Aries – The Spring of Our Soul

The spring equinox arrives as the Sun moves into Aries – the first sign of the zodiac. The 2013 equinox is a special moment because this is the first new cycle of the progression through the zodiac in the Aquarian Age. We are born again in a higher heart-centered frequency.

Spring represents an awakening after a deep, dark, unconscious sleep. What are we awakening to? We are awakening to our Self. We are becoming conscious of the basic nature of our soul. To embrace the path of our soul in a more conscious way, it is useful to identify what are working with, identify the basic energies of which we are composed.

In this article I outline the basic concepts of ‘energy archetypes’ and how they define and guide our awakening process. An understanding of the ten universal energy archetypes makes it possible to probe deeper into the inner dynamics of the evolutionary individualization process as represented by the sign of Aries. The Aries Ram, the first house of our birth chart, the planets and their signs in the first house, and the sign of our ascendant or rising sign represent the initiating dynamics of our journey through the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Energy Archetypes

Energy archetypes are alive universal energies that create life. They are the forces of which all life is composed. Inherent in the structure of reality, they shape both the human psyche and the cosmos. *(1)

There are ten universal archetypical energies.

* 2 polarities (stable and flowing)

* 3 phases of creation G-O-D ( Generating, Organizing, and Deliver/Destroy) and

* 5 elements — earth, air, water, fire, and ether.*(2)

Each sign of the zodiac — the 12 astrological archetypes — embodies its own combination of energies. And there are only 12 possible unique combinations. Aries expresses the stable polarity, the Generating phase of creation, and the fire element.

In astrology we compute only the 4 elements — earth, air, water, and fire, all of which are manifested in physical reality from the universal non-physical ether element. Ether is the unifying force that makes it possible for us to experience oneness with everything — when we are balanced and aligned with our soul.

Identifying the basic universal energies offers us an inclusive system for understanding what we are dealing with in our life experiences and in meditation, i.e. in both our inner and outer realities. It also gives us a way to guide and open our meditation experience to universal oneness — for we are each a unique manifestation of the same unitary reality from which both the human psyche and the Universe are created.

The ten principle energies offer us a method to identity the formative patterns of the many factors that (1) influence our human experience, (2) shape our personality, and (3) direct, animate, and give meaning to our life challenges.

Archetypical energies and patterns are imbued with their own qualities, meaning, attributes, capacities, effects, and purpose. In our human experience, the dynamics of their specific combinations and interactions conspire to produce evolutionary change and growth. *(3)

Each archetypical energy has many facets and ways of manifesting, and each individual has his/her own personal perspective and expressions. Yet beyond our individual life stories, there are purposeful dynamics that lead us on the evolutionary journey of growth and the awakening of our soul.

Our Own Blueprint

We are both animated and influenced by the universal powers that flow from the same universal source and operate beyond human control. Their qualities, characteristics, and meanings order and express through the human psyche. These energies are rich expressions of dynamic ordering principles that can be expressed in an infinite number of ways. They are not static and unchanging, but creative and evolutionary in nature. And thus our human expression of these energies is also creative, evolutionary, and transformative. *(4)

Every individual is an independent entity with their own blue print, composed of their unique combination of every one of the ten basic energies, which dynamically interact and are mutually supportive. Our personal blueprint, although individual, embodies all the autonomous powers and guiding laws and principles that are present throughout the cosmos.

Our individual lives express in physical reality the archetypical cosmic dynamics that were present the moment of our birth. (209) Our composite pattern (as seen in our birth chart) defines our individual configuration of universal energies and patterns, which determine our character, life experiences, lessons, and path. (207) There are of course many ways that the ten universal energies, the 12 zodiac archetypes, and our unique combinations can be expressed, but our personality and life experiences will reflect the underlying themes and qualities during our entire lifetime. *(5)

Systems theory teaches us that evolution is not random. It is empowered ‘by the universe’s self-organizational dynamics.’ * (6) Similarly, we each have our own self-organizing pattern. However, the exact nature of the unfolding is not pre-determined, i.e. we are not condemned by fate. The availability of free will and the evolutionary impulse of our soul propel our participation. Our individual input and state of consciousness effect what we create. Thus the importance of our spiritual path and meditation to awaken to who we really are.

