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Jupiter in Pisces Gives Us Hope

We are in the midst of the Pisces season, which is extended this year because of the rare Jupiter –  Neptune conjunction in Pisces on April 12. The cosmos is blessing us with a deep spiritual opening that lasts through the first 2 weeks in April. We are invited to surrender to the Infinite and its mysterious ways. Our best plan and hope for the future is to live with a compassionate heart.


A Touching Story

Several years ago I traveled to Serbia to teach the Inner Awareness Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training organized by the lead trainers from Russia. This was the year that Michael and Golda (Americans) joined us and chiropractor Michael gave free treatments to everyone who wanted one.

We were from many countries, and about half were from the Ukraine. Every year we had a big ‘Ukrainian Caravan’ of students traveling two days to our ten day gatherings.

It was a very special time! Our lead Ukrainian teachers Serge and Natalia brought many of their students, and we all had such a great time together.

There is a special story about that year. Someone overheard a conversation between a Serbian guest who was not part of our group and the director of the retreat center. The guest asked the director, ‘Who are these people?’ Referring to us who were chanting, meditating and doing yoga.

The director replied, ‘Would you believe? The Americans, the Russians, and the Ukrainians have gotten together to create peace!’

And we are still gathering together, this time on-line, to create peace. Our group from many countries gathers together on-line everyday to meditate for peace.

And would you believe that some of our Ukrainian Kundalini Yoga Teachers are still teaching on-line classes between air raid sirens and going to bomb shelters? I have fond memories of the beautiful, brave, and invincible Ukrainians who attended our Teacher Training courses.

March 2 – Pisces New Moon

The Pisces New Moon gives us hope that the invisible dimensions are supporting us. The Planets and the cosmos are working for peace. The New Moon in Pisces is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of faith, trust, and beliefs. The Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune are all lined up in Pisces, which brings us close to the hidden magic of the cosmic womb of creation. Anything is possible in this magical space where the past, present, and future merge to form a new reality.

The new moon alignment in Pisces opens the space for peace. But we have to actually believe that the peace we pray for (that is not here yet) is possible in Divine Timing. We have to know deep in our hearts that what we can’t yet see in the mist of the oceanic Piscean waves can actually take shape and become a reality. So we continue with faith that Love and Peace will prevail.

Each new moon is traditionally a time to set our intentions and dedicate our personal practice to help us align with what we wish to create. Pisces represents our connection with the Divine. Pisces waters wash away illusions of separation, so that we can have a direct experience of our oneness with the cosmic ocean. With Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, adding its exponential power, we are receiving a huge cosmic boost to realize our dreams.

The best Pisces dream is to be released from our unconscious fear-based state and wake up to our oneness with the Divine. The last stop on the zodiac wheel, Pisces’ mission is to clear the space of fear so we can experience that we are being supported and loved by the cosmos.

March 2 – Mercury Conjunct Saturn

At 18° Aquarius

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius adds grounded practicality to our efforts. Our honest conversations with those sharing the same collective intention receive constructive support in the physical world. We are going to have to work for what we want, but our efforts will not be in vain.

The Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius invites us to align and work together toward our common goals. Our interactions form powerful bonds and create a collective will that has magnified power. Power to the people is the Aquarian motto.

March 3 – Venus and Mars Conjunct Pluto

at 27° Capricorn

I have written about this intense extended conjunction in my last two blogs. I have been feeling a heavy energy the whole month of February that I couldn’t explain. Maybe you have too? This energy has been building up for weeks. And now the three planets tell us that we must adjust to a new reality both personally and collectively. And it is definitely not what we thought it would be!

This is not a transit that we will endure and then be glad that it is over. Along with the whole Planet, we are involved in an unfoldment that is changing our perspective and orientation to life in profound ways. Normally Venus-Mars conjunctions give us some extra juice to define and go after what we want. But when Pluto is involved, our goals shift and our determination is increased exponentially.

Pluto wants the truth. Pluto represents the will of our soul, the collective, and the universe. There is no negotiation with Pluto. No ego excuses or superficial goals are allowed in Pluto territory. Pluto makes us fight for what we really want – freedom, authenticity, love, and the truth.

We can react to Pluto pressure

  1. by abusing our personal power, but ultimately we cannot win
  2. we can feel powerless and a victim of fate, events, or other people, or
  3. we can get real honest and align in whatever ways possible with our ultimate goal to make peace with ourselves and thus to free ourselves from within.

Pluto has spoken. We cannot create peace when we project and create from a wounded, angry, and fearful psyche. We must do our inner work and find compassion in our hearts.


Rare Conjunctions and New Beginnings

Conjunctions carry the energy of new beginnings. The month of March 2022 is packed with a rare combination of conjunctions.

All the personal planets are engaged in conjunctions:

  1. Sun and Moon with Jupiter and Neptune,
  2. Mercury with Saturn in Aquarius, and
  3. Venus and Mars with Pluto in Capricorn.

The last time Venus, Mars, and Pluto were within 2º of each other in Capricorn was November 6-8, 1271, the year Marco Polo set off for China, opening up trade and communication between the East and West. Venus, Mars and Pluto won’t conjunct in Capricorn for many centuries to come so this conjunction is truly an invitation to create structures that serve the people, not the elite.


