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Aries/Pisces – Awaken and Listen to Your Soul

The whole month of April, the two primal energies of Aries and Pisces merge to awaken us to our Soul Self.

I will be on Facebook Live Monday April 11 at 11:00 am PDT (utc-7) to experience together this special moment in the awakening of consciousness.

This blog explains the astrological dynamics supporting us at this time and gives directions for the Conch Meditation to take advantage of this extraordinary opening.

The Magical Partnering of Aries and Pisces

The Aries archetype represents

  1. the fire of life,
  2. the impulse to live, and
  3. the desire to be free to be authentically our unique self.

The Pisces archetype represents

  1. the eternal flow of existence,
  2. the true essence of our being, and
  3. our divine connection.

Aries represents our humanness and our unique blueprint of cosmic energies. Each of us is configured in our own special way. First in the zodiac, Aries initiates our human journey to discover, refine, express, and love our once in eternity chance to ‘BE ME.’

Pisces represents the divine nature of our soul. When Pisces energies are strong, the Universe is helping us to become conscious of and to integrate deeper dimensions of our Soul Self. Pisces energy makes it possible to realize that our essence is made from, and one with, the cosmic substance.

Together Aries and Pisces collaborate to help us fulfill our mission to embody and actualize our Soul Self this lifetime. It is always important to remind ourselves that we have only this one lifetime, one chance to be our current version of Self. The unidentified existential tension that we feel is our soul yearning to have our unique embodied experience. Our soul is demanding of our human personality to expand, upgrade, and polish the jewel of the Self – to facet our unique diamond.

We can’t (and don’t want to try) escape being human. Our job is to learn to embrace our humanness from an expanded perspective of our Soul. The more we wake up, the more we can uncover, explore, and optimize how our human personality, body, and life are designed to realize and serve our Soul.

Aries and Chiron – Identity and Healing the Wounded Human

On March 20 the Sun entered Aries, initiating a new astrological year. Fiery Aries is about feeling alive, will, drive, and adventure. The Aries “just do it” spirit can take some of us outside our comfort zone, But for Aries, unquestioned boldness defines its comfort zone.

April 1 – New Moon Stellium in Aries

The Aries new moon at 11° was significant because being conjunct Chiron and Mercury, it initiated the Chiron season. In few months Chiron will also meet up with Venus and Mars.

A 4-planet stellium conjunction at the new moon is powerful and rare. Even more unique is the fact that this stellium made zero aspects with other planets. With no other distracting energies, the message from the Universe is to deal with our identity wound, which is defined by our natal Chiron. At this time we must investigate how the Aries house(s) in our birth chart and planets in Aries can support our healing.

Chiron’s Strategic Placement and Role

Chiron entered Aries territory in 2018 and will stay there until 2027. Of all the signs of the zodiac, Chiron spends the longest time – 8 years and one month– in Aries. (Chiron has an elliptical orbit.)

Chiron’s orbit is strategically placed between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron is thus the bridge between physical reality and non-physical reality. In relationship to our identity, Chiron represents the territory we must cross to connect our personality and our soul.  Chiron’s subtle energy operates in and on our unconscious. When other planets activate Chiron, what has been locked in our unconscious moves into our consciousness and demands to be dealt with, i.e. healed, elevated, and transformed.

Chiron has been labeled the Wounded Healer. This archetype is about healing our human wounds so we can be more authentically ourselves, and express and create from a self-affirming wholeness.

Chiron transits often initiate a healing crisis, which means that our wounds are exposed and brought out of the unconscious and into consciousness. An exposed wound forces us to do something about it. This is an uncomfortable, but necessary and unavoidable, part of our healing process. We must identify, pay attention to, acknowledge, and love those parts of us that have been suppressed and wounded. Otherwise, they lurk under the surface and sabotage our peace of mind, our relationships, and important aspects of our life.

Chiron wounds develop from a very young age. When we are abused, neglected, and cannot adequately express and defend ourselves, we develop coping, avoidance, and compensation strategies to suppress the pain and to survive. The unconscious wounds continue to sabotage us until we identify and address the root problem.

Chiron represents a journey, a process of unfoldment, and an evolution of consciousness that can happen when we deal with the primal wounds that define our ego personality and what we falsely believe is our identity.

