have to give up some security and comfort to pursue a dream, leave an old or enter a new relationship, or change jobs and professions. Creating something new and doing things differently always requires stepping into an unknown future. Optimally, the stabilizing influence of earthy Taurus can help bring chaos back into a new equilibrium.

This destabilizing dynamic is active through the end of November 2018 and especially intense when Venus opposes Uranus (September 12, October 31, and November 30). Venus (ruler of Taurus) wants/needs/desires intimacy and closeness in relationship. Uranus requires freedom, distance, and independence. To find resolution between these seemingly contradictory needs, we must elevate our consciousness and observe what is happening from an expanded neutral perspective. There are always lessons to be learned and benefits to be gained when we are tested by challenging circumstances. We also need a deeper level of emotional security to comfortably make space for ourselves and each other to pursue our own interests, and not succumb to insecure co-dependent and childish neediness.

Mars in Aquarius (September 10 – November 15) adds to our need for personal freedom and motivates us to do what we need to do to get it. The detached, inclusive Aquarian spirit helps us appreciate and honor (not just tolerate) our differences. We can enjoy and deepen our relationships at a freer and more liberating level.

A Grand Cross in the Fixed Signs Demands Change

At the Taurus Full Moon (October 24), the Moon and Uranus in Taurus and the Sun and Venus in Scorpio formed a grand cross with the Lunar Nodes in Leo and Aquarius. A grand cross consists of at least two oppositions and four squares. This one is composed of five oppositions and eight squares, generating serious pressure for major shifts! A situation is created where the fixed signs that resist change (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are confronted by squares that demand change. We are being forced to recognize and release old patterns that keep us stuck in debilitating behaviors and sabotaging emotional reactivity.

We can extricate ourselves from unworkable relationship patterns by uncovering hidden motivations, getting clarity about our priorities, and being willing to listen to each other. Resistance and self-righteousness make things worse. Creative solutions can appear when we are willing to try something different. Resolution requires operating from a compassionate heart, and wisely evaluating our choices and their implications. Being both graceful and strategic facilitates optimal outcomes.

To extract ‘the juice’ out of this fixed Grand Cross, we must identify what we really want and what actually works for us and others. We can identify areas of compatibility and not try to force a match where one does not exist. We must avoid setting aside our own best interests to try to keep others happy. We must also avoid tailoring what we want based on what someone else wants. (If we do so, no one will be happy. So don’t waste your precious life with compromises that can’t work.)

The inner and outer tension (and even conflict) of this Grand Cross can propel us forward and help us make significant progress in achieving our goals. We can offer indirect support to others by focusing on ourselves and getting out of our own and each others’ way. The potential to move forward is present, but to benefit we must internally align with the cosmic energies through our own internal honesty, integrity, and commitment to transform our inner reality from fear and anger to peace and love.

The Taurus Moon forms a favorable trine with Saturn in Capricorn. The grounding energy of these earth signs helps us identify realistic limits to both our physical resources and our personal energy. It is wise to remember that self-confidence, dignity, and wisdom gained through experience give us the ability to attract through personal charisma and magnetism. Moving out of the old struggle mode may be our ticket. We don’t have to fight to get what we want. Relax and attract is the least stressful, most effective, and rewarding way of being.

Venus Retrograde – October 5 – November 15

During Venus retrograde, chances are good that we will revisit relationship issues that have haunted us in the past, even those that we thought we had already dealt with. This time around, if we are willing to address each others’ concerns with more empathy and compassion, we can find greater peace and harmony within ourselves and with each other.

Themes that command our attention are related to the power of the feminine, women, relationships, intimacy, and emotional honesty. Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, is most interested in (1) how we connect with ourselves and each other, (2) what we value, (3) our sense of self-worth, (4) living in harmony, and (5) cooperating to achieve common humanitarian goals.

Because of its time retrograde, Venus will be in Libra and Scorpio (the two signs most concerned with relationship) for five months (August 6, 2018 to January 7, 2019). During this time we receive extra support and can gain insights that help us find resolution to our personal wounds created by unequal, naive, unconscious, misunderstood, and abusive relationship dynamics.

