Kundalini Yoga

From Thinking to Consciousness

One of the most basic goals of our Kundalini Yoga spiritual practice is to shift from relying on thinking in our dualistic mind to awakening our neutral mind so we can use consciousness and intuition to navigate our life.

In our neutral mind we acquire Inner Vision — the ability to look inside and see beyond visible physical reality, i.e. the ability to see the unseen. Inner vision morphs from seeing and looking with the physical eyes to awareness and consciousness at the inner eye, which becomes our neutral observer.

We awaken (1) inner vision, (2) our neutral observer, and (3) consciousness at the sixth chakra.

How to Identify Your Neutral Channel

In your neutral channel there is no discussion, no conversation, no thoughts, only silence.

There is no duality, no conflict, only peace.

How to Identify Your Neutral Observer

Your neutral observer simply looks without comment, analysis, or judgment.

It looks with awareness and consciousness, not with thinking.

How to Identify Inner Vision

Your perception of what you are observing can be very different than what you ‘think’ about the situation. This is because our perception shifts from our ego to our soul. We wake up to what is happening at a deeper level of reality, where fantasies, illusions, and false wounded ego-contrived interpretations do not compute.

Awakening Guidelines

There are many, many Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and meditations designed to (1) stimulate the third eye to open, (2) cause the neutral mind to become available, and (3) awaken the neutral observer. Use the following steps to guide your awakening process to move from thinking to consciousness with any Kriya and meditation of your choice. The Pineal Gland Series given below, is a powerful Kriya to achieve these goals.

* Turn your faculty of seeing inward.

Look Inside Your Head. Keep looking.

* Look at and from the point above the bridge of the nose.

* At some point you will no longer be looking with your two eyes.

You are aware and observing with one eye, your inner eye.

* Looking from your third ‘inner’ eye becomes awareness and consciousness,

You are awake and ‘looking’ or perceiving with awareness.

* Stay attentive in your neutral channel. You are not thinking, you are aware and conscious.

* Keep your attention at your inner eye to activate awareness and your neutral observer.

Feel the top of your head (crown chakra) and inner eye to awaken consciousness.

* Resist all temptation to analyze or think about anything.

Remember, you are changing channels and the way you perceive reality.

Perception Exercise

Before doing this set, choose a situation in your life for which you wish to receive a neutral soul perspective. Then let it go and focus on cultivating your neutral observer. After the practice you can check in with your neutral observer for its opinion and understanding of the situation.

Begin with Long Deep Breathing

Begin to awaken our neutral channel by feeling your inhale enter your nostrils and move up to the bridge of your nose. From the bridge of your nose, breathe into your inner eye.

A window opens at the inner eye. We can witness life through this window.


Use the instructions above to cultivate your neutral mind and the quality of neutrality. Pay attention during each exercise and in the meditations between exercises.

1. Clasp hands in Venus Lock about 4 inches above the top of the head. Holding the lock tightly, try to pull the hands apart with long deep breathing for 2-3 minutes.

Then bring your hands down to your knees in Gyan Mudra (thumbs and forefingers touching) and look inside your inner space. Notice that your space is neutral, silent, and there is no discussion. There is only the sound of silence. 5 minutes.

2. With the same hand position (mudra) unclasp thumbs and press them straight back and hold with long deep breathing for 2-3 minutes.

Relax arms down on the knees in Gyan Mudra. Look into your inner space until you realize that you are looking with the awareness faculty of your inner eye. 5 minutes.

3. In the same position, thumbs clasped again, raise index fingers and point them straight up, pulling on the Venus Lock, resist and hold with long deep breathing for 2-3 minutes.

Look inside your inner space and notice that your inner eye is observing, not judging or having an opinion. 5 minutes.

4. Still sitting, raise arms up to 60°, spread fingers wide apart and hold with Breath of Fire, creating a funnel leading to the 10th Gate (crown chakra) for 3-5 minutes.

Relax arms down in Gyan Mudra on the knees and be totally present with awareness and consciousness. Maintain your focus at your inner eye and at the top of your head to stay in your neutral channel. Resist thinking!! Time open. Enjoy!

Self-inquiry – Perception from Thinking or Consciousness

How does your perception of the situation you identified differ when viewed from (1) your thinking perspective and (2) your observer perspective?

You can see the hand of God working only through intuition, then you do not fear. Intuition is knowledge you see behind the Creator’s hand. Otherwise you only see time and space working, and that is very annoying. That is the difference between a man with intuition and without intuition. — Yogi Bhajan

Check out my book – Power of Neutral – for additional background.

The Power of Neutral by Guru Rattana PhD

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  1. My favorite Kundalini set. Whenever I do a Kundalini workshop, or TT training module for other schools of yoga that want a Kundalini component, or a special event, the Pineal Gland Kriya is my choice most of the time.

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