Chiron tells us that there is an alternative to silent suffering, another way to live our human life. The awakening and integration of the different parts of our psyche create a wholeness that alchemize healing powers and unleash hidden potentials and gifts.

Chiron in Aries – Our Identity Wound

Aries initiates our journey to develop a sense of our identity. Chiron in Aries challenges us to go deep within to connect with our soul essence and to traverse the inner terrain that takes us from ego/personality to Soul Self consciousness.

The Aries archetype makes it clear that we have to take care of ourselves first. This is not selfish; it is a reality. It is not an ego trip, but a soul imperative. We are the only one who can

  1. ‘be me’,
  2. find our individuality,
  3. express our uniqueness, and
  4. live our own truth.

No one can do this for us, and we can’t do it for anyone else. This should seem obvious, but we don’t always live from this truth.

Chiron in Aries represents the human archetypal identity wound. Every human being is challenged to

  1. find their true identity,
  2. be true to themselves, and
  3. free themselves from externally imposed or adopted conditions and beliefs that limit their freedom to be authentically their unique self.

In some way we all have a gnawing feeling that we don’t have the right be be ourselves, that something is the matter with us that we must fix, or worse can’t fix.

Identity wounds are about feeling wounded, ashamed, broken, and inadequate. Or even worse that we do not have the right to exist. Identity wounds include:

  • A feeling of emptiness, aloneness, and disconnection
  • Belief that “I am not enough” and a need to “prove” oneself
  • Feeling that we don’t fit in and a need to be liked and accepted
  • Take our ques from outside instead of listening to our inner voice and heart
  • A fear of rejection if we express our opinions and beliefs
  • Difficulty to connect with one’s body or feelings
  • A tendency to hurt oneself, physically or psychologically – self-inflicted wounds, abuse of drugs, alcohol, and medication, overworking, numbing ourselves out.

Healing Our Identity Wound

The most tricky part of developing our identity is that we must first develop an ego structure that is viable enough to support challenging our own ego to transform itself and release its control to our soul. The Catch 22 is that after we are taught to develop a viable personality structure that can function in the world, we believe that is who we are. So even when our individuality is acknowledged, our self-concept is ingrained at the level of ego. The recognition and development of our soul essence is neglected, misunderstood, and not even recognized as essential.

Healing our identity wound is a very personal internal process. External success and achievement cannot substitute for our inner personal journey to our heart. And it is not just about believing we are OK. It is about

  1. A deep knowing of Soul Self.
  2. A confirmed feeling that we exist at a level that knows no shame, guilt, or woundedness.
  3. Taking responsibility for finding what exists under and beyond psychological and emotional pain, fear, anger, sadness, and shame.
  4. Consciously connecting with the truth and energetic dynamic of our individual essence.
  5. Being present to everything that we feel in our bodies and accepting and loving it all until we embody the light of our soul.

Healing our identity wound awakens us to the fact that we are here for a reason. We are each born to express the Divine in our unique way and to develop and share our unique gifts, talents, and skills in the world.

♥ April 11-12 – The Rare Jupiter/ Neptune Conjunction in Pisces

April 12 Jupiter (the great benefic) joins Neptune in Pisces. This is a unique and extraordinary event.  Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions happen only once every 12-13 years, and Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions happen in Pisces only every 200 years. I don’t know if anyone has figured out if a Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces conjunction has ever happened with Chiron in Aries.

What makes this conjunction so special is that Pisces is the ruling sign of both Jupiter (traditional ruler) and Neptune (modern ruler). So we have both rulers of Pisces coming together in a once-in-a-lifetime, magical astrological event.

But this is more than an event. When a slower moving outer planet (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) is involved with the moderately paced Jupiter and Saturn, the influence and intensity is prolonged over several days and even weeks. This is because the length of interaction and impact covers the period when the planets are within 2-3 degrees of each other. Jupiter has been within 3 degrees of Neptune since the last week in March and will remain within 3 degrees throughout April.

Venus Enters the Pisces Party

The Pisces party expands when Venus in Pisces (April 6 – May 2) joins

Neptune at 24° Pisces (April 28) and

Jupiter at 27° Pisces (May 1).

