Aquarius Out of the Box Freedom – 2015

Everyone is endowed with the power to create. We awaken to and are able to express our special gifts as we develop our talents and have life experiences. For example, how do we become a teacher? We teach. How do we become who we are? By living our life and having life experiences. The human journey is about experimentation and having experiences. We engage, we interact, we make decisions, we follow through, we do what needs to be done, we try out new things, we learn, and we keep going.

We each have our own ‘genius’ which wants to be expressed. The original meaning of ‘genius’ is ‘guiding spirit.’ When we are in touch with our spirit, we are guided by our soul to make our unique contribution. The energy of the Aquarius, the two Aquarian New Moons, and the Leo Full Moon are awakening our spirit, freeing us from our past, and inspiring us to make radical changes in our lives.

Aquarius is the Water Bearer. The liquid streaming down from a pitcher that is held beside our head is consciousness, our spirit. Aquarius is the archetypical energy of the awakening to our spirit. At this time, our spirit is demanding expression. We are free only if we are following our soul and doing our destiny.

The Third Air Sign

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the three air or mental signs. Curious Gemini enjoys duality and has a good time with both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ experiences because the Twins don’t take anything too seriously. Duality confuses Libra and creates inner conflict. Libra must awaken the neutral mind and operate from the vantage point of higher love to stay sane and to find inner peace. Aquarius can be so detached that interaction with the world seems like a distant reality. The faculty of detachment is to be used to distance oneself from cultural programming so we can be in touch with our spirit and find our authentic self.

January 20 – The Sun moves into Aquarius

1:44 AM PST (9:44 AM GMT)

Aquarian themes focus on freedom, individuality, idealism, and community. The Aquarian mind likes abstract ideas, which can be unrealistic or provide innovative formulas for revolutionary change.

Aquarius is the inventor, the visionary, an agent of change, a humanitarian, and a leader with the vision of making the world a better place to live for everyone. Idealistic Aquarius uses the power of technology and group consciousness to create social transformation.

The Aquarian archetype can be caught in contradiction. It believes in community and needs community, but resists group pressure to conform. It is the spark that needs to individualize and feel ‘free to be me.’ While resistance to rules and the status quo provides the impetus for change, it can simultaneously undermine cooperation with idiosyncratic rebelliousness. Aquarius reminds us that we need to evaluate and upgrade how we play and work together.

Under Aquarian and Uranian influences, unexpressed subconscious discontent can erupt into unpredictable outbursts that force us to recognize hidden programming, suppressed emotions, especially inner anger, and needs that aren’t being met.

A basic Aquarian need is for authenticity and deep honesty. When we are expected to live according to the expectations of others and society, our soul’s desire for freedom gets triggered. This leads us to join with others who feel oppressed by the current social, economic, and political system to challenge the system and instigate structural change. Social disorder can be necessary to force an inequitable and unjust system to reform.

Aquarius has the brain power to understand complex concepts and to think out-of-the-box. The Aquarian mind is objective, logical, detached, and prone to get lost in lofty ideas. Its emotional reactions are relegated to philosophical discussions. Its real genius is in translating ideas into understandable directives that can lead to realistic results.

Endings and Beginnings

If you feel wiser but worn down by life’s challenges, the current astrological events can give you hope and a promise for a new phase of your life. At the New Moon we plant seeds and set our intentions for a new cycle in this area of our lives.

The upcoming two Aquarian New Moons and the Pisces New Moon are among six consecutive New Moons that form at the first or last degree of their signs. The New Moons that form at the beginning of the sign create openings for new experiences and new direction in our lives. The New Moons that happen at the end of the sign signal closure and the opening of a new doorway.

January 20 – Aquarius New Moon and Rare Alignment

at 5:14 AM PST (13:14 GMT) at zero degrees 9 minutes Aquarius.

The Sun enters Aquarius at 1:44 PM PST (9:44 AM GMT)

The Moon enters Aquarius at 4:59 AM PST (12:14 GMT)

We are ready for something new! At this New Moon, Uranus conjuncts the South Node at 12 degrees Aries and opposes the North Node in Libra also at 12 degrees. Conjunctions signal the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. The South Node helps us draw upon strengths that we have developed in the past. The North Node opens the way to new adventures and self-expressions.

At the same time, Pluto at 13 degrees Capricorn squares both the North and South nodes.

Pluto forces the old to kill itself off so the primal energies can be transformed to their higher expressions. Squaring Uranus, our inner cleansing and transformation opens the way for political, social and technological innovation. This is a ‘Who I am makes a difference.’ moment.

It has been over 2,600 years since this alignment of Uranus conjunct the South Node in Aries and square Pluto in Capricorn took place. This rare configuration could indicate a pivotal turning point in human history.

January 21 – Mercury goes retrograde at 17 degrees Aquarius

Because Mercury will be retrograde, it will be in Aquarius from January 4 – March 12. This gives us over two months to take advantage of the higher thought of the Aquarian mind.

During Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, intuitive insights can uncover ways to resolve difficult dilemmas. The Aquarian mind is not bound by current reality and thus able to imagine the future and how it can be created. Mercury retrograde gives us time and space to evaluate the choices that we are making. We need to carefully decide because our choices will have a lasting impact on our lives.

Take time to discern between habitual neediness and real needs. Soften self-judgment, let go of self-doubt, forgive yourself and others, and prepare yourself to move on with less baggage and a freer spirit.

These are good days to do a reality check. Do we have what we need to move forward? What resources do we have to make our dreams come true? Reality checks can be sobering. We may find out that our ambitions can be beyond our means. We can also commit to patiently building a solid foundation to support our worthwhile goals.

Mercury retrograde is also a good time to re-assess working alliances and friendships to make sure there is a balance between what we give and what we receive. Is our investment of energy, time, money, and emotions paying off, nurturing us, supporting us in ways that we need to be supported?

February 11 – Mercury is Stationary and Goes Direct at 1 degree Aquarius

As a planet leaves retrograde, it slows down and comes to a stationary position before slowly regaining forward motion. The energies of Mercury changing direction are intensified the day of, before, and after changing directions. As Mercury changes direction, our mind is exceptionally available for deep meditation and self-reflection.

February 3 – Leo Full Moon

Full Moons expose what has been hidden. The Leo Full Moon can expose some inconvenient truths. For example, (1) Unless we act from our hearts, technological advances can be dehumanizing. (2) Good ideas from the top of the hierarchy can fail to help the masses. (3) Unless we shine our own light and join together, dark forces will continue to control the world. (4) Concepts and communications that aren’t directed by the heart may have unintended effects or fail to get the attention they deserve.

Aquarius brings together individuals to collaborate. When this actually happens the whole expands into one big heart, unleashing heart power that is exponentially greater than the sum of the parts. In community, our identity is defined beyond categories, and we experience oneness. The synergetic impact of joining together from the heart, exponential shifts happen.

Aquarius wants freedom, equality, transformation, and progress. Leo reminds us that this can happen only from the heart. We have to recognize and deal with our shadows to find our authenticity and individuality and to tap into our unique creative expression. We can’t make our contribution or create world peace from projected inner anger. We can’t feel like a victim and create a heart-centered world where we all work together.

At the Leo Full Moon, Mars, Chiron, Venus, and Neptune are already in Pisces making us conscious of our interconnectedness. Also Jupiter adds its expansive potential as it joins the Sun in Leo.

Leo/Aquarian Themes

Self-confidence and collective consciousness are the themes of the Leo/Aquarius polarity pair.

They lead us out of the battle of egos and righteous beliefs into a way for individuals to each make their unique contribution and to cooperate as a team. They teach us that we can celebrate when our minds and hearts align in a spirit of community that honors and supports all its members. Together we can create a rich creative environment where brilliant ideas can manifest into productive results for all.

We have to shift our perspective to change direction and stop pushing in the wrong ways.

Flexibility can steer us toward more productive endeavors. Playful competition and mutual motivation encourage alliances. When we recognize the worth of others and ourselves, we can heal our wounds and help each other uncover our genius.

February 18 – Aquarius New Moon

29 degrees 29 minutes!

The first Aquarian New Moon happened just 3 hours after the Sun entered Aquarius. The second Aquarian New Moon occurs just 1 minute before Moon and two minutes before the Sun move into Pisces. ‘This is an opportunity to merge mind and emotion, to connect air and water, and to create an alchemical combination that nourished intellect with compassion.’ *(1)

In our mind we may know everything, but if we feel nothing, our good ideas don’t work. Air signs know through observation. Water signs know through feeling and sensitive immersion into the experience. At this New Moon the mind evolves from the realm of intellect to the awakening of spiritual connection and knowing. We move from mind to heart and soul.

This is the second of six Super Moons in 2015. Super Moons indicate that the Moon is closest to the Earth and in alignment with the Sun and Earth. Super Moons generate greater gravitational pulls, which increases their effects on the Earth and on our emotions and physical bodies. *(2) We feel the intensity and can profit from shifts in consciousness.

February 18 – The Sun moves into Pisces

3:50 PM PST  (24:50 GMT)

Midpoint Activation of Uranus/Pluto Square

At this New Moon, the Sun and the Moon join at the midpoint between the on-going Uranus/Pluto square. Midpoint activations combine the energies of the two planets involved and create a resolution and release focal point. *(3) The resolution suggested at 29 degree 29 minutes Aquarius is the ability to transcend in consciousness to the Aquarian reality of interdependence of the parts in the whole and to the Pisces truth of interconnectedness and oneness.

This activation heightens intuition giving us access to clear guidance. Our awareness expands making it possible to overcome the limitations of apparent separation and embrace the gifts of oneness. Individual minds merge in the light of consciousness, as we each undergo the metamorphosis of mind and emotions to both perceive and feel the reality of love.

Uranus/Pluto Squares

The seventh and final Uranus/Pluto square March 16 signifies the final push into the expanded reality of connection and collaboration.

Although the square is exact on March 16 at 15 degrees, it is currently potent and active for several months. The two planets are within one degree of each other all of January through February 18. As of February 19th, both planets are at 14 degrees. They meet at 15 degrees March 16 and remain at 15 degrees through March 28. In other words, the Uranus-Pluto square continues through the end of March.

Actually to pin point the exact time and date of an interaction between outer planets is almost irrelevant. What is relevant is that these two slow-moving (from our point of view on Planet Earth because they are so far away) planets are interacting over an extended period of time. Thus the transformational process that we are experiencing is profound and the impact will continue for years to come.

The destabilizing forces instigate revolutionary shifts and causes breakthroughs that cleanse the Earth, its inhabitants, and human systems to make way for the new. Only in retrospect will we be able to make sense of these crazy times.

Uranus and Pluto Equal Profound Awakening

Free-spirited Uranus in Aries welcomes innovation and offers us a sense of liberation. Pluto digs deep into the underlying dynamics of our psyche making it possible to get in touch with and embrace the essence energies that create our reality.

The Uranus/Pluto buzz saw reveals unsettling truths and stimulates excitement with startling revelations. Flexibility is the only way to deal with Uranian surprises. Righteousness and rigidity engulf our emotions and enflame unproductive and destructive rebelliousness. The real power supporting radical change comes from the ability to see through the naiveté of ‘authority’ and not to take ‘sacred cows’ that now emit an unsavory odor so seriously.

Pluto gives us the force of will. But when we hide in denial, we undermine our own growth. We need to purge the past to make progress. Pluto requires us to look deep within — without blame or shame in order to cleanse and heal our psyche.

During these unsettling times we are forced to deal with uncertainties and the sensitive emotions of others and ourselves. It is easier to survive if we can emotionally detach and avoid being bogged down by ignorant people doing stupid things that hurt the innocent. Focus on being creative, resourceful, and kind.

Insensitive communications can attract unexpected reactions, tread on sensitive emotions, incite mistrust, open old wounds, lead to withdrawal, and bring up self-worth issues. Generosity of spirit can soften hearts.

Chinese New Year of the Sheep/Goat

At this New Moon we enter the Chinese New Year of the Yin Wood Sheep or Goat, which is considered a more peaceful and creative year than the active and intense year of the Horse. In the Year of the Sheep/Goat we are inclined to simplify, slow down, express our artistic and creative talents, and follow our hearts. The wood element expresses caring, thoughtfulness, and tolerance. The world can certainly use these qualities. *(4) Let’s cultivate kindness and love this year! Let’s make 2015 the Year of the Heart!


Guru Rattana :+)

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