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Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse – Listen to Your Heart

Eclipses happen in pairs, two times a year. This time Taurus and Scorpio offer help for healing and renewal. We will feel both pressurized and able to change and welcome supportive energies and openings that we can take advantage of.

April 30 – New Moon and Solar Eclipse

  1. 1:28 PM Pacific time (utc-7) at 10° Taurus
    The Taurus New Moon Eclipse is super charged for several reasons.
    The Sun and Moon are conjunct Uranus also in Taurus. Uranus is about ‘surprise awakenings and unexpected developments.’
  2. At the same time Venus and Jupiter dance together (are conjunct) in Pisces. Venus tells us ‘Do what makes you happy.’ Jupiter advises us to ‘expand your vision.

Solar eclipses always happen at a new moon. When we have an eclipse, the Sun and the Moon also align with one of the lunar nodes. The Sun-Moon-Lunar Node alignment is what creates eclipses.

This solar eclipse is a North Node eclipse, which directs us to the future. North Node eclipses force us out of our comfort zone into new territory. They can bring in opportunities if we are ready to seize them and even plant the seeds to change the direction of our destiny.

South Node eclipses are connected to the past. On May 16 at the full moon, we have a Lunar eclipse with the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus.

Working at subtle levels, solar eclipses act like new moons, opening the space for a new cycle to begin and for new things to be set into motion. Although nothing obvious may happen on the day of the eclipse (but it could), we can be aware of an inner shift that opens our awareness to a new future. This is especially true because of the participation of Venus. (discussed below)

Cosmic Cooperation – Supportive Aspects to the New Moon

Opportunity is the key energy of this new moon eclipse.

The conjunction with Uranus can offer us a light bulb moment of clarity. With the help of Uranus and the North Node, something will be revealed about our life purpose and what we are here to do this life time. With the help of Venus, we may get in touch with the fundamental core values that we hold dear, and understand what truly matters to us.

An eclipse conjunct Uranus can be shocking in both positive and confronting ways. To the extent that we have lived lies and lied to ourselves about what we really want out of life, our awaken can be painful. However, the clarity can be a most welcome relief.

If we have been aware of our life purpose, but felt frustrated in achieving our dreams, the connection with our heart can move us forward in a way that was not possible before. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus is like a green light from the Universe to believe in ourselves and our life’s mission.

This Uranian eclipse can be a mix of surprise events that create rapid change and opportunities that we least expected. Mars in Pisces is in a supportive sextile with the eclipse, giving us an extra push, energy, and motivation to actually make things happen. Mars in Pisces translates as ‘act, but go with the flow.’

Venus Conjunct Jupiter – Attitude Shift

Venus rules Taurus and this new moon. Venus is engaged in a rare, magical triple conjunction with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.

A few days before the new moon, Venus formed a conjunction with Neptune, and literally 45 minutes after the eclipse, Venus connects with Jupiter at 27° Pisces.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (the whole month of April) has felt good, but not been the best for grounding. The personal planet Venus helps us understand what this cosmic energy means for us individually.

Venus speaks to our heart, and invites us to listen to our heart. Venus represents what we care for and what truly matters to us. What do you really want? What gives you pleasure and peace? What makes you happy to be alive?

This eclipse holds a lot of potential. But for its energy to work for us, we have to have an attitude of gratitude and tune into our happy heart channel. We have to believe that joy and satisfaction are possible. This doesn’t mean escaping into fantasy land. It means finding a place of inner contentment, so that we can be present to the vicissitudes of life and still operate from self-acceptance and self-love.

We never escape our Saturn lessons, which oblige us to realistically deal with physical reality. But we also have to learn how to relate to the intangible things in life – to our inner reality, where authentic happiness and fulfillment are found.

Of course, we all say we want to be happy, but we sabotage ourselves in so many unconscious ways. We miss the juice of life (and opportunities) because we don’t really believe in ourselves. And we don’t believe that happiness is possible.

The message from the planets now is that inner peace and happiness are truly possible! There is an invitation for an attitude shift. If we change our perspective, and start seeing things in a different light, change will happen, because we have transformed from the inside.

Meditation – Listen to Your Heart

Our meditation now is best focused on deeply listening. Start with your hands on your ears as given in the previous blog. Then after a few minutes, when you can hear the silence in your head, place your hands on your heart and continue to listen deeply. Don’t think thoughts or make up anything in your mind. Keep your mind in the silent place.

Listen for your heart to speak. What is your heart telling you? What really makes you happy? What kind of life you want to live? These insights may come later. Just relax and trust your heart to tell you your truth.

Uranus sparks sudden insights, but it also creates edginess and impulsivity. Check it out – when you listen to your heart, find your truth, and love your truth, does your body relax? Are you able to calm yourself down, even a bit? Do you feel more secure within? With inner clarity is it easier to not be swayed by what others think?

To claim the gifts of this eclipse, honor and follow your own truth – your happy heart!

This meditation is based on Triple Personality Meditation, one of the many great meditations to be found in my best selling book, Transitions to a Heart Centered World (p.152), available in both printed and eBook formats from Yoga Technology. 

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