So the whole month of April, through May Day, we travel in the magical Pisces zone. In Pisces, with the support of Jupiter and Neptune, Venus helps us live from our hearts and love ourselves and our lives.

Venus is a personal planet. Jupiter and Neptune are collective planets. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is pure energy. Venus helps us understand what this illusive energy means for us and how to use it in our life. Venus makes the intangible, tangible. Listen to your heart – it will guide you and give you answers.

April 15 – Mars Enters Pisces

Mars enters Pisces April 15 and swims around in Pisces waters through May 24. From a Piscean perspective, Mars sees how everything is connected. This means that our actions may not be driven by our rational mind. We might just feel more like relaxing and taking it easy than jumping into action. Take advantage of the chance to ‘let go and let God.’

Don’t look for what might happen outside. Stay tuned to what is happening inside. What is happening inside can move us to take action in divine right timing. There are many ways that cosmic energies affect us. Pisces people may feel more comfortable initiating action when Pisces energies are strong.

The approach of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and other addiction recovery and spiritual frameworks can help guide us. The underlying principle is centered around letting go of the stories we’ve been living by all our lives, and surrendering to the guidance of a higher power (and our soul.)  The first step is about identifying and acknowledging the problem – Admitting that our ego is powerless over our addiction. The second step identifies the core solution: Only our connection to a higher power and our soul can “restore us to sanity.” The process is about a spiritual awaking – tuning into, accepting, and following higher guidance. This is the shift from ego to soul consciousness.

Tune in, Pay Attention, and Relax

A Pisces/Neptune awakening is about a deep knowing of what’s right for us, what makes us truly happy, and gives us inner peace. We know we are a soul having a human experience and tune into the mode of life that makes us feel comfortable and content.

Conjunctions and New Moons are not necessarily times when things happen, but when new seeds are planted. This is not a time to focus on goals or working hard for results.

This is a time to pay attention to our inner conversation, insights, and revelations. Be attentive to subtle feelings in your body and nonverbal insights. This is your opportunity to gain awareness of something very important about yourself, which will make it possible to re-write old patterns so you can live a more authentic and vital life.

A Quantum Shift in Consciousness

Something fundamental is shifting. We are waking up. Something about our identity, our life purpose, and our relationship with the Divine is changing. The change may be subtle, but the sense of becoming more complete and harmonious will be profound.

We are in the midst of a deep awakening. We may feel spacey, disoriented, or just want to take a nap. Don’t fight or resist the opening that allows in new possibilities and a new hope for the future. Stay with what you are feeling and don’t try to make sense of it all. When the personal planet Venus conjuncts Neptune on April 28, and then Jupiter on May 1, we will have a clearer knowing of how to proceed.

The beauty of Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces is not only a deep understanding of what has otherwise been confusing or appeared limiting, but also a revelation about who we are, why we are here, and how we can best serve Love.

This is a time of a quantum shift in consciousness. Everyone is being catapulted into a higher frequency, which makes it possible to expand into Soul Self consciousness.

Jupiter/Neptune Synthesize the Truth

During this time, events and life in physical reality may be very challenging and seem overwhelming or incomprehensible. But when it is over, the Jupiter/Neptune synthesis will make more sense, and we will be more at peace.

Jupiter, the planet of knowledge, wisdom, and synthesis, comes up with formulas and overarching principles that help us find meaning and the underlying truth in what’s going on in our lives and the world, which from the appearance and facts can seem just too complicated, nebulous, irrational, and crazy.

Jupiter is the planet of collective truth in physical reality, including higher education, religion, law, ethics, and the moral code of society. A society breaks down and is polarized when we can’t agree on some of the most fundamental guidelines of human codes of conduct and decency, inclusion, and rights for all. Jupiter’s ‘rules’ are human creations that are agreed upon and make sense at a specific time and space. When what once seemed optimal is no longer workable, a new worldview must redefine what is socially agreed upon.

Neptune represents a higher truth dictated by non-physical reality – universal truth that is non-negotiable. When we don’t tune into cosmic truth, we live in and create from illusion and fantasy.

When Jupiter meets Neptune in Pisces, our personal truth and universal truth merge into our soul truth. The Neptune sound of the infinite and its subtle messages become more accessible. They are translated into something we can understand by Jupiter, who speaks for our human truth. What’s right for us and what makes sense for our path are encoded with higher meaning and a deep understanding of who we are and why we are here.