Who We Are

A Yogi Bhajan quote is most relevant – God made me me, and nothing else. So I must commit and go through it. One day, we too realize the obvious — I am me and ME is what I have to understand, deal with, and express this lifetime. The sooner we identify ‘the WAY we are,’ the better chance we have of ‘becoming WHO we are.’

Understanding the nature of archetypical energies and their interactions are pivotal in identifying ‘the way we are.’ These energies create certain types of experiences and provoke predictable challenges and lessons that we are designed to learn this lifetime. In our unconscious state, our subconscious impulses drive us to repeatedly engage in specific patterns of compulsive behavior, luring us into traps that oblige us to transform and evolve. The archetypical powers actually direct us to become more conscious and to upgrade our expression of their energies.

Our birth chart gives us information about our personal self-organizing structure and informs us of the creative forces that drive our evolutionary growth this lifetime. Our level of consciousness determines how we enact and embody the various archetypical principles. Our job is to raise our consciousness and to learn to express and create from a soul perspective.

The Influence of Culture and Mass Consciousness

It is important to keep in mind that our experience of the archetypes is influenced by how they are expressed in our culture and mass consciousness. The social, cultural values related to the unconscious expression of Pisces and Neptune, for example, find expression in drugs, alcohol, other addictive habits, and fundamental religion.

Mass communication through electronic multi-media technology is promoted by the Aquarian archetype, which indulges is television, computer games, and connectedness through texting and Facebook, etc. In other words, in today’s world, consumerism and technology condition how we tune into and express the Piscean and Aquarian energies. We can use Pisces energy to tune into our oneness with the Divine. We can use Aquarian energy to be channels for innovative solutions to our global problems. It is up to us if we remain a slave of lower consciousness or make the effort to wake up and upgrade our participation.

Inner/Outer Separation Worldview

It is also critical that we understand that our psyche is molded by the predominate scientific and philosophical worldview that is accepted, not as one possible view of reality, but as the basic truth that unquestionably explains the way things are.

The Newtonian mechanistic worldview defines the physical world in terms of what we can ‘objectively’ measure, see, predict, and control. Cartesian philosophy, which has also dominated our view of the ourselves, the world, and the universe for several hundred years, espouses a radical separation between the human subjective inner world and the external physical world of matter. Furthermore, our inner world is defined in terms of mind and thoughts. ‘I think therefore I am.’ (our rational mind) Not ‘I feel therefore I am.’ (our emotions and body)

These commanding paradigms instruct us to believe that our inner and outer worlds are not only separate and exist independent of each other, they are devoid of the feeling component of existence. Our internal world is one of thoughts (feelings are ignored.) The external world is considered to be inert mass, devoid of sacred meaning and spiritual value. The effects of the separation and denuding of both our internal and physical worlds of the feeling feminine flowing polarity has resulted in serious psychological dysfunctions and the near destruction of the Earth’s ecosystem.

Ego, Sense of Self and Individualization

It is through our inner experience of our relationship with the dynamic, vital universal energies that we can heal our separation wounds and alleviate our psychological pain. In meditation, we can awaken ourselves to a feeling experience of unity.

In meditation we can build a thoughtful self-reflective mind (male/stable polarity of our soul) as a neutral base for a relaxed sensitive emotional state (feminine/flowing polarity of our soul). Our inner alchemy makes it possible to experience a sense of self identity and soul consciousness. The development of our personal identity structure is initially a function of the male polarity of our soul — our mind. *(7)

The human self-centering mechanism is often called the ego. It is our conscious ego that gives us the capacity to relate to ourselves as autonomous beings capable of independent thought, feeling, action, and existence. A conscious ego makes it possible to separate ourselves from our environment and from tribal/mass consciousness so we can have an unpolluted and authentic experience of our own being.

Historically the separation process of human evolution has lead humans to disconnect from the feminine, feeling, instinctual polarity of their soul, which had been so intertwined with natural forces and the collective unconscious that it impeded the individualization process. As a result, the ego got separated from feelings, emotions, compassion, and the heart.

However, once our sense of self is strong enough to withstand the influence of external forces that interfere with and even prevent our individualization process, we can include and embody the feminine flowing polarity of our soul — our flowing feelings. We have reached the point where this stage of evolution is imperative for our personal well-being and collective survival. An expanded, deeper, more whole identity is ready to be born.

