Choose Wisely from Your Heart – Capricorn 2016

January is a time of reorientation for the New Year. The astrological events help us listen to and make decisions from our hearts.

January 5 – 25 – Mercury Is Retrograde

5:06 AM PST (13:06 GMT)

at 1 degree Aquarius, returning direct January 25 at 14 degrees Capricorn.

We have almost 3 weeks that we can devote to planning, finishing old projects, and setting the stage for a more action-oriented phase, when Mercury goes direct January 25 at 14 degrees Capricorn. Mercury will be in Capricorn from the January 8 through February 12, doubling its time in Capricorn, thus giving us time to carefully align our strategies for 2016.

Mercury goes retrograde 3 times a year for about 3 weeks each time. I consider Mercury retrograde to be a time of the heart because the mind loses some of its grip. It is easier to meditate deep into the silence within and listen. If you hear only silence, that is fabulous. Silence clears the way for more heart-centered awareness and guidance to appear.

January 5 – The Sun Conjuncts Pluto

at 15 degrees Capricorn.

Deep transformation is the theme when the Sun conjuncts Pluto. Pluto may make us a bit tired, restless, and introverted — all with the purpose of forcing us to honestly acknowledge emotional conditioning that sabotages our happiness.

January 7 – The Sun Squares Uranus

Innovation and freedom are the themes when the Sun squares Uranus. Uranus fires us up for action and makes us willing to change some things in our lives..

January 7 – Jupiter goes retrograde

at 23 degrees Virgo until it returns direct May 9 at 13 degrees Virgo.

Retrograde periods give us time to complete unfinished business and get rid of what is holding us back. In Virgo, this is an opportune time to reorient our inner critic into a more supportive role of discriminating what works for us and what doesn’t. Wise, intuitive counsel can help us be more focused, effective, and productive. It is also a good time to tidy up our living space, organize our desks, and deal with the items that have been on our lists for way too long.

January 8 – Saturn and Venus join

at 12 degrees Sagittarius.

Saturn helps us set boundaries. Venus helps us choose what we love (not what we think we should like or do.) Together they help us clarify our values, priorities, and commitments. They help us choose wisely so that we can be (1) true to ourselves, (2) find satisfaction and happiness, and (3) live in gratitude (without regrets.)

January 9-10 – Capricorn New Moon

5:30 PM PST (1:30 GMT)

In our journey through the zodiac, we have gone a long way when we reach Capricorn. With the help of the third and final earth sign, we seek to consolidate our unique path. At the Capricorn New Moon, we check our compass and fine tune our orientation. We re-evaluate our priorities and continue to refine our goals and define the action that we must take to achieve them. We distinguish between the wrong path and challenges that we naturally experience as we climb up the mountain of life.

Capricorn teaches us about mastery in the physical plane, which means that we must respect and live by the laws of cause and effect/karma and physical limits. As we learn to deal with life as it presents itself, and not how we wish it to be, we gain inner strength, build self-confidence, and acquire self-reliance. We gain a higher perspective of how Spirit manifests on the physical plane and acquire a deeper understanding of the mission of our soul this lifetime.

The Mountain Goat teaches us that everything we do and feel makes a difference. What is invisible is equally as important as what we see. Our spiritual and emotional well-being is our foundation for being in the world. Without an inner support system, we flounder in the maze of physical reality.

Capricorn is often depicted as a sea-goat, a hybrid creature with a fish tail, that connects to the depths of the sea, i.e. our emotions. The Capricorn New Moon is a good time to feel the condition of our emotional and spiritual base.

We always feel many things. However we feel, Sun in Capricorn urges us to use our physical and emotional energies wisely as we create and manifest in the world.


Austin, Stephanie, Capricorn New Moon — January 9-10, The Mountain Astrologer, December/January 2016, p. 105.

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