In the Sagittarius Zone 2014

For a most interesting reality/astrology experience, interweave your personal life circumstances into the comments below about the current astrological ‘events’ and their influence. As I was reading the last draft of this blog, I was amazed at how events, choices, and decisions in my life at this moment are reflected in detail in what the cosmic sky is projecting and how it is influencing my life.

November 22 – December 21 – The Sun shines in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius archetype is about (1) discovering meaning, (2) defining our life goals, (3) exploring new life pathways, and (4) enjoying adventurous experiences. When Sag energy is active, we are prompted to examine where our pointer mechanism is directing us. Are we headed where we want to go? Are we following a path with a purpose? Or are we headed toward a dead end?

Sagittarius represents our higher mind, where we engage our soul perspective to identify emotional, mental, and social filters that limit our view of reality and circumscribe our life within restrictive boundaries. Sagittarius seeks spiritual fulfillment and promotes practices that open up our access routes to higher wisdom and guidance. Our seeking never ends, but we reach a milestone in consciousness when we can listen to and follow our intuition and our heart.

Neptune and Chiron in Pisces Are Now Direct.

At the end of November, both Neptune and and Chiron moved out of retrograde into direct motion. (November 16 Neptune went direct at 4 degrees Pisces, after being retrograde since June 9. November 23 Chiron went direct at 17 degrees Pisces, after being retrograde since June 20.)

After about 4 months of internal processing (which we may or may not have been aware of) insights and revelations are percolating to the surface, guiding us on how to move forward.

Pisces and Neptune operate in nebulous territory which is inherently tricky to navigate. In order to not get lost in illusions and fantasyland, we have to stay spiritually connected. It is our experience of oneness with Spirit, that makes it possible to have faith and to trust that in some inexplicable way our Divine connection works for us.

December 14-15 – Uranus (Aries) and Pluto (Capricorn) Sixth Square

10:14 PM PST 6:14 AM GMT

December 14 (early am December 15 in Europe) is the date of the sixth of seven exact squares involving Uranus and Pluto (this time at 12 degrees Aries and Capricorn.) The energy builds up before the exact square. We feel a gradual relief after the ‘event,’ which is in fact not a solitary moment, but a force that we experience over a period of days and weeks. This intense planetary pattern will build up again just before the final exact square March 16, 2015 (at 15 degrees.)

The outer planets move slowly. For example, Uranus moves through one degree in about one month. Because of its retrograde activity, it will hover at 12 degrees for over 2 months. Because of the slow movement, the impact is transformational and long lasting. You may wish to identify any planets, Sun, Moon or ascendent that are within 3 degrees of 12 (9-15). This is where the effects will be most noticeable in your life.

The current Uranus- Pluto cycle began when these two planets joined in 3 exact conjunctions in Virgo between October1965 and June 1966. This waxing ‘take action’ squares (seven of them!) between Uranus and Pluto began in 2012.

A ‘waxing’ square is the first major marker in a cycle that is initiated at the conjunction of 2 or more planets (in this case between Uranus and Pluto.) The first quarter of the cycle, which follows the conjunction introduces us to new ideas and issues to be dealt with, which in this case include civil rights, woman’s rights, personal freedoms, and the environment. The second quarter, which begins at the first (or waxing) square, is a call for action to do something concrete to address these social and global issues.

The activating squares oblige us to to re-evaluate what is not working and what is real and then to take action based on a more inclusive and universal perspective.We can’t continue to just talk and have an opinion about these challenging problems. Structural (not cosmetic) changes are necessary. The impact of these planetary alignments will have lasting effects. They set the tone for individual and social transformation for many years to come.

Deep Transformation with Uranus and Pluto

The energies of both Uranus and Pluto have a profound and penetrating effect on our psyche. Under their transformative influence, we notice how we create conflict in our mind when what we believe is true does not match reality. We can be deeply disturbed by the fact that what we wish were true does not coincide with what is actually happening.

Evolution and transformation require us to enter new territory. We may feel insecure jumping into the unknown, but resisting change is an even heavier burden. Only by accepting and embracing change can we break old patterns, be liberated from the past, and live empowered lives.

