Climbing the Capricorn Mountain – 2014-15

I noticed a most interesting phenomenon during my 3 month teaching tour in Europe. Everyone was in the process of defining their unique contribution. Jupiter in Leo (through August 10, 2015) is helping each of us figure out how to shine our heart light. While the Sun is in Capricorn, we can hone some of the practical steps to climbing our personal mountain in this big world.

December 21 – Solstice.
The Sun shines in Capricorn

from December 21 (3:03 PM PST (11:03 GMT) through January 20 at 1:44 PM PST (9:44 AM GMT)

One More Uranus-Pluto Square

The seventh and last Uranus-Pluto square is exact on March 16 at 15 degrees. Since Uranus went direct December 21, the two planets are again moving closer to the same degree. In fact, they are within one degree of each other all of January through February 18. As of February 19th, both planets are at 14 degrees. They meet at 15 degrees March 16. In other words, the Uranus-Pluto square is on-going until the end of March.

So if you feel some unidentifiable pressure, weirdness, or illness, this could be a contributing factor.
The Uranian liberating force may encourage you to seek freedom and give you an itch for new experiences. The probing Pluto psychologist may uncover and help to release deep-seated fear, anger, and sadness, which will lighten your emotional baggage.

The forces represented by Uranus and Pluto are transforming both our individual lives and collective consciousness. These evolutionary energies live in each of us and are impacting us in ways that will become even more evident in 2015 and beyond. Keep in mind that we are dealing with slow transits that create long-term change by uprooting the old to make room for the new.

Pluto in Capricorn

Capricorn teaches us that small steps take us to the top of the mountain. The Mountain Goat is about developing responsibility, integrity, resourcefulness, and setting and pursuing realistic goals. Keep in mind that Pluto is in Capricorn from 2008 to 2024. Pluto’s job is to flush out the shadow side of Capricorn – the tyrant/victim duo, where the players are divided into those who dominate and those who give away their power and authority. Capricorn lessons teach us to stop looking outside ourselves for approval and permission and to define your own path and follow our own dreams.

Capricorn’s path is purposeful. We discipline ourselves to gain control of our mind so that it can support us to get on track, to establish a clear sense of direction, to be productive, and to accomplish our goals. Capricorn is about self-mastery through practice, patience, and emotional maturity. The Goat’s reluctance to show vulnerability and feelings can be useful in the business world. But we must not shut down emotionally within. The Mountain Goat’s fish tail is a constant reminder that its support system is emotional connection, balance, and honesty.

Cancer Full Moon – January 4-5

8:35 PM PST. 4:53 AM GMT

Our worldly success is not determined only by how we use our time, energy, and resources to manifest and create. The main message of the Cancer Full Moon is that our sensitive inner reality must change to support a new outer reality. What is the nature of our inner world? Are we even aware of it?

The Cancer Full Moon intensifies the Uranus-Pluto square. Pluto and the Sun are conjunct in Capricorn, bringing light to the shadows hiding in our unconscious. We are manipulated by that which is hidden. Consciousness expands the possibility of choice.

Asteroid Vesta also in Capricorn joins the Sun and Pluto. Vesta represents the keeper of the flame and the light of our soul. Under Vesta’s influence, we are guided to nurture what we value the most. Our spiritual connection is primal. We know that our most important task is to take care of our own light so that is available to shine into the world.

The Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn forms a grand cross with the lunar nodes at 14 degrees Aries and Libra. The lunar nodes (which stay in a polarity pair for about one and a half years) define collective themes. The North Node indicates our collective spiritual frontier. The South Node represents the area where redefining and releasing must occur. The North Node in Libra points us toward greater equality, peace, harmony, and collaboration in partnership. The South Node in Aries requires individual maturity as the foundation for collective and interpersonal peace.

Elements of the grand cross are intensified January 15 when Pluto at 13 degrees Capricorn squares the both the North and South nodes and January 20 when Uranus conjuncts the South Node in Aries and opposes the North Node in Libra. The main focus continues to involve the cardinal signs working together to support our individual and collective goals.

Aries – personal initiative and courage, self-esteem, and self-trust

Cancer – sensitivity, security needs, and emotional awareness

Libra – neutrality in relationships, inner peace to achieve outer peace

Capricorn – responsibility, integrity, defining who we are in the world and our contribution.

January 20 – Aquarius New Moon

at zero degrees 9 minutes Aquarius at 5:14 AM PST (13:14 GMT)

Sun enters Aquarius at 1:44 PM PST (9:44 AM GMT)

Moon enters Aquarius at 4:59 AM PST (12:14 GMT)

This could be another signal of the beginning of the Aquarian Age.

Touchstones to Guide Your Journey

The question addressed below is ‘How can we take advantage of these revolutionizing times and be less at the effect of Uranian shocking wake up calls and Pluto’s disturbing emotional rumblings?’ What pre-emptive strategies are available to us?

Guiding principles for being open to and navigating positive outcomes include:

  1. Recognize that you are undergoing an evolutionary transformation.
  2.  Be as accepting as you can and avoid resisting.
  3.  Seek deeper meaning and let go of superficial explanations and excuses for events and circumstances, including the behavior of yourself and others.
  4.  Do not blame external circumstances, persons, or bad luck.
  5.  Take responsibility for making the necessary changes and do so willingly, even gratefully.
  6.  Walk into new territory shining your heart light.
  7.  Cultivate your Divine Connection as your best friend.

Personal Assessment

Uranus and Pluto are confronting each of us emotionally, mentally, and physically. Our life challenges are happening (1) to move us into expanded consciousness and inner peace, (2) to prod us to use more of our creative potential, and (3) to assist us in making our contribution to creating a more peaceful and equitable world.