This is an opportune time to heal and open our hearts. We can do so by (1) examining unclaimed motives, (2) identifying misjudgments, (3) understanding our desire for love and acceptance, (4) redefining situations that have lead to regrets, (5) letting go of resentments, and (6) being kind to ourselves and each other.

Venus retrograde helps us recognize (1) how we have participated in creating drama, (2) the lessons we need to learn to extricate ourselves from dysfunctional situations, and (3) the necessity of forgiving ourselves and everyone else. Watch for important insights and shifts in energy on the following dates:

October 26 – when the Sun conjuncts Venus

October 27 – when the Sun squares the July 27 lunar eclipse degree

October 29 – when Mercury conjuncts Jupiter

October 31 – December 1 – when Venus retrogrades into Libra

November 16 – when Venus goes direct at 25 degrees Libra

December 2 through January 6 – when Venus will be in Scorpio again.

October 24 — Pluto Crosses the Ecliptic

When a celestial body’s orbit intersects with the path of another celestial body around the Sun this is known as ‘intersecting with the ecliptic.’ Pluto makes a rare crossing of the ecliptic of the Earth around the Sun on October 24, opening a powerful energetic gateway. Because of its long, elliptical orbit (248 years), Pluto makes this nodal crossing only once every 87 to 161 years. This marks an important turning point in both our personal and collective lives.

Pluto’s messages at this time emphasize the imperative for humanity to evolve from the patriarchal system of domination, exploitation, and the misuse of resources, towards creating collective institutions that honor Mother Earth, the feminine, women, feelings, and all life.

Scorpio and its ruler Pluto make us more conscious of the dance of light and dark, death and rebirth. When things appear to be getting worse, we may be facing a necessary stage in our awakening process. In this evolutionary time, as we move into the Aquarian Age, conflict and polarization seem to be the new norm. There is in fact a struggle between two belief systems and ways of being. Those who cannot connect with the Light within, live off of fear, anger, and suffering. Those who control the old Piscean Age institutions that benefited a few by controlling and exploiting the masses through fear, anger, and war are intensifying their efforts to maintain their position and power. We can assist with the birthing of a heart-centered world and love-driven collective consciousness by cleansing ourselves of fear, anger, and our own suffering and living from the light and love of our souls.

November 7 — Scorpio New Moon

With the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter in Scorpio, deep emotions bubble to the surface. Scorpio always intensifies deep feelings, both pleasant and challenging, that stimulate a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. We can feel overpowered by others’ energy and challenging situations. We can also be the one whose energy is too intense or even overbearing. (I am sure you have already noticed Scorpio’s intensity!)

Whatever we feel, we must honor our feelings with self-acceptance and not search for approval from others to hide our pain and try to make ourselves feel OK. The ‘gift from the garbage’ is that feeling deeply the aliveness of the energies in our body can create charisma and magnetism.

Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Aquarius require calculated discipline and self-alignment. Avoid confrontation, the cauldron of emotions is boiling. Wait your turn, be courteous, and uplift others. Scorpio reminds us that death lurks at every moment. Be kind and don’t do or say something that you will regret later. What if you don’t have a chance to say ‘I am sorry.’?

Pluto is conjunct asteroid Vesta, which keeps the flame burning around important issues. We may find it difficult to forgive and let go. Or we may take the opportunity to be super focused so that we can achieve specific results. We can know the difference by examining whether we are playing the victim or if we are driven to fulfill part of our destiny. In the later case, our actions and attitude may serve to transform previously unsatisfactory situations.

Cosmic assistance is available through several other favorable planetary interactions. Venus conjunct nurturing Ceres uplifts us with an attitude of kindness and caring. The Sun and the Moon, in a supportive sextile relationship with Pluto in Capricorn, facilitate the resolution of power struggles and open doors to opportunities.

Want to make a difference? Our greatest contribution can be easing tension, avoiding conflict, and spreading peace. Small acts of kindness are more valuable than we can ever know.


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