In the Taurus Zone 2013

 Three Transformative Eclipses

Coming up — 3 eclipses in a row! April 25 Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. May 9-10 – Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse. May 24-25 — Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. During eclipses the radiation from the Moon or Sun is interrupted. Energy patterns are dissolved, making it possible to release negative imprints and old thought forms that keep us stuck and block our access to the light and love of our soul.

Twice a year the Moon, Sun, and Earth align to eclipse the Moon on a full moon and the Sun on a new moon. During this time, the Earth’s electromagnetic field is realigned, new codes become available, and our consciousness is reconfigured. *(1) Eclipses awaken our cellular memory so that we are able to remember a little more of our soul identity.


Lunar Nodes Define Past and Future

‘Eclipses occur in relation to the lunar nodes, the points in space where the Moon’s orbit intersects the Earth’s path around the Sun.’ *(2) The position of the North Node is where the Moon rises as it crosses the ecliptic. The North Node indicates our future direction and new territory where we will evolve. The South Node is where the Moon descends across the ecliptic. The South Node indicates the past and can illuminate both our strengths that we have developed in past lives and the beliefs and conditioning that are getting in the way of accessing our gifts.

The North and South nodes are in a particular polarity axis for about 1 1/2 years, during which time they direct our attention to dealing with their specific empowerment issues. Currently the North Node is in Scorpio and the South Node is in Taurus (August 30, 2012 through February 18, 2014.) The 3 April – May 2013 eclipses all involve the South Node in Taurus — releasing the past and claiming our gifts so that we can move into new territory, with a greater level of self-confidence and self-knowing. As we make space and gain clarity through cleansing and letting go, we gain access to our essence and strengths that have been submerged and suppressed by fear and negative programming.


Taurus and Scorpio Polarity Pair

As the first earth sign, Taurus is about learning how to acquire, manifest, and consolidate physical resources to meet our basic survival and sensory needs. Taurus needs physical and emotional experiences and security. The Bull seeks self-sufficiency and wants to enjoy physical comforts. Taurus knows the importance of taking care of our body and wisely using our resources. The Taurus archetype is about what we value. Above all Taurus must learn to value itself. The key to having what we want is self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love.

Scorpio is also about resources, but there is a deeper dynamic played out by the Scorpio archetype. Taurus is about accumulating and amassing material wealth. In Scorpio territory, we must recognize what is getting in the way of having what we want and need. We must give up what is not aligned with our soul, i.e. that which weights us down, keeps us attached to the past, and takes away our sense of freedom. We must release emotional garbage that keeps us inauthentic, in fear, myopic, and restricted. Scorpio obliges us to look at what aborts our dreams and sabotages our vision and mission.

After a summary of the major astrological events this month, I will outline a Taurus/Scorpio theme to direct your introspection, meditation, and empowerment this month.


APRIL 15 – May 9 – Venus is in Taurus.

What makes you feel comfortable and secure inside and in physical reality?


APRIL 19 – Sun moves into Taurus

at 3:03 PM PDT, April 20, 11:02 PM GMT.

Initially we feel calmer when the Sun moves into Earth sign Taurus. Aries gave us a lot of energy, but too much fire without earth to ground it can be stressful. It is easier to relax in the Taurus zone.


APRIL 20 – May 30 – Mars is in Taurus

How do you choose to use your energy to manifest what you want?


APRIL 25 – Scorpio Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse

12:58 PM PDT, 8:58 PM GMT

At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun, Mars, Venus, South Node and asteroid Pallas are all in Taurus.

At the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is very close to Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. The North Node is also in Scorpio. We are confronted with the necessity of letting go of what doesn’t serve us so we can move forward. We have to seriously consider that we are no longer children and release the patterns, habits, needs, and behaviors that no longer serve us in adulthood. Scorpio is painfully honest, cannot tolerate what is out of integrity, and must live by its principles. The uncomfortable rumblings in your belly and solar plexus are messages from your soul directing you to make changes in your life.


APRIL 28 – Saturn opposes the Sun.

Take a reality check of your current life challenges. What illusions do you need to leave behind. We can’t manifest fantasies, so be as honest as you can.


APRIL 30 – Saturn opposes Mars.

Take some form of action concerning the challenge that is in your face. You will feel better when you act instead of getting mad, being taken over by inner conflict, and obsessing about what is the matter.


MAY 9 – 10 – Taurus New Moon – Solar Eclipse

5:29 PM PDT, 12:29 AM GMT

At the Taurus New Moon, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, South Node and Pallas are all in Taurus.

Your intense feelings are messages from your soul for freedom, transformation, and breakthroughs in consciousness. What changes are you going to make regarding how you take care of yourself?


MAY 20 – Sun enters Gemini

2:10 PM PDT, 10:10 PM GMT Mercury enters Gemini just before the New Moon.


MAY 20 – Pluto-Uranus Square – third of seven exact squares

Only one hour after Sun moves into Gemini, Pluto and Uranus line up for the third of seven exact squares.

The Pluto-Uranus square, which is on-going from 2012 (in June and September) through the spring of 2015, with 7 exact squares. (oops, Aries blog I said 5) A square is confrontational and requires change/transformation. This revolutionary duo is super-charged by the 3 eclipses, one just 4 days after the exact square. Because Uranus and Pluto are slow moving planets, the impact of the square is felt weeks (or more) before and after. This square is at 11 degrees Capricorn and Aries.