To make this shift in consciousness and to activate our contribution, our mental, emotional, and physical state has to be supportive, and not disruptive. Our worldview and belief system have to become more inclusive and less restricted and ideological. We have to recognize and deal with sabotaging subconscious programming and heal emotional wounds. The internal process is deep and very personal.

Ask yourself the following questions?

What beliefs and emotions are currently directing your life?

What outside influences (peer, family, religious, cultural) define and limit how you view yourself and the possibilities available for your future?

Where and how do you feel that you are obliged to live up to someone else’s expectations?

How free are you to be your own authority?

What is your inner and outer foundation? Is it changing?

What gives you meaning and purpose? Is it changing?

What is important to you now that you previously ignored or were unaware of?

What inner faculties (that were previously dormant or hidden) are now becoming available to direct your life choices and to express your creativity?

How can your challenges be turned into gifts?

Wake Up Calls

Uranus creates situations that ring the alarm and direct us to call 911. It is terrifying when our world falls apart. When our security blanket is ripped away, we want to hide until it all passes.

But when our house is on fire, (inner and outer) hiding in a closet is not an option.

Things happen take us completely by surprise. It never entered our head that ‘something like this’ was possible. Often tragedies are the undoing of our most deep-seated resistance and the impetus for the most radical change.

Other things happen that shock us. But if we are really honest, we admit that with a bit of awareness we could have seen it coming. And we see how we participated in creating the situation. This includes being fired from a job we dislike and the ending of an abusive or absent relationship.

For example, a woman who was a sweet, compliant, ‘want to do and be a good wife and mother’, who has morphed into an independent career woman with other interests and takes her relationship for granted, should not be surprised if her partner of 25 years leaves her for a younger woman. The same scenario can transpire if a man or woman dreams of being independent and harbors deep discontent. There are many examples and one of them is your example that you need to get in touch with. Because the dissatisfaction that we project into the universe is going to be reflected back to us in one way or another.

Almost everyone complains about something related to stress, overwork, chronic tiredness, etc. Whatever our issue and to find resolution, we must uncover the cause of our malaise and deep agitation. It is Pluto’s job to reveal the underlying problem and to help us upgrade our inner reality. It’s Uranus’ job to wake us up from our slumber and to get our attention. Some wake up calls are visible, some are not. Uranus and Pluto make a formidable team that it is best to join. Ultimately the goal is inner peace.


How do we react/respond to our wake up calls and life challenges? The following four options can help you identify your personal attitude toward change and perhaps assist you in redefining your approach.

[1] Resistance

We feel betrayed and resist in every way we can. We bury our anger and disappointment, close down, wall off our feelings, become distant and numb. We live in denial and in depression, trying to hide our feelings and keep our emotions at bay with work and multiple distractions. Nothing can assuage our remorse, guilt and suffering. We conclude that life has no purpose and that there is no God. Keeping our feelings locked up doesn’t work forever. One day they break loose and we explode with rage, grief, and destructive actions.

[2] Denial

We shrug off deeper implications, ignore messages, and go through the motions of living as though nothing has happened or with the hope that this unpleasant situation will pass all by itself.

[3] Adaptation

We realize that resistance is futile. We adapt and go with the flow of life. We do our best to be aware and available for new possibilities and awakening.

[4] Open to new possibilities

We welcome change and even instigate it. We embrace opportunities to explore and express in new ways.

Outcomes and Transformation

 [1] Open Up Your Space

When we realize that resistance and denial are not working and don’t know what to do, we can watch for coincidences that grab our attention. Our willingness to stop fighting the inevitable and to feel repressed feelings, opens the space for positive change to begin and for gifts to appear. Something serendipitously drops into our lap. We get what we do not seek. Similar to being unable to predict a ‘bad’ event,’ we also cannot predict a ‘good’ event. The Uranus factor isn’t only bad news. It delivers blessings that appear as magic and miracles.

[2] Be Grateful and Serve

We can monitor our attitude. Instead of being perpetually dissatisfied and taking what we have foregranted, we can choose to appreciate, nurture, and be grateful for what we have. We can use our creativity and pent up energy to serve others. When we are making a difference, we don’t notice what we previously thought we had given up.

[3] Welcome Transformation

Where we dig in our heels and are the most stoic is where the most radical transformation is required. Under the Uranus-Pluto influence, we are going to be thoroughly transformed. We may install a new confident self image. We can acquire new capabilities to accomplish our goals. We may be blessed with a deeper level of inner peace and satisfaction. Whatever the result, the effects will continue to reverberate, i.e. we take the gifts with us.

Results and Understanding

No matter how things appears in the world, the power struggle is within ourselves. Sooner or later we realize that if we let go of resistance, we can save ourselves a lot of grief. Some of our wake up calls shake the core of being in order to break through the self-righteousness of absolute beliefs so that our soul can fly free. Despite our upbringing and firmly held opinions, something within us signals that there is another way and a liberating truth.

Our inner shift requires radical transformation. The good news is that the result is deeply fulfilling. The seeds that have been planted are able to sprout new shoots. We thrive and see results of our hard work. We reinterpret our story. We understand that we were given the gift of freedom and the possibility of being independent and inner-directed. We discover untapped creative talents. Our spiritual side is awakened. We find new friends that resonate with new way of living and thinking. A great weight is lifted. What appeared to be a sacrifice is transmuted into a reward. We wake up from a deep sleep. Life is magical.

Happy, Healthy, Harmonious New Year!


Guru Rattana :+)


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Transitions to a Heart Centered World - 2nd Edition