Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga to Awaken the Light of Our Soul

Fire Is the Light of Our Soul

The fire element is the light of our soul — Spirit manifested in our physical being. The purpose driving the fire element is to awaken our consciousness and to shine our light.

The fire element is the most demanding and potentially our most destructive impulse. Unconscious fire expresses as frustration, anger and rage, which seed revenge, righteousness, and violence. Untamed and undirected fire expresses as automatic impulses that fuel compulsive and random behaviors. Unconscious fire ignites and feeds off of drama and conflict. Unconscious air feeds off of illusions. Unconscious water feeds off of emotional commotion. Unconscious earth feels off of immobility. These compulsive needs/addictions can slowly destroy us.

The lack of fire can be equally devastating. We become depressed, lifeless, hopeless, self-degrading and give up on ourselves and life. There is not enough juice to take action. We lack the motivation to change. The blessings of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is that it offers us techniques to awaken and transmute our fire energy into the light of our soul and to bring light to our mind so that we can be truly human. (Hu means light. Man means mind.)

Our light must be illuminated and steady. It must not flicker on and off. To avoid both the excesses and deficiencies of the fire element, we need consistent life force and auric radiance. Then the fire at the navel can rise to awaken the heart, where it is tempered and expresses as compassion and passion for life.

Fire at the Navel and in Our Mind

Fire is generated, stimulated, and aligned at our navel center and third chakra. We always start at the navel to build the tappa or heat necessary to mix prana (life force) and apana (eliminating force,) the combination of which descends to the first chakra or base of the spine and ignites the Kundalini. When awakened our Kundalini (the power of our soul) moves up the spine and ‘enlightens,’- brings light to our mind.

As our Kundalini gradual awakens, we may experience a bright light at our third eye or illumination in our inner space. But if you see only a dark space, do not worry. There are other experiences that indicate light in the mind. These experiences include peace, clarity, purity, openness, and expansiveness. We have light in our mind when we are better able to pay attention to our inner neutral space, which is able to overpower the thoughts of our dualistic thinking mind. We have light in our mind when we can feel oneness with the neutral qualities of stillness, silence, stability, and peace.

Light in our mind is indicated by increased awareness and consciousness. We are empowered to listen to the silence and to our intuition, which is a critical piece in the transformation of consciousness. When we can hear our intuition, when we actually listen, and when we choose to follow the instructions of our soul, we can take action from our inner truth. We are no longer obliged to react to automatic impulses. We are free to choose appropriate action and live conscious lives.

Sat Kriya

Sat Kriya is one of the jewels of Kundalini Yoga that makes it possible to accomplish all of the above — IF we practice with awareness and pay attention to what’s happening while performing the exercise and after its completion.

Sat Kriya is fundamental to Kundalini Yoga and is one of the most effective kriyas to repair and reverse the damage done to our system from taking drugs and from stress. It is recommended to include at least three minutes of Sat Kriya in our daily practice for these and other benefits:

  • Sat Kriya helps heal sexual dysfunctions (including impotency, premature ejaculation, and sexual phobias) by strengthening the entire sexual system and by stimulating the natural flow of sexual energy. It balances sexual impulses by channeling sexual energy into our body systems and making this valuable creative force available for all our creative activities.
  • People suffering from mental and emotional disorders can benefit from practicing Sat kriya because it balances and channels the chaotic, stuck, and misdirected energy in the lower three chakras.
  • We can improve our general physical heath and strengthen our heart through the distribution of sexual energy and the rhythmic movement this exercise provides.
  • Sat Kriya activates and channels Kundalini energy to nurture our whole system and awaken our consciousness.

Practice Tips

It is important to do Sat Kriya rhythmically. Establish a comfortable, consistent rhythm that gives you time to allow the locks to engage while and after you pull in the navel. The relaxed cadence will move the energy in a wave-like fashion up and down your spine. The pumping of the navel becomes a wave inducing mechanism that stimulates the activation of the Kundalini. Do not speed up.

Stay conscious to the sensations in your spine and to the pulse of light that intensifies and becomes more and more pleasurable. Enjoy the activation and immerse yourself in the experience. When finished, sit in meditation or relax on your back to integrate and enjoy the awakening of consciousness and the light of your soul.

Directions for Sat Kriya

Sat Kriya
Sat Kriya

Sit on the heels and stretch arms overhead, elbows hugging ears, fingers interlocked, index fingers extended straight up.

Chant SAT NAM in a constant rhythm of about 8 times per 10 seconds or at a pace that you find comfortable, being careful not to speed up. Chant from the navel and solar plexus, pulling the umbilicus toward the spine on SAT and relaxing the belly on NAM. (“Sat Nam” rhymes with “but mom.”). This creates a wave-like motion in the spine, with SAT creating a wave up the spine, and NAM allowing a wave down the spine.

Focus on pulling the navel point in, but do not try to consciously apply rootlock (mool bhand.) The lock will occur naturally as the muscles used to pull in the navel are connected to the other muscles used in the root lock. The hips and spine do not flex as the only motion is a slight up and down movement of the chest and arms with each SAT and each NAM.

To end, inhale deeply, suspend the breath and lightly apply the locks, using the muscles from the anus, sex organ, perineum, diaphragm, and neck to allow the energy to flow up the spine and out through the top of the head. Exhale powerfully. Inhale deeply, exhale, hold the breath out, and apply the locks. The locks on the suspended breath can be done several times. Do the locks suspending the breath on both the inhale and the exhale to balance and mix prana and apana.

If you have not taken drugs or have cleared your system of all their effects, you may choose to practice the kriya with the palms open, pressing against each other. This releases more energy but is not generally taught in a public class because someone may have weak nerves from drug abuse. It is also harder to maintain the position when the hands are not interlaced.

Continue for at least 3 minutes. Time may be built to 31 minutes, but 5-11 minutes is good.

One way to build duration is to start with 2-3 minutes and rest for 3-5 minutes and then repeat 2-3 minutes practice, 3-5 minutes rest. Or simply increase by one minute a day, or as you feel appropriate for yourself.

Always end with a long, deep relaxation immediately afterwards. Ideally it is recommended to relax for same amount of time as your practice. Never jump right up after any amount of time, even if you are feeling strong. Give your body the time it needs to integrate the effects. You want to ground in the benefits.

COMMENTS: The classic Sat Kriya can be done by itself or added at the end of a set. Sat Kriya pumps sexual energy throughout our whole system and up to our brain and raises the Kundalini.

 Respect the power of this technology and allow this kriya to heal your body and to properly prepare your body for higher experiences. This is not just an exercise — it is a kriya that works on all levels of being, known and unknown, conscious, unconscious, and subconscious.

 Sat Kriya activates subtle energies. This is not an aerobic sport. You can block the flow of energy and miss the subtle experiences of higher energies by pushing the physical body too much and being too aggressive in your practice. Or with too much stimulation, you could have a rush of energy or a fleeting pranic experience, but be unable to integrate the released energy into your psyche. So prepare yourself with constancy, patience, and moderation. Transformation is assured.

If you have time for nothing else, practice Sat Kriya daily to keep your body a clean and vital temple for your soul!