Awakening to Oneness and Love – Pisces 2017

You may already be feeling a bit strange and emotional from the impact of the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Pisces February 26. In this blog we discuss how the waves in the cosmic ocean are causing us to wake up to the reality of the heart and Higher Love.

February 18 – The Sun Moves into Pisces

3:23 AM PST (11:23 GMT)

Pisces lives in the 12th house of the zodiac sky. The last sign of our zodiac journey, our Pisces goal is to be awakened to and absorbed into oneness with the Infinite. Representing both (1)the passage out of physical life and (2) the womb before physical birth, our soul reviews this life before it completes this incarnation.

Pisces/Neptune Strategies

One Pisces’ strategy (along with its parent planet Neptune) is to escape or disappear. Like a cloud changing shape, it morphs into something else, leaving no trace of its previous existence behind. We wonder what happened. Did that cloud (person, situation) really exist? Were we dreaming? Are we still dreaming? What is reality and what is illusion? The disappearing act may get us out of a fix, but in the physical world, we can’t totally disappear without leaving (and embodying) traces of the past.

Conflict and confrontation are not Pisces style. Pisces prefers subtle strategies. For example, if we don’t give an annoying situation any energy, i.e. withdraw our attention and release our concern, it is possible that what seemed to be a problem losses its importance and goes away.

The optimal Neptune/Pisces strategy is to give up our perceived need to control and have things a certain way, and instead ‘Let go and let God.’ We trust the Universe to help us find and arrange the best outcome for all concerned. To be authentic ( and not simply give up and hope for the best) we have to experience that ‘God and me, me and God are one.’ When we enjoy our oneness with the One, we are able to use Pisces strategies — let go, trust, and surrender.

A Cloud of Ambiguity

There is a cloud of ambiguity in Pisces territory. Pisces is represented by two swimming fish, pictured by chasing or holding on to each other’s tails. Pisces’ challenge is to integrate duality. If the two fish swim in the same direction, they align with the current of the Cosmic Flow. If they are tugging on each others’ tails with their ego desires, they go against the current and bump into rocks along the way.

The Pisces quest in physical reality is to avoid getting lost and to focus on getting found. The Two Fish find their divine selves by merging in cosmic oneness. They lose themselves in illusion, fantasies, daydreaming, and addictions.

The Pisces Way of Being

The Pisces’ archetype doesn’t advocate avoidance and sticking our head in the sand. It presents us with a non-conflictual way of being. But this requires dealing with inner conflict and finding inner peace so that we can not only find resolution within ourselves, we can stop projecting our inner conflict out into the world and on to others.

Pisces finds inner peace through (1) gratitude, (2) forgiveness, (3) being unattached (we can have preferences), and (4) merging in oneness with the One Universal Force.

To be where it wants to be, Pisces must learn (1) to rise above the drama, (2) to observe from a neutral vantage point, (3) to avoid emotional entanglements, (4) to let thing be as they are without trying to control or judge, and (5) to trust a Higher Power.

Pisces Solar Eclipse New Moon – February 26

at 8 degrees Pisces6:58 AM PST (14:58 GMT)

The Sun and the Moon meet at each New Moon. Each New Moon signals an ending and initiates a new beginning. At this Pisces New Moon, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, South Node, Neptune, and asteroids Chiron and Pallas are all in Pisces. As the Moon eclipses the Sun, the darkness absorbs us into the vast ocean of the Infinite and the collective unconscious. For a short time normal reality is interrupted. To resist is to play the fool card. There is nothing we can do but to accept and surrender to the experience.

With the Sun and Moon also conjunct Neptune in Pisces, our sensitivity and vulnerability are increased. Without any major planets in the fixed signs, our anchor is washed away. We can feel lost and adrift in this watery ocean, where everything dissolves, including our tears. It is difficult to distinguish between reality and illusion.

At this Pisces New Moon, a T-square is formed by four major players in cardinal signs (that urge us to take action now). Jupiter in Libra, opposes Uranus and Mars (both conjunct) in Aries and squares Pluto in Capricorn. Our fears form a tidal wave of hidden emotions that surge to the surface. The only thing that can save us is the Pisces cleansing, which prepares us to enter the sanctuary of our heart. Mars conjunct Uranus may shock us into brave action. But remember you are in a boat in the cosmic ocean, so don’t tip yourself overboard.

Keep yourself from sinking and free yourself by tossing out old programs and attitudes that continue to cause pain and discomfort. As we ride the waves that distort our lens, we can begin to see beyond the storm. When we let go and breakthrough of our self-created limitations, we can return to Earth and find our feet safely on the ground. The Virgo New Moon will help (see below).

Deception Is Exposed

The Pisces Solar Eclipse exposes deception — how we deceive ourselves and how others deceive us. Both types of deception require us to be sensitive to nuances and wake up to hidden agendas. We have to pay attention and be vigilant to not be deceived in the murky waters of illusions that captivate us in physical reality. We have to learn how to stay tuned, but not get attached to or confused by the kaleidoscope of experiences that spiral through the limitless Neptune ocean.

All kinds of deception arise from not being honest, straight, and authentic. Our personal deceptive tendencies are rooted in fear, naiveté, and optimism that overpowers realism. Since this eclipse involves the South Node (our past), old patterns and behaviors related to idealism, escapism, illusions, and defeatism will be exposed and are up for both review and release.

It is interesting how ‘relevant to the theme’ situations appear in our lives weeks before an eclipse. Our emotions bubble up to the surface both to (1) communicate that something is not OK, and (2) remind us that there are beliefs and conditioning that we need to identify and let go of. We each have our specific challenges and resistances that we need to face. Go directly into the emotional reactions, and don’t try to escape. They are delivering important messages. When we listen we can find the exit in our hearts.

March 4 – Venus Goes Retrograde

at 13 degrees Aries through April 15 when it returns direct at 27 degrees Pisces.

Venus is the closest planet to Earth. This morning and evening ‘star’ symbolizes our core values, personal preferences, standards, likes and dislikes, our self-expression in relation to our self-esteem, and how we interact in both intimate and social relationships. Our Venus expresses through our feelings, which determine and direct our decisions and behavior.

During the six weeks that Venus is retrograde, we re-examine our core values and use them to make choices about our future.

March 12 – Virgo Full Moon

at 22 degrees Virgo 7:54 AM PDT (16:54 GMT)

Full moons expose that which has been hidden and out of balance. The zodiac polarities of the Sun and Moon help each other integrate complementary energies and find inner peace. Pisces and Virgo represent two ways of being and knowing. Virgo’s discriminating intellect is essential for navigating physical reality. Pisces’ connection with the Infinite keeps us inspired and makes it possible to trust our intuition and surrender to the cosmic flow.

The Virgo Full Moon can help us pull our dreams into reality. Earth Mother Virgo is a practical force that is dedicated to implementing our ideas and giving them form.

The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age given by Virgo Yogi Bhajan are
1. When the time is on you, act and the pressure will be off.
2. Recognize the other person is You.
3. There is a way through every block.
4. Understand through compassion, or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the Cosmos and the Cosmos will clear your way.

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* The chapters on the 6th and 7th chakras in Your Life Is in Your Chakras are most relevant to Pisces.

Yoiur Life is in Your Chakras by Guru Rattanha PhD

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