MAY 24-25 – Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

9:26 AM PDT. 4:26 AM GMT


Themes for the Taurus Zone – Only YOU can set yourself free.

While the Sun is in Taurus and during this intense time of 3 eclipses building up to the Uranus/ Pluto square May 20, it is useful to investigate how we can achieve a deeper level of satisfaction, which is an important goal of both Taurus and Scorpio. To gradually evolve and achieve deeper levels of inner peace, contentment, and freedom, we must embrace the unknown and let go of what is no longer relevant, satisfying, purposeful, or sustainable.

We are aided by Saturn retrograde in Scorpio
through July 7, which obliges us to dig deep to clear out our emotional basement. Saturn demands realistic goals, commitments, and boundaries. With Uranus in Aries and the third Uranus/Pluto square May 20, personal freedom is a front row issue.

Overall, revaluation is the basic theme — in relationships, resources, our self-value, self-esteem, prosperity, and manifesting the resources that support our well-being. You may not like the process, but you are going to love how you feel as your inner space reaches another level of cleanliness, clarity, and authenticity. Saturn is in Scorpio through September 18, 2015!


Our Inner Journey

Both Taurus/earth and Scorpio/water are sensitive, emotional, and impressionable energies. They express the flowing feminine polarity of our soul, which expresses through deep non-verbal feelings, emotions, and instincts. So our journey in Taurus/Scorpio waters cannot be navigated by an intellectual conversation.

Taurus and Scorpio help us identify what we value and our purpose. Deep in our subconscious we hide our conditioning and beliefs about ourselves, the world, and our relationship to reality. The most devious and destructive imprint is that something is the matter with us and therefore we cannot have what we want, i.e. we do not believe we are worthy and deserving. We make up all kinds of external excuses for why we don’t have what we want. In Taurus territory we have to get in touch with the fact that we are the ultimate cause of our sense of lack and unhappiness.

The polarity of every sign is our partner in realizing our essence. Scorpio makes Taurus aware of the deep inner conflicts that need recognition and love to deliver us to acceptance, letting go, and surrender. Scorpio territory is very personal. Our battle is inside our own psyche. Scorpio challenges us to uncover our inner demons and become friends instead of enemies with our own power. Scorpio is not about convincing someone else or controlling our environments. Scorpio reveals what is going on in our psyche and why we engage in self-sabotaging attitudes and behaviors. Ultimately the tenacity with which we cling to our inner chains can be transformed into a profound commitment to our own life and our life purpose.


Getting Real in Physical Reality

Giving ourselves value and developing self-esteem is so much more than affirming that we deserve to have what we want. This deep inner revolution involves (1) acknowledging the nature of our human journey, (2) the ability to embrace life without expectations that everything should or will or can be perfect, and (3) unconditional self-acceptance in the process of facing and learning from our life challenges.

We must be very clear about one basic fact – Earth School is not Nirvana! Soul’s embody as human beings to evolve as we face and deal with our personal challenges in physical reality. And we gain satisfaction from our progress as we gradually wake up and become more functional and are able to participate more consciously and wisely in the game of MY LIFE. Accepting this reality is our foundation for inner happiness, freedom, and peace.

I propose the following two exercises as an alternative approach and perspective to the ‘I deserve affirmation’ approach to building a self-empowered inner reality. Engage in this process while the Sun is in Taurus and let us know your results.


Exercise One – List Your Life Challenges

Make a list of your life challenges. Be very honest with yourself. Keep this list to yourself. It is between you and you. Very important — no positions of victim, shame, blame, unfortunate, bad luck, i.e. no external forces are responsible for your life challenges or for their solution. You are acknowledging situations in your life for which you must take responsibility and learn from.

Make a list of things that are not your life challenges. Be grateful you don’t have to deal with those.

For each of your major life challenges identify (1) inner empowerment lessons you came here to learn, (2) your goals, mission, and destiny path, (3) your gifts, and (4) what inner attitudes and experiences will set you free and give you deep satisfaction.

As you engage in this exercise, monitor how you feel. Do you feel closer to yourself? Do you feel more accepting of your life? How about more self-esteem, compassion, kindness, and self-love. Maybe you even feel more excited about your life?


Exercise Two – Your Personal Nature

Define your personal nature — how you are. (1) What works for you, what doesn’t? (2) What do you like, dislike? (3) What makes you happy, what doesn’t. (4) Who you are in the world, and who you are not. Be very careful to be honest with YOU. No one else has to know. No one else has to affirm, give permission, or like who you are, what you like, and what makes you happy. But YOU have to be authentic with yourself. You are unique so only you can define, acknowledge, understand, and accept you.



Remember – No one can DO YOU. No one is like you. No one has your unique gifts. YOU are your most valuable possession.

Continually monitor how you feel in your belly, solar plexus, and heart. Can you stand a little taller? Can you relax a bit more? Can you appreciate yourself and your life a little more? The deeper you go, the more honest and authentic you become, the more the knots will release, and the more at peace and joy you will feel.

Keep engaging in both parts of this self-discovery process. The more you really know yourself and embrace your life challenges as your destiny path, the more you will accept, respect, and love yourself. Notice how you begin to be more willing and enthusiastic about knowing more about yourself and fully participating in your special life journey.



Guru Rattana :+)


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