We can feel overwhelmed by the intensity and radical nature of these cosmic forces. But we can also be awakened to a higher level of awareness (when we are able to overcome the confines of ideological rhetoric, religious dogma, righteousness, and the need to be right.) Uranian wake up calls and Pluto’s deep emotional probing can result in opening our minds and hearts to perspectives that can enrich our lives and free us from self-imposed chains.

Greater freedom is possible when we release ourselves from the stranglehold of rigid thinking and allow ourselves to witness more universal and heart-centered ways to interpret and experience both our personal and collective realities.

Squares Require Action

Square formations require an internal shift that makes it possible to stop repeating variations on the same dysfunctional themes. Key words that capture the spirit of ‘square’ events in our life include – upsetting routines, breaking down, breaking through, and moving on.

One key for dealing with ‘square’ energy is — don’t resist even when you feel that an earthquake is undermining your sense of reality. The underlying goal of the Uranus-Pluto square is to expand our consciousness and to deliver us to the next evolutionary phase in our personal and collective lives.

Squares are challenging because we are forced to (1) choose between conflicting options, (2) make important life-changing decisions, and (3) take action. The action that we must take requires an innovative evaluation of our situation. We have to be able to see things differently before we can do things differently. We have to identify another workable path in order to take it. We have to be willing to feel uncomfortable to allow ourselves to enter new territory. We have to break old habits to create a new life.

Uranus Key Concepts

A brief list of key concepts can help us identify the nature of Uranus mode of operation. Uranus in Aries works in the arena of individuality, personal freedoms, and personal expression. Uranian methods are destabilizing, disruptive, surprising, and even shocking. Uranus seeds chaos and forces us to try new approaches to gain both inner and outer freedom. Provoked, personal, and structural discontent lead to rebellion, revolution, and reform.

Pluto Key Themes

Pluto reminds us that both insecurity and freedom are internally generated. Under the Pluto influence, we travel to our evolutionary edges, which we can navigate only by acknowledging and facing our fears and upgrading our psyche to a more awake consciousness. We identify where purging and honesty are necessary to address the deeply rooted beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that prevent us from being authentic and living our dreams.

In Pluto territory, we peel away layers of distracting thoughts about trivial matters to get to the essence of what is bothering and sabotaging us and covering up or misinterpreting authentic needs and desires. We face our inner fear, anger, and sadness instead of blaming others and projecting our internal discontent on ‘external enemies.’ We deepen our commitment to soul directed change. When we enter the deep and dark corners of our emotional basement with love and acceptance, we gain access to the ocean of higher consciousness.

December 8 – Jupiter is retrograde

(starting at 23 degrees Leo) until April 8, 2015.

We may initially experience that Jupiter retrograde dampens our enthusiasm, puts a brake on action, and erodes some of our self-confidence. Although we may feel less outgoing and more restrained in our external affairs, this inner expansion period connects us with our creativity and deeper sense of joy. Inner expansion of consciousness reveals hidden agendas and helps us get in touch with feelings and motivations that normally escape our awareness. This facilities letting go of what is not true, worthwhile, or useful. It also gives rise to inner experiences that connect us with our own truth. Identifying and letting go of fantasies clears our inner space, gives us additional clarity, and increases our capacity for self-expression.

During this introspective time, ask yourself questions that you might ask someone else. You will be delighted to find that the answers come from within. Our insights are an indispensable part of the process of moving forward to implement our goals. This time is not wasted. It is very productive even if we don’t see the results until later.

December 23 – Saturn enters Sagittarius

Saturn leaves Scorpio December 23, after dredging up our inner demons since October 6, 2012. (total 3 years) Saturn has a shorter tour through Sagittarius (less than 2 years.) Initially Saturn stays in Sagittarius territory December 23 through June14, 2015. Saturn then retrogrades back through Scorpio (for 3 months) until it reenters Sagittarius September 17, (where it says through December 19, 2017.)

The Sagittarius archetype is about questing for the truth, aligning with our purpose and mission, and going for it. Deeper levels of understanding and meaning are required to expand to the next level of consciousness and experience. The Archer, with his/her arrow pointed toward infinity/the unknown represents the deep human desire to expand beyond our current limits.