With a sense of self, we can experience interconnectedness without being sucked into the lower forms of the collective unconscious, where we unwittingly succumb to domination, manipulation, control, and dependency. Our human challenge at this time is to extricate ourselves from the demoralizing and victimizing lower vibrations of fear, anger, and sadness. We can do so by awakening to the universal qualities of love, peace, freedom, purity, and light in our inner reality.

Personal and Universal Alignment

As we become aware of and integrate the neutral qualities of the basic archetypical energies in our psyche, our personal identity aligns with the cosmic identity and the higher expressions of archetypical forces. As our consciousness becomes one with the Divine qualities of all the basic universal energies, we are able to live from their higher principles, and our will — being, thoughts, feelings, and behavior — aligns with universal will. We don’t lose ourselves. We find ourselves, our soul. Our motivations, desires, and actions synchronize with universal Love and can be directed to serve a higher purpose.

When our basic energies are denied and suppressed, they express unconsciously and destructively. Our psyche (psychological state) transforms as the two polarities of our soul (ego and instincts) are awakened to their higher expressions. As we establish our stable base in our neutral mind and embrace our feelings and emotions, we honor and liberate the two polarities of our soul. This makes it possible to spiritualize and humanize the instinctual nature of the primordial energies that light up and flow through our body and give us life. Our inner alchemy at the heart is achieved by upgrading our consciousness (upper chakras) and then integrating our instinctual being (lower chakras) into this higher state of awareness, sensitivity, and creativity.

Awakening Our Kundalini and Soul Self

serious upgrade in consciousness is not simply a willful mental task, although disciplined training of our mind and activation of our body systems are required. Activation of our Kundalini soul force makes transformation of consciousness possible.

It is through our individualization process empowered by the activation of our Kundalini that we attain higher states of connection with universal energies. Thus our spiritual path is not about dissolution of self. Merger can happen only by embodying and experiencing our individual oneness with the Divine and its qualities. Our goal is not for our Self to disappear. Our goal is for our Self to be actualized, energized, and lived to its fullest potential in our current human form. Soon enough our soul will leave planet Earth and this opportunity for self-realization will be over.

The most fundamental message of the Aries archetype is that our human personhood is to be developed, not ‘transcended into some impersonal unity.’ *(8) Our individuality is to be affirmed, appreciated, and loved. Negating the self, the world, the body, the feelings, and the emotions (all expressions of the feminine polarity of our soul) is counterproductive to ‘enlightenment.’ Our spiritual goal is not about inducing out-of-the-body experiences and escaping the demands of physical reality. The spiritual essence of our human journey is to cultivate (1) self-realization of our divine nature, (2) affirmative involvement in human life, and (3) willing participation in our own evolution.

Containment, Desire and the Heart

At the beginning of the Aquarian Age, our evolutionary imperative is to find our center in our heart. To do so we must deepen our awareness, focus our attention, and allow a convergence of both polarities of our soul in our heart. And we must practice interacting with kindness and compassion. We are being compelled to reorganize our psyche to become conscious of the true nature of our being. In our heart we can consolidate our sense of self as a unique expression of love and orient our desire faculty toward Universal Love.

Our inner transformation process, makes it possible to redirect our faculty of desire, which is an intense expression of the fire element. Desire is a primal force that draws us toward things, situations and interactions. We each have our individualized and complex desire mechanism. When expressed through Venus our inner desires define what we like, what we want, what we think we need, and what gives us satisfaction. Our Neptune desires create a magical attraction to the Divine, to our soul, and to oneness. Pluto desires pull us to compulsive behaviors, deep mysteries, and hidden power. Mars energy directs us to what we will do (not just talk about) and thus determines how we are impelled to use our creative energy. Ultimately desire directs us to higher love and the heart.

The Spring of Our Soul

When spring comes, the flowers offer their pollen to the birds and the bees,

who take the nectar from one plant to another.

Conception happens.

New life will be born.

When it is the spring time of our soul, the universe offers us Its Love.

When our consciousness receives the nectar offered by universal consciousness,

the conception of our soul happens.

We are reborn to live from our heart.

When our inner being harmonizes with universal harmony, we are ‘In Love.’


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