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Evolution of the Eris Archetype

Evolved Eris is the fearless, honest, and direct woman (and man) who speaks and acts to serve the truth. She is not sneaky, passive aggressive, or revengeful, as portrayed in Zeus dominated mythology. (See Part 1 – Goddess Eris Joins the Party). She is rightfully angry and uses her passionate fire energy to bring attention to what is discriminatory, elitist, and unfair.

Astrological archetypes are usually understood from both their undeveloped and their developed expressions. For example, undeveloped primal Mars creates and enjoys conflict and war. Developed Mars is a spiritual warrior who defends the truth, and only fights when necessary (not  to profit from selling armaments).

The Eris archetype has just recently entered our awareness and is known primarily for her outspoken, aggressive, and undeveloped nature.  In this blog, we begin our discussion on how we can evolve the Eris archetype for the Aquarian Age.

(This subject is covered in more detail in my new workshop on Saturday October 24th, titled appropriately Listen to Your Own Voice – Tell Yourself Your Truth. A sliding scale is available.)

Although the Eris archetype is generally discussed in terms of making our voice heard in the world, to evolve from revengeful anger to right action, we have to evolve internally.

For Saturn, evolution requires being realistic, working within physical limitations, and accepting that we are doing the best we can. We grow up, learn to act like mature adults, and earn our right livelihood, optimally making our unique contribution to our world.

For Jupiter, evolution involves realizing the extent to which our soul light has been dimmed and hidden, and learning to shine it brightly. We are careful what we expand and learn to project kindness, hope, and optimism.

For all the archetypes, we must become a conscious and responsible participant in both our own lives and in the community of which we are a part. As we realize the extent to which we have been numbed out, toxic, and hypnotized, we gradually increase our awareness of what is not true, and cease to hide behind false masks, beliefs, and fantasies. This is, of course, a lifelong journey.


Your Inside Story Featuring Eris and Pluto

The FIVE Pluto/Eris squares in 2020 and 2021 promise evolution, not only by exposing the abuse of power and authority, but by exposing our inner dysfunctions that make this abuse possible.

For Pluto, evolution requires owing our inner wounding and digging ourselves out of being a victim chained to inner torment by fear, anger, sadness, and shame. We learn to be accountable for how we direct our inner reality (and aware of how it unconsciously directs us). Pluto requires us to look at our inner anger, desire for revenge, and how our subconscious anger sabotages our good intentions.

Eris is vocal. Pluto is silent. Both are purposeful in exposing what is seriously in dysfunction. Pluto exposes hidden fear, anger, sadness, and shame and makes us deal with debilitating conditioning. Eris is fearless and intent on doing what she needs to do to make the world a better place for all. But Pluto demands that our actions and good intentions be backed up by an inner state of peace and self-love.

Angry Squares

For the duration of 2020 and the first part of 2021 Eris in Aries is in a series of angry, confrontational squares with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. (Mars joins in the 2020 squares.)

In her evolved state, Eris is the mother of all, representing all parts of society that have been abused, left out, marginalized, and exploited. Capricorn represents governmental and economic institutions, which are responsible for directly (through laws and policies) or indirectly (through greed, complicity, ignorance, or bad judgment) allowed structural violence and inequality to be institutionalized.

The voice of Eris speaks for the dissatisfied masses who are waking up and speaking out. Social action threatens social cohesion when the grass root populous is pitted against the institutions that it feels do not serve their interest, on the contrary, ignore or work against them.

Eris Is Driven and Determined

Eris symbolizes the insatiable and determined qualities of the feminine. She keeps going until she gets what she wants. In our current global situation, she wants a world based on equality, nurturing, and caring for all. She is driven by the belief (and fact) that each individual is endowed with a creative gift that should be nurtured and acknowledged so that each one of us can offer our special talents to build a better world. For Eris there are no throw-aways, no discards, and no one who we should give up on, i.e. trapped in prison, relegated to slums, or condemned to homelessness.)

Eris’s anger will continue until everyone is honored and offered appropriate opportunities to excel and offer their gifts to the world. In other words, the problems we face are not going to go away by ignoring them. If we try to pretend that disparity and injustice do not exist, her shrill will only get louder. Her cry will persist until she gets results — a new inclusive system that works for the good of all. In other words, Eris is here to stay.

Eris Brings Attention to Complex Problems

In the last half of 2020, the battle for personal sovereignty and individual freedoms heats up with Eris’ amplified wrath against limitations to our personal liberties and the excesses of the greed machine. Eris will not be hushed as she calls out injustice and unnecessary use of power, privilege, and force. Her voice speaks for those who have been excluded, marginalized, underpaid, abused, and wrongfully gunned down.

Eris, with Mars’s support, helps us find our voice. The social justice movements, which have been gathering momentum all over the world, give voice to those who have been systematically oppressed for far too long. On many fronts, people are demanding equality, representation, and justice.

Awakened Eris is appropriately retaliatory. She shows up when being polite is useless and when making noise is necessary. So it shouldn’t be a shock that people are enraged (like Eris)! We are long overdue for some fundamental systemic changes.

Eris exposes the truth and magnitude of complex problems that can no longer be ignored. Mars and Eris work together to confront the systemic disregard, apathy, and violence against minorities and people of color. There are so many systemic issues that demand rectification and justice – sexual harassment, sexism, racism, gender and sexual orientation, and coercive abuse of power. Eris is the loud voice of “enough-is-enough.”

Eris Conjunct Uranus (exact March 2017) gave us the #MeToo movement, initiated by women who had suffered silently from sexual abuse of many men in high positions in Hollywood.

Social Media – Agent of Change

It is interesting that Eris was discovered in 2005 around the same time that social media entered the scene. Eris can be associated with the “going viral” spreading of information, which can impact a massive group of people almost simultaneously. In Eris style, one move (post) can create an unpredictable tsunami shock wave around the world.

The speed and outreach of social media changes how we relate to the world, each other, and ourselves. The Aries fire helps people to wake up and not give up! With the Internet we can reach out to the unknown and be noticed!

Now we must wake up to our own unknown self and notice our own truth that has been patiently waiting for us to listen. We must take off our inner mask that hides our authentic soul identity.

Waking Up to Our Inner Conflict

The most complex problem we face is our relationship with ourselves, with our hidden inner reality, our subconscious programming, and our soul that supports us through all our human trials and tribulations!

2020 is waking us up to the truth and giving us a voice to tell it. But to be an agent of change that does not exacerbate conflict, we must engage in the evolutionary process of liberating ourselves from the conflict within ourselves. We must find and focus on our own inner peace and make peace with ourselves.

Both women and men have very justifiable reasons for being angry. But when does repressed inner anger eat us alive, make us sick, and prevent us from claiming our gifts and living our lives as empowered women and men? How does inner anger keep us stuck, depleted, and exhausted? We complain about social injustice, but how about the injustice that we administer to ourselves through self-criticism, lack of self-care, and working ourselves to exhaustion and then illness?

The Eris archetype teaches us about the right use of fire energy which fuels our actions, hopefully appropriate productive action. When anger is directed toward positive outcomes, our fire is transformed into heartfelt passion to accomplish something of value and to achieve constructive goals.

Listen to Your Inner Voice(s)

Our search for inner peace requires that we are able to acknowledge and speak our truth without the emotional baggage of rage, shame, guilt, and fear, which keep us hostage to old programs and external control. (#2) We have to start with ourselves.

Start by noticing when and how you engage in justifying, explaining, rationalizing, or apologizing for what you believe, want, think, do, or feel. All these mental scenarios are forms of self-criticism and reveal lack of self-acceptance.


October 13 –  November 13 – Mercury Is Retrograde

(from 12º Scorpio to 26º Libra)

Mercury symbolizes how we think, perceive, and share information. Uranus corresponds with sudden revelations and the ability to think out of the box. Because of its retrograde period, Mercury will make three exact oppositions to Uranus (October 7, October 19, and November 17), sparking shifts in perception and direction.

Due to its retrograde, Mercury’s passage through Scorpio is doubled this year (September 27 to December 1), supporting us for over two months to clear out old resentments, get in touch with our own truth, and clarify our motivations.

Mercury’s passage through Scorpio and oppositions to Uranus often coincide with secrets brought to light.

I have noticed that Mercury retrograde offers open space when meditation is deeper. Also I feel less tightly wound up, less pressurized, and more present.

Every year we are blessed with three Mercury retrogrades, which give us time and space to listen deeply within. It is easier to bypass the chatter in our mind and listen to the silence of the universe within.

This is our time to listen to our inner voice(s), pick which one we want to pay attention to, and tell ourselves our truth. We have one whole month!

These are topics that we will experience in my Zoom workshop – Listen to Your Own Voice – Tell Yourself Your Truth!

We are offering sliding scale/donation so that everyone is included. Include yourself!

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