The Sound of Your Soul

Did you ever put a big seashell up to your ear and hear a sound that is said to be that of the ocean? What we are actually hearing is not the ocean, but the noises around us that are altered by the physics of these Fibonacci sequence-shaped spiral shells, which filter all the background noise into a universal sound pattern. Through its Fibonacci sequence pattern, the seashell, transforms ambient sound into a cosmic frequency.

Neptune is like the seashell. It resonates at a higher order, meaning, and purpose. Neptune helps us identify invisible patterns in cosmic frequencies.

We live in a sea of vibrations and sound – some we hear, some we don’t. Our human mechanism has adapted to filter out or ignore what is not useful for our survival and normal functioning and to pick up on noises that warn us of danger or give us pleasure, like music. We have to wake up our subtle sensory system and train ourselves to listen deeply if we wish to hear the sound of the universe and receive its messages.

The Jupiter/ Neptune conjunction in Pisces on April 12 (and the whole month of April) is a very rare opportunity to tune into the sacred sound of the universe and our soul. Their sound speaks a deeper kind of truth – of peace, love, harmony, and joy.

In Neptune/Pisces space we can filter through the earthly noise and ego thoughts. We can hear the sound of silence, and tune into universal truth and its qualities. By listening to silence, our old patterns of thought get rearranged and re-programmed. When we listen to silence, we can relax, our mind can find clarity, and the answers we need become available.

Conch Meditation – Listen to Your Silent Space

The human mind has 2 basic channels

  1. the dualistic thinking mind, and
  2. the non-thinking neutral mind.

In our thinking mind we hear thoughts that arise from the subconscious. In our neutral mind we hear silence. In our thinking mind we hear our stories. In our neutral mind we hear the universe and our soul.

We have to be able to listen to both channels in the mind – thinking and silent space. Healing requires the ability to tell the difference between our thinking story channel that perpetuates wounding and our nonjudgmental neutral channel. We have to be able to change channels where we listen for the truth of our Soul Self. In neutral, thoughts become less tenacious and we can be the observer.

A primary purpose of meditation is to tune into our neutral channel and listen to our soul and the universe. The neutral mind acts like a conch that filters through our ego voices and awakens us to our soul’s truth. By listening to silence in our neutral mind, we can bypass the interference of the conflicting voices in our dualistic mind. We can bring our soul truth to the surface and into consciousness. We find our soul truth by listening to silence. In fact, in silence we access the qualities of our soul – peace, joy, composure, compassion, fearlessness, imperturbability, and much more.

How do we find our truth? We deeply listen (without thinking interference) in our neutral channel. We listen to silent space.

Before this meditation practice any Kundalini Yoga kriya or exercise to awaken the neutral mind. For example, with your arms out to your sides, parallel to the ground, do breath of fire for 1-3 minutes to align the brain in the neutral channel.

You can also use noise cancellation ear phones to block external noises and give a soft sound to listen to.

In the Conch Meditation, place your hands over your ears to awaken your neutral channel. This is an uncomfortable position, but if you concentrate at the top of your head, you will experience a pleasurable feeling as the crown chakra opens.

Hold the position from 3-11 minutes. Adjust times to what is possible for your body and gives you results.

While your hands are on your ears your inner space and silence is being activated.

After you put your hands down,

  1. Look into the space in your mind. Focus on the presence of space.
    (for at least 1-3 minutes or as long as you like)
  1. Then also listen to the space until you hear the sound of silence.
    (again for at least 1-3 minutes or as long as you like)

Comments: When we listen to silence, we are listening to our soul and the universe. We find peace within our own mind.

In the silent space in our neutral mind, we experience the foundation of our true essence, our divine nature. We find our soul identity that is hidden under our personality. We open the door to a radical transformation of consciousness. This may be a fleeting experience at first, but we have connected with our inner being that animates and directs our human life.

Our primary job from now on is to train ourselves to pay attention to the silent peaceful space within. The stronger the presence of this soul force and the more we listen to it and follow its guidance, the more we will be able to allow a transfer of power and control from our personality to our soul.


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