March 5 – Sun Conjunct Jupiter

at 14° Pisces.

We love the extra energy of Sun-Jupiter conjunctions and use their good vibes to enjoy being alive (for a day or two) or to start something new.

This year’s Sun-Jupiter conjunction is auspicious because it happens in Pisces, Jupiter’s sign. We can dream big. But instead of indulging in some illusion or fantasy, our best use of this energy is to align with the Divine. We need all the help we can get. Our biggest ally is the higher power and Source energy, which can manifest miracles that we can’t even imagine.

With Jupiter, we want to tap into this incredibly expansive energy. Having faith, actually believing in yourself, and knowing that the reality of oneness makes it possible to find our true nature are the keys that open our hearts to love and peace.


March 6 – Venus Conjunct Mars in Aquarius

Venus and Mars simultaneously enter Aquarius and meet at 0°. The meeting of Venus and Mars in Aquarius is about women and men working together to shape the collective consciousness and institutions.

Venus and Mars first met on February 16. At that time the vibe was defined by the serious, hierarchical, dominating (bossy) Capricorn energy. This time Venus kisses Mars, in a “make love, not war” embrace. In Aquarius, freedom, justice, and equality define our goals for new beginnings.


March 10 – Mercury Enters Pisces

When Mercury enters Pisces, we think, communicate, and interact with more compassion and feeling sensitivity. Pisces specializes in magic and mystery, the subtle and the invisible. We may be confused, perplexed, and feel ungrounded. Let that be the way it is for the moment. Hold the space of love and welcome the Divine with every breath. For clarity, we must wait for Mercury to move into Aries March 27. We will also get fiery action energy when the Sun moves into Aries March 20.


March 13 – Sun Conjunct Neptune

at 22° Pisces

When the Sun conjuncts Neptune, we get a magnified dose of Pisces energy. This is a perfect day to simply stay present to what you are feeling without trying to explain or analyze your experience. (Mental activity will certainly kill any sensory experience.) We may get insights and understand something about ourselves and our life that is available no other way than by being present and deeply listening and feeling into our hearts.

When the Sun meets up with Neptune, it shines a light on what we are oblivious to and what is normally difficult to see. Neptune gives us a change to become aware of parts of ourselves that are generally hidden, we don’t pay attention to, or overlook. Neptune can expose our blind spots, but also unleash our creativity.


March 21st, 2022 – Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

at 18° Pisces.

Mercury’s yearly encounter with Jupiter is our opportunity to be inspired, to inspire others, and the open our minds to deeper truths. With Jupiter we need to take care not to exaggerate or over idealize. But we can take advantage of the infusion of Jupiter’s optimism and Mercury’s ability to articulate to share what is important and needs to be heard.


March 23rd, 2022 – Mercury Conjunct Neptune

at 23° Pisces

Neptune opens our mind to divine guidance. Mercury conjunct Neptune can help us release mental blockages and a fearful scarcity mindset. We can reframe our thinking, so that we support not sabotage ourselves. We are invited to see things for what they are, not what we want them to be. Maybe we will see something we haven’t seen before.

Meditate on Peace

Wherever you are, our job now is to continue to create peace, to help transmute anger and fear to compassion, and to be in our hearts.

Our on-line group usually meditates at 19:00 Moscow time (UTC+3) (11.00 am Eastern, 8.00 am Pacific). We chant Ra Ma Da Sa for 15 minutes and then meditate on the heart, feeling love and light and spreading these feelings into the world (also for 15 minutes.) Feel and send peace and love to all who are consumed by anger and fear.

We can be prayerful all day and in all our activities by feeling peace in our heart, in our mind, and in our body. Whatever practice you choose and whenever you do it, know that your contribution makes a difference to the global dynamic.

We must participate in peace for there to be peace. Years ago a Buddhist monk from Vietnam, Thich Nhat Hanh said – ‘We must feel the peace that already exists to bring peace to the planet.’

Ra Ma Da Sa Healing Chant – (Siri Gaitri Mantra)

This Mantra can create powerful effects with the following mudra and intonations.

Bend the arms at the elbows, pressing the upper arms slightly in to the sides, with the forearms up about 60° and palms extending out at about 45° toward the knees. The hands are bent back so that the palms are up and there is a stretch in the wrist. Pull the thumbs out to the sides to create a stretch between thumbs and index fingers. It is important to keep the hands flat. Otherwise they have a tendency to relax and rise.

With closed eyes, inhale deeply and chant on one breath.



 In the first version (most popular), “Ma” and “Say” are slurred on two notes each, and the first “Sa” is very short. “Hung” is forcefully vibrated in the skull and out the top of the head.

Transitions to a Heart Centered World - 2nd Edition


COMMENTS: When practiced 11 – 31 minutes daily, this gives tremendous healing power to the hands, useful in healing oneself or others.

From Transitions to a Heart-Centered World, page 176 (second edition) page 153 (first edition).
(Also available as an eBook)

In gratitude for our dedicated community and how we work together to support each other and world peace. Heart hugs, Guru Rattana :+)