Our inner Archer desires adventure and is willing to explore unfamiliar territory. The Archer likes to try something new and cooks up innovative approaches to solve problems.The enthusiastic Archer has an optimistic (and sometimes naive) vision of life and the future. The Saturn influence makes sure we don’t get lost in fantasies.

Befriending Saturn

It is common to feel Saturn’s influence as the heavy hand that dampens our spirit, creates self-doubt, and shoves dirty, inconvenient, physical reality into our face. We can experience sobering Saturn energy as an unwelcome guest of restraint and repression. On the positive side, when we befriend Saturn, this force makes it possible to manifest, to accomplish, to build, and to succeed.

Given the fact that Saturn is a permanent force in our lives, it behooves us to interpret its effects in a supportive and productive way. When Saturn throws up a road block to our grandiose plans, we can take this as a signal to get real and practical about our time and available resources. Under the pragmatic Saturn influence, we identify potential obstacles and clearly define our plan and practical steps to implement it. We become acutely aware of the effort involved in achieving our goals within the confines of physical reality.

From our negative mind, we can interpret Saturn’s limits as inertia and excuses for procrastination. From our neutral mind, we can observe that Saturn’s limits define useful boundaries that make it possible to be productive in a workable defined arena. The results that we achieve from disciplined action move us forward. As we actually accomplish something, one step at a time, our doubts dissipate and we develop self-confidence.

We create unnecessary frustration when our attention and energy is scattered. The Saturn influence helps us focus our energy. Paying attention to one thing at a time reduces stress and increases our efficiency.

When dealing with Saturn, we have to avoid getting bogged down in negativity and criticism. What might be considered bad news or disappointing information can help us be more accurate and careful when making choices about how we use our time and resources. Patiently building a realistic framework within which to implement our plans can save us valuable time, energy, and money.

Patience and well-earned maturity (Saturn’s gifts) are part of the manifestation process. Yogi Bhajan reminds us ‘Patience pays.’ Detailed scrutiny of all the relevant pieces helps us avoid faulty judgment. If we are bored with dull routine, this may be a signal to move on. Or are we methodically building a foundation so that our ideas can take root and be nurtured to maturity?

Saturn teaches us to deal with, not try to avoid, life’s challenges. Saturn offers us the stamina to stay on purpose, to discipline ourselves to take action, and to concentrate on the job at hand. Every step we take adds value, removes obstacles, clears the way, and propels us forward.

We learn not to waste our energy on making our battles about someone else or external circumstances. We are advised to focus on what we can do to help ourselves stay on track. We can use Saturn’s consolidating energy to take responsibility for our piece, avoid over-commitment, and eliminate (delegate) obligations that are better done by someone else. We avoid frustration and overwhelm by doing our best to live by my favorite motto — ‘I do only what only I can do.’

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius presents us with an energetic contradiction. Saturn represents our negative/protective mind. Sagittarius speaks for our positive/expansive mind.

Visionary Sag expects more from life. Saturn is always reminding us of time and resource limits and the work required to accomplish our goals.

When Saturn and Sagittarius work together, we don’t exaggerate either the possibilities or the limits.

For 2 years any naive expectations are subject to the scrutinizing Saturn’s reality check list. Saturn signals what is too much and helps us be more realistic, effective, and productive. Saturn in Sagittarius works to define what is both true and doable for us.

To navigate the next 2 years (and life in general) we need to listen to both our objective, detached neutral mind and to feel our emotional instincts that tell us our truth. When the lighthouse of our neutral mind * and the emotional richness of our subtle, emotional body work together, we can identify a realistic sense of what is happening and what we can do.

December 21 – Uranus turns direct

Uranus goes direct just a few minutes before the Capricorn solstice. We can experience this shift of direction as a liberating force that opens the gates to move forward and to take action.

December 21- 22 – Solstice, Sun Moves into Capricorn, Capricorn New Moon

5:35 PM PST (1:35 AM GMT)

The Sun and the New Moon join at zero degrees Capricorn just an hour after the Sun moves into Capricorn. Its going to be an energetically interesting holiday season.


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* See my book, The Power of Neutral — Soul Alchemy in Meditation. available from Yoga Technology

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