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Evolution of Eris

Part 3 – Eris and Awakening Your Heart

As 2020 comes to a close, what are we going to take with us into 2021? What have we learned?

What changes do we have to make to prepare for the future? What readjustments help us get on with life?

The historic year 2020 ends with Jupiter and Saturn meeting at the 1st degree of Aquarius right at the 2020 winter solstice, initiating a new 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle. The rendezvous of the two planets of “social destiny” (Jupiter and Saturn) is preceded by a total solar eclipse on December 14, announcing an inner and outer paradigm shift. This is a key marker for the Aquarian Age.


The Aquarian Age

To effectively participate in the Aquarian age, we have to evolve into heart-centered consciousness – the theme of my next two Zoom In workshops. Part One will be on November 14th. Click below for your ticket. (Sliding Scale available):—part-one/

Aquarius’ polarity is Leo. The zodiac pairs work together. They need each other to express their full power and essence. Leo needs a supportive Aquarian community to be a part of and within which it can share its gifts and make its unique contribution. Aquarius needs the warm heart and unique creativity of each of its members to be a dynamic and thriving community.

Without the love of the Leo heart, an Aquarian world is dominated by impersonal technology, grandiose ideas, and a cold disdain for the fate of individuals. For example, automation in the form of robots replaces humans, eliminating, but not replacing, a significant number of jobs. This contributes to homelessness in the name of progress.


Evolution of the Eris Archetype

This discussion continues from the past two blogs and my first two workshops on Awakened Womanhood – Diving into the Deep Feminine.

The Eris archetype and its evolution is a major player in shifting our consciousness in the Aquarian age. Eris represents

  1.  including everyone without discrimination,
  2. making sure that every voice counts and can be heard,
  3. forgiveness, and
  4. heartfelt compassion.

These basics are the foundation of evolutionary awakening. How much can we evolve? Can we bless our former enemies and ourselves?


From Chaos to Co-Creation

Eris may be called the goddess of chaos and discord, but we can’t blame her for the mess we are in. And we can thank her for getting upset and bringing our attention to serious problems that must be acknowledged and dealt with in a realistic and adult manner. Eris is a realist, not an abstract dreamer lost in idealistic platitudes.

The Eris archetype plays out in various ways. She attracts attention by deliberate and radical action. Her poignant words reverberate for a long time and profoundly influence our culture and society.

From the chaos, her goal is to bring all the pieces together for a more coherent and equitable creation. Pluto makes sure she digs deep within to bring coherence to her inner chaos so that what she creates emanates from a foundation of inner integrity, honesty, and heart.

In Greek mythology, Eris is known as the goddess of strife and discord, whose wrath is relentless. Eris represents the principle of retributive justice. In other words, revenge looking for payback. That doesn’t sound like the story can have a happy ending.

I searched deeper and found that Eris was later viewed as a patron saint of chaotic creation. She represents chaos — defined as the dynamic, yet unformed energy from which all creation is born. As chaos she can also represent the freedom we have to create from the field of infinite possibilities. She is the womb of all creation.

In her evolved expression, Eris is not a force of destruction, but a prophet who recognizes the end of one age and the birth into another. This force continues to be active, as it instills the dynamic energy to move through all phases of the creative process and the evolutionary unfoldment of life.

Open to Exploitation

It is easy to speak out against injustice, but to be effective and avoid inciting violence, we must speak from a neutral compassionate heart. To do so, we must quit inflicting violence on ourselves!

It is easy to exploit angry people. Those who don’t have a stable center can be thrown off balance. Below anger is agitated fear of (1) not having enough, (2) not being right, (3) being left out, (4) not being worthy or good enough, and (5) not getting what we want and need.

Anger internalized as rage consumes our life force, weakens our immune system, and causes disease. Dissatisfied and unhappy emotions render us vulnerable and exploitable. A neutral mind and compassionate heart make us strong and resistant to bribery.

Fear/scared, sad, angry/mad, disappointment, frustration are normal human emotions, but when they dominate our emotional state they disempower us. Those in positions of power feed off our emotional chaos and confusion that we create and allow within our own mind, body, and emotions.

Those who feed off of conflict get the most juice out of desire for revenge. But it comes back to bite us. There is never inner or outer resolution or peace in the circular quest for revenge.



Eris’ squares with Pluto reveal the fact that women’s collective pent up rage is not usual anger. It is driven from deep within and has been building for generations throughout patriarchal cultures.

Women have been both sheltered and hiding from their own truth and womanhood. We need to take responsibility for our part of the chaos.

Something is seriously not OK and everyone (both women and men) has been complicit. Yes, we must admit it. Women are complicit. Women have bought into the patriarchal mindset. As the Eris myth illustrates, when women play the same game as men based on competition, comparison, and criticism, no one is at peace or happy. Everyone is externally focused and lacks internal connection and compassion for self. Women have been bought off by shopping and sex (some until they have children).

Women participate in systemic dysfunctions through low self-esteem, need to be best, lack of self-acceptance, and the absence of self-love. And these same emotional issues are shared by men. Both women and men are manipulated by hormones and unhealed childhood trauma and abuse.

We can change our inner reality, which can then serve to shift our outer reality. The formula is inner creates outer. The only way to know for ourselves is to connect within to what is happening energetically and emotionally and then to shift our relationship with ourselves through our inner work. We must do this for ourselves. No one can do it for us.

Deep inner work is the theme of my Zoom In with Guru Rattana workshops. We finish off 2020 with two workshops on Two Paths to the Heart. These two workshops are part of the Empowered Womanhood series. Men are invited (and need) to join us. We all need to evolve to heart-centered consciousness!

Part One will be on November 14th. Click below for your ticket. (Sliding Scale available):—part-one/

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