In the Aries Zone 2013

Pluto-Uranus Square Activated

Remember the numerous discussions about the Pluto-Uranus square, which is on-going from 2012 through the spring of 2015, with 5 exact squares? A square is confrontational and requires change/transformation. The first two were in June and September 2012. Well, this revolutionary duo is in the process of being super-charged again. The next exact square is May 20 at 11 degrees Capricorn and Aries. However, the fireworks are starting now, with Mars and Venus in Aries joining the mix.

When any of the faster moving planets (Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn) link up with a configuration of outer planets (Uranus, Pluto, Neptune) — this time the Uranus/Pluto square — the effects are intensified. INTENSE is an apt word to express the energies between the spring equinox and the end of March and in fact through the end of May.

After a summary of the major astrological events this month, I will outline a theme to direct your healing, meditation, and empowerment this month.

MARCH 20 – Spring Equinox, Sun moves into Aries

at 4:02 AM PDT, 11:02 AM GMT.

I hope you enjoyed the respite in the Pisces zone. The energy changes dramatically when we enter the Aries zone March 20. It is harder to relax. There is more energy for action and more demands for transformation! We are being invited to let go of the past and the stories that have supported and created problems in our lives. We are being given another chance to begin a new chapter in soul consciousness.

MARCH 22 – Venus enters Aries and Mars and Uranus Aries conjunct

They meet up at 8 degrees.

If you want freedom, then choose to let go of old stories and embrace an expanded view of your Self/Soul. And be kind to yourself during the transition/transformation! The best way to use all the fire energy is to support yourself and follow your truth. Venus says make your choices and do what you do with self-respect and self-love.

MARCH 26 – Mars squares Pluto

Get honest and get real. There is no hiding the truth and that means take action and do what needs to be done. But make sure you are going forward, not trying to hold on to the past.

MARCH 27 – Libra Full Moon

2:28 AM PDT, 9:28 AM GMT

Be forewarned, this is one of the most intense full moons of the year. We will start to feel it when the Sun enters Aries March 20. Mars (in Aries since March 12) conjunct Uranus (March 22) and square Pluto (March 26) add dynamite to the mix. At the full moon Venus, Mars, the Sun, and Uranus are all in Aries, opposing the Moon in Libra.

Aries goes it alone. Isolated, the Ram is confrontational and prone to favor conflict. Libra reminds us we are in this together and does its best to make peace. But with all this Aries energy is peace possible? Only in our hearts.

MARCH 28 – Sun, Venus, and Uranus are conjunct.

Wake up and love your life and love yourself.

MARCH 31 – Sun and Venus square Pluto.

Dig deep for self-love.

APRIL 12 – Pluto goes retrograde

as it gradually nears the exact square with Uranus May 20.

Love is hiding in your heart, under the survival strategies that are no longer needed or relevant.

APRIL 10 – Aries New Moon

2:36 AM PDT, 9:36 AM GMT

Theme for the Aries Zone –

Only YOU can liberate yourself from your story.

Only YOU can liberate yourself from your story. Uranus is helping us by disrupting our stories. For example, by (1) ending relationships that don’t work, (2) forcing us to choose other options than what we ‘think’ we want, deserve, and need, (3) obliging us to make non-habitual innovative choices, (4) expanding our vision and upgrading how we value ourselves and our lives, and (5) opening the way to do things differently.

It is important to realize that we have been seduced by both cultural and personal hypnosis for a very long time. Pluto is exposing the unreality and devastating effects of our submission to hypnotic trances that perpetuate (1) victimization, (2) poverty consciousness, (3) self-inflicted pain, and (4) domination of the feminine by ego-driven male energy.

The deep wounds that women (and men) have suffered through the last millennia are based on a belief system that says that (1) women are dependent upon men, (2) men are the ‘superior gender,’ (3) woman’s life and needs are less important than a man’s, (4) woman’s main task in life is to link up with a man, submit to him, and take care of him. In sum, the debilitating hypnotic trance is that woman actually needs a man to survive.

Both men and women need to liberate themselves from this story. Men will be much happier with a goddess, than with a frustrated maid. Anyone, man or woman, who actually believes the above and whose life is controlled by this cultural programming is invited to get my book The Gift of Womanhood — Inner Mastery, Outer Mystery.

I explain how woman can activate her own ‘male polarity’ in her mind. Once woman has her own neutral polarity and operates from this empowered inner stance, the nature of her relationships can change.

The male energy expressed by the Aries archetype invites both men and women to upgrade their expression of male energy, which optimally takes action from a neutral divinely inspired connection to the truth and is motivated to work for the highest good for all.

The Uranus-Pluto square is breaking up our stories. The basic theme is ‘How to get unstuck — Drop your worn out story and move on!’ Uranus in Aries is about personal empowerment, do your own thing, and enjoy your life. Relationships that are actual partnerships of two empowered souls can be great, but submissive alliances fed by the above cultural hypnosis will be challenged. Pluto in Capricorn through 2014 digs deep and exposes our cultural programming.

Whatever challenges you are facing at this time — watch and identify your story. Write it down. Then ask your heart — Is it really true? What are the other possibilities? What is in harmony with your Soul and the Divine?


Guru